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Vacation venue Vigor — Vegas Vague, indistinct Variety of melon Violent disruption Vegetable Vows exchanged between brides Viewed with interest Versatile blackjack card Very long periods Very long periods Verification Very arid Very, informally Vegetable in many Chinese dishes Vining plant Very slight Vanish Vulcan mind ___ Vow at a vow renewal Video game self-image Vitalizes, with ''up'' Vegas-set series Visibility reducer Vicinity Viv Richards or Ian Botham, say 'Veep' co-star Clea ___ Variable pace Variable pace Volunteers, smart, needed for sampling wine? Very cold Visibly awed Vacuums Vast chasm Vein contents Video game letters Video call issue View on something Vast chasm Vein contents Video game letters Vast expanses Vietnamese noodle soup Vast Viewed Villain in "Wonder Woman" Vogue rival Venue Villain in Disney’s “Hercules” Vintage Vowel in Athens Venom holder Very early arthropods Venom holder Vatican leaders Vogue competitor Vaccine-approving agcy Voice actor Blanc Venerable ISP Video arcade pioneer "Vive le __!" 'Vive le __!' Very much Vigorous spirit 'Voila!' Vladimir --, leader of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 Vocal organ of birds Villain's look Vineyard harvest Very uncommon firsts in rock-and-roll excesses Voting rights organization founded by Stacey Abrams Very much Valuable designation for a collector Von ___ ("The Sound of Music" surname) Venus de Milo’s lack Violas’ kin Very long poems Very strict Vaccinations, informally Vapor from a teakettle Very dry Very long time period Ventilate Vacuum's lack Victory Vodka brand, familiarly Visual perception Very bright; intense Violent, tempestuous Voldemort's title Voldemort's title Violent kid drinking spirit Valuables stored Viennese dance Visit Visitors from space Vessels with spigots Vatican masterpiece Versus Vientiane native Vientiane native Vowelless summons Vivien, say, supports artist, one of Elizabeth's favourites Vicinity VIP on a red carpet Vietnam’s currency 'Venerable' Eng. monk "Venerable" Eng. monk Vega's constellation Vending machine inserts Very best performance Very solitary sort Volcanic flow Vagrant Victoria is the capital of this group of 115 islands Vehicle for selling pictures? Volunteer; provide Very small stream Vacation rental Very perceptive Voice of Apple Visored French cap Visored French cap Vacuum ___ (device for preserving food) Venus ___ (sculpture in the Louvre) Vulnerably positioned ... or like the words that bookend 17-, 22- and 43-Across, in two ways? 'Very funny!' Vintage photo tone Vivacity in dancing priest Veil found folded up inside - thanks a million Victor has a broken shin? Would you go away out of that! Vile from Medieval forge “Viva ___ Vegas” Vehicle headed to a hospital Vocal range above baritone Viscous sealant Vitality Vietnamese soup Verne submarine captain Volume-boosting box Vulcan Salute symbol, e.g Vietnamese soup Vehicle on a carrier Volleyball match components Vientiane language Vault part VCR inserts Virgil hero Valiant Vietnam's capital Video-game parlor Visiting female suspect I accuse, those people brave hostile reception Volunteered Virtual-city denizen Venetian Renaissance painter Vehicle returning two birthday presents unwrapped? Vein makeup Vision Void Visual perceptions Views hardwearing type around Hotel Opening for the start of season? Violinist Andre Voice-activated buzzer Vitamin stat Venetian Renaissance painter Virtual-city denizen Verse of a poem Very small version of an object *Vitamin D source Varsity team member, e.g Venue for a facial Versatile blackjack card Volcano on Sicily Vauxhall car which replaced the Wyvern model in 1957 Vote Vigilant Very thin Vertical part of a frame Village, informally Viola Davis was awarded one for the play 'Intimate Apparel' Venetian touristy transportation Viper, for one Visibly impatient Vote to accept Vine-covered shelter Versatile blackjack card Vodka brand, for short Value, price Very frequently Very high test grade Venetian Christmas Versatile blackjack card Veto Vietnam neighbor Visine target Verse form Vehicles that children can drive Venetian Christmas Versatile blackjack card Veto Vietnam neighbor Visine target Voting coalition Veto Vigilant Volleyball need Victims of deception Vegan sandwich cookie Victor Hugo novel Vista or stage setting Veteran expert Visit dreamland Vote into office Volcanic rock Very long time Veggie that's hard to eat with a fork Veranda Very much Very serious indeed Very serious indeed Verse of tribute Very many Volunteer's offer Vestige of the past Video segment Vientiane's country Vigilant Violent weather condition Very different doctor patrols ward Venomous snake Very old: Abbr Vegetable used for some red dyes Viral bug Venomous snake Very old: Abbr Vex Volcanic powder Valuable hoard Vanzetti codefendant Villainous one Very long time Vocalist's concern Visiting centre of Brunei, see swamp Very best Very lightly coloured Vegas-area watering hole Vegetable in some cakes Voice hidden in "nasal tone" Very slightly