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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 258

Vaccine pioneer Vanishing act Victim of Corday Vacation cottage, maybe Vehicle for some trips Vacuum extension ''Venerable'' sainted historian Vehicle for some trips Versatile veg Venus, to Cupid Vanessa of “Isadora,” “Julia” and “Agatha” Very, in Wiesbaden Verb related to ''mayhem'' Vast amounts Vast amounts Veracious Violent and needless disturbance Venue with skyboxes Vines on some walls Visual aid for walking directions Vedic incantation Variety; in biology, a group which is able to interbreed Villain's doings Very little Voluminous ref Victory lap pace V-shaped carvings Vaccine research org Vexed greatly Viciously sarcastic Very little Voluminous ref Viewer Visually challenged 'Mr.' of cartoons Video-sharing social network *Vacation condo, perhaps Vacuum bag's content *Vacation condo, perhaps Very common greeting Verbal hesitations Very early calculator Very dirty state Vase-making dynasty Viola's larger cousin Violent storm Votes into office Vase-making dynasty Verse of a poem Vegetable related to garlic V.I.P. on base Visual in an annual report Volcano apex Vanish __ thin air Very dry Volcano apex Vinaigrette ingredient Volcano output Vivacious quality Virtuoso Vaping device, informally Video device Vessel for a spot Vessel for a spot Verb for you Vote Veto such as accepted by state Virgilian poem snubbed last king in command Valuable deposit Very French? Verbalized Verne voyager Valuable deposit Very French? Viral internet item Vacation spot Venomous viper Valve's copper ring available for sale, conceivably? VIP about to receive second officer Venue that's 26-Down with a letter added Virtual market 'Vette roof option Vanity Very strong Venus de — Veteran Valuable load for a mule Vietnamese sandwich Voice with an Echo Visual science test follows work on book Varanasi-born Shankar Vinyl record problem Valuable smeltery input Visualize Varnish ingredient Very easy Verbal Verdi opera Verne captain Vowel sound heard twice in 'true blue' Valuable, whitish gem Venus de __ Very, in slang Vicinity Vocal ability, informally Venus de __ Venomous snake Vessel for exploring the depths of the Adriatic Sea? Verdi opera set in Egypt Virgil or Wyatt Voice box Vehicle with Vatican City registration plates Verbal stumbles Verdi classic Vicinity Victor's shout Viral online item __ Vegas, NV Verdi classic Vicinity Victor's shout Viral online item Visual record Very funny sign removed from Shanghai Very good sporting teams - many in good form perhaps Volcano about 210 miles south of Vesuvius Video-streaming site Viewed Virtually in St Malo travelling Vein yield Voiced a view Virgin adopts endless regulation for treatment on foot Vulgar party game Very busy swot starting late, middle in Latin V.I.P.s Validate, with 'to' Vacation destination Vacation destination Vienna's river Verb for you Very appealing Very noisy Vocal criticism, for instance, over holding one dance Vegetable related to garlic View from the Oval Office "___: Vegas" (2021 TV reboot) Veer off course Veer off course Vinyl collectible Violent-sounding songbird Veggie using just one vowel ''Virtuoso'' whom ''Rolling Stone'' also called ''satirical'' and ''eccentric'' Visit a museum to see a Rembrandt exhibit? Very pixel-dense, as a TV picture Viral image, maybe Viral infection Voice type above bass Vinyl collection Vatican VIP Victim of river diversion in Asia Vinyl revival items: Abbr Vegan beverage Venomous snake Virtual emporium Visit via vehicle Victim of river diversion in Asia Vinyl revival items: Abbr Vehicle Verse Voucher, award Vow Vacillates Venice byways Vacation Voyage by boat ___ vera Very low-quality Vicinity Vital step in creating something Verb that's a homophone of 37-Across Vestal virgin, e.g Vacation souvenirs Vacation souvenirs Very mean Viny shelter Vault part Voice below soprano Voice above tenor Very funny person "À votre __!" 'À votre __!' Vatican-based Venue suffering glitch in centre Visible shape VCR button VCR button Vessel Very long times Victoria's Secret merchandise Villain, to a hero ''Victor Frankenstein'' aide Video hosting service with a big YouTube presence Video hosting service with a big YouTube presence Vintage Very excited Venture from old wood Very hot VAT for most fish? Visual images Vein yields Visit to the plate Voice quality Voiced Voiced Valise, e.g Verbalized Vicinity Vigilant, watchful Vacuum tube type Verbal cringe Volkswagen model inits Violinist __ Frank Vehicle in a chop shop Vehicle in the president's motorcade Verbal ___ Vegan options Very risky proposition Violinist __ Frank Very hard to see Visitors from Mercury, say Volt and watt Vegetarian's request Void's partner Venice sight Vegetables in traditional moussaka Vitality ___ v. Wade Venomous snake Vatican City leader Vinyl inserts into ATMs Vessels carrying petroleum Vinyl plumbing conduits Vinyl transparent covering for a fruit package Vinyl wet-weather garments Voicemail signal Vows exchanged at weddings Vassal Veer, like a jet Vexed constantly Vice President Harris ___ vault (Olympic event)