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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 264

Vetoed Visa competitor, for short Voguish term that doesn't come from a bee? Volleyball actions before spikes Void “Veni” Vodka brand that sounds like a toast Vengeful goddess Vincent's brother Vein fill Verse of a poem Van Diemen's Land Veto from President, not acceptable Vented Verb that sounds like multiple vowels Vietnam neighbor "Velcro ... what a rip-off," e.g Viral GIFs, e.g ___ Vader of "Star Wars" Very dry Vein contents Very large airliner Versatile mount Video game franchise based on a sci-fi film franchise Vineyard harvest Volume-based Vitamin stat Vile from Medieval forge “57 Varieties” brand Violent place for a marathon? __ VII, proclaimed king on this day 1901 View from Bolivia's Isla del Sol Vegan staple Viva voce Vying venues Vase with a base Vietnamese soup Voguish term that doesn't come from a bee? Vodka brand that sounds like a toast Venerable, quaintly Verb that sounds like multiple vowels Vented Vietnam neighbor Venues for stand-up routines Video chat app View from Bolivia's Isla del Sol Vegan staple Vampire novelist Rice Versatile mount Vision, in brand names Vigoda of 'North' Video game pioneer Verdi creations Vibe relative VW or BMW Verdi creations Vow to remain mum about hotel guests’ secrets? Very productive Vast rainforest region Vehicle accessories — OK for cars (anag) Very small Very small Very good Very long time Vietnamese holiday Variety of nut Villainous Very dry, as a climate Vessel on the water Voice actress Mendez Vail feature Valley Vague desire maybe to get husband for Yankee lady at last Vehicle with five doors and a lot of space Vet's mask Value of Abe's bill Very frequently Vote like ''aye'' Violinist's block Vegan milk source Visual perceptions ___ Violet (singer previously known as Meekakitty) Vicinity Very tiny boat, music playing Very good stars showing blemishes VIP's report? Vessel that is used by barber Vitamin stat Very long time Vietnamese New Year Vacuum's lack Volcanic emission Vacuum's lack Vigour, zip Volume; reserve Video game released on Facebook in 2012 Versatile head-neck garb Vuvuzela, for one Versatile head-neck garb Verbalizes Verve Very talented Volcano in Sicily Vulnerable ''Vogue'' competitor Valuable diamonds, perhaps Venomous viper Vogue alternative Volleyball move before a spike Vogue alternative Very small batteries Vague answer Verse writer Very distressed Very fit — also dim Vietnam's Da __ Verdi classic Vacation excursions Very funny person Vaccine approval agcy *Victor Hugo classic with the character Jean Valjean Vanquish Verses Valued Vatican leader Verdi classic Vietnam's Da __ Vessel, one Cabot damaged touring East Very, informally Voting in Very devout Very infrequently Very infrequently Very spicy Very infrequently Vacation site that might be all-inclusive Verifies Visibility reducer Very best; colour Vichyssoise ingredient Vehicle named after a lake Violin holder Violinist Isaac who performed the solos in the movie 'Fiddler on the Roof' VIP's auto Volkswagen model Violin holder Violinist Isaac who performed the solos in the movie "Fiddler on the Roof" Vapor from an iron Voicemail contents Ventimiglia of “This Is Us” Victoria and Albert, for two Very small painting Very particular Voracious shark splintered bargepole Vacillate Vanished Voice-activated buzzer Vast blue expanse Vibrating body part Venison supplier, born in Brussels, housed in Gibraltar? Verb that aptly rhymes with 'cake' Valuable minerals View from another wing, beneath the lower part Volunteer State sch Volunteer State sch Value Vessel (expensive to buy and maintain!) ___ Vecchio Variety show hosts, e.g Very top Vetoer's vote Vetoers' votes Viking letter Verdi opera Vote down, informally Video arcade name Vain one's big thing Very deep hole 'Va-va-__!' Veracruz neighbor Vexed state Volkswagen model Very hot and dry Vehicular "Out of my way!" Venomous vipers Video chatted on a PC, say "Va-va-__!" Very hot and dry Vexed state Veracruz neighbor Volkswagen model Verse of 14 lines that ends with a couplet Very serious Vehicle excise duty Visits Volleyball star Asjia Victor or Rosa Vasquez, to Billy Batson Vatican leader Vat Vessel said to have grounded on Mount Ararat Vindictiveness Veggies from Peru Vinyl collectible Vegetable that becomes gooey when cooked Vietnamese noodle soup Vinyl collectible Veggies from Peru Vatican City's eminent tenant Vintage-inspired Vampire repellents Voucher Versatile hairstyling options Victor's cry Verdi heroine Vintage synthetic fiber Vortex Very little Brahms and Liszt? Vanish into __ air Very attentive Venus de Milo's lack Virtuous one Venue Vampire, by nature Very briefly ruler forms relationship with tramps View inappropriately Valuable old object Very large narrow-necked bottle, often with a wicker cover __-view mirror Versed in creative writing Versed in creative writing Vast business enterprise Vote into office Virtual city dweller Very cold, losing free energy Very bold Very sad or intensely distressing Vacuum's lack Virtue Very short time Verb for you Very light cake Vessel for carnations Village's larger relative ___ vibes (uncomfy feelings) Voracious? Gorge, feed? Aye, regularly View obscurers Volume of Poe’s — maybe a line shows misprint Vanquished Vertical transportation giant Video streaming device