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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 262

Violet hybrid Vaccination site Vitamin stat Valhalla bigwig Vegetable, drink and ball game Veg party Vader's choice Village People hit Victorious invasion Vintage stockings Vogue rival Vacuum cleaner company Vatican's denom Visit briefly Very long time Violent anger Verify Very Vocal improv Versed in Victorian or Progressive period Volcanic mount in California Vietnamese soup Vegas opener? Very briefly, I spoilt child, having got old and wobbly Virgin shows skills, overtaking old record company Vichy water Vitamin stat Valetudinarian Very fat Vacant Volcano-shaped Volleyball court divider Vicious with a bass Venus, to Serena Vogue rival Verb for you Very popular Veggie with a curly variety Vaccine shot "Veep" protagonist Selina Vinyl-covered, as a floor Viscous plant substances Vice president between Hubert and Gerald Victor Velvety flower — Vegas Viper feature Vegan milk choice Very keen on Very old Various Visitors' victory Viral videos, e.g Ventilate Victory-securing shot Veer Vivacious quality Vault over line, a fair game 8 vis-à-vis 2 Vulnerable newcomers, in slang Viscera Variety for a truffle hunter? Viral video, e.g Visibility inhibitor ___ v. Wade Voucher Vicinity Value Vigour Veteran detective that monitors criminal in new role Virus in foreign street linked to a certain block Value highly Vast expanse Vermouth and gin cocktail on the house at The Thatch produced by an environmentally suspect sucker perhaps Vaults View from The Hague Voice on some phones Very ardent Very big bird Volcanic outflows Victorian art critic John ____ wrote Modern Painters Vigil Vegas casino with a statue of a Roman emperor at its entrance Vehicles that may be used during play dates, informally 'Victory is mine!' "Vidi" from Caesar's boast Vertical billiards shot Very wide shoe Velocity Very popular Vietnamese New Year Valiant Vehicle sailor used to collect army medics Vigorously enjoy vintage footwear? Vicar with ale brewed for royalist supporter Vessels like Noah's Vietnamese New Year Vinegar bottles Victory Verne specialty Ventilation conduit Vagrant Voyage Venture that's separate from a main line of work Voting method that preserves anonymity Vitellus Vertical space in building Rita's altered thoroughly Volleyball great Gabrielle Vending machine opening Vow at the altar Vicious dispute Violent disturbance in university over pressure and endless heat on Virginia Very much a blessing Vinyl albums Violently kill Valerie Harper sitcom of the 1970s Vegetable with a Ruby Queen cultivar Very strongly dislike Very tasty Very small batteries Volcanic rock "Vanity Fair" protagonist Very special microphone inlaid with silver Vet wearing glasses trimmed cat's tail Vend Verb ending found in this clue Vast expanse Varieties Versatile player's ball game without wings Vegetable all right in acre hit disastrously Virtues displayed by monarch in swirling mist “Very old Tom” superseding name in horse's stall? Vertical dimension of a flag Valuable violin Vittles Villain's hideout Valuable rocks Vacant Vandalizing, as one might do on Halloween Van Morrison song from 1964 Vase variety Vessel spar Vocalist Vaughan Violin cousin "Va-va- —!" 'Victoria & Abdul' actor Fazal Video game where you wield an ax and slay? Vague, large amount ___ versa Vader creator Vital force of Chinese medicine Vine parts Vinyl records Volcanic outpouring Very old Visiting from the country, say Vancouver expo Vended Vaccination spot Vacuum container Very damp, old township Vend V-shaped slit Vandalize Vocalist Estefan Vegetarian food and beer with no head? Victor in easy position giving a wave Violin container View from a theatre seat, say Vestige Vehicle shock absorber Villain's base of operations Vote against Venom bound to stuff a bunny Victorian essayist's half-hearted idle chat? Vehicles with tracks Vaccine basis Verse of a poem Vintage hue on a photo app Vein makeup Velocity Votes lost around island by old council Vocal range Very fresh nice calamari, line caught, European imported, popular dish Vote into office Value Vintner Claude Varieties Villain's hideout Visibly sad Very bad Vanish Variety Volumes Voice used for "Humpty Dumpty," say Ventriloquist whose best-known dummy was Lord Charles Vital tool in mid-20th-century computing ____ Varma played Oberyn Martell’s paramour Ellaria Sand in four seasons of Game of Thrones — v. Wade Venice? (anag) Video call program for iOS users Via imitation of Virile Vi Redd's instrument Vivian Banks, to the Fresh Prince Vivian Banks, to Carlton Banks Visual perceptions Vulgar thing cattle often do Vanquished Verboten Vessel containing one last bit of pale amber liquid Visitors from a satellite of Saturn, say Vampire's undoing Vintages Vision Vends Victoria for example collapses Very impressive Vacation destination Virtual citizen in a popular video game franchise Verb meaning "demote" coined in 2006 Vertical in a staircase Voracious fish Visibly upset Virginia with cold year following relative's homelessness Verb for you Valentine border Vatican farewell Vegas opening? Visually plain Very dry Vocal quality Very ___ volente (God willing) Very close-fitting Very sure, certain Veer Very small adolescent, extremely sulky Void surrounds nose of Apollo 8 Venomous snake Vivid red Very much Variety Viscount, e.g Volume of a fair amount of those in 7 down Violinist's stuff Vault from feline over a rake 'Village,' in Spanish Vehicle occupied, briefly