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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 265

Video that's gone viral Vanquished Verdi opera based on the play by Alexandre Dumas Variety of orchid Virtually in St Malo touring Venetian marketplace Virgil or Wyatt V-J Day ended it Virtual people Verb that sounds like storage Viva voces, at Oxford Vaccine stuff "—, vidi, vici" Vehicle at a truck stop Video game in which players are indebted to Tom Nook '___: Vegas' (TV spinoff) Variety of rhododendron Villain's method in many a murder mystery Voice training institution Vast Venerable cracker brand Venerable cracker brand Verizon or Sprint, for short Violin stroke Very tiny Vines from expansive summit on the mountain, for example Vacuous grandmother in Nimes regularly Very fancy restaurant meal Vampire novelist Rice Very funny person Victor’s declaration Vessel with a flat-bottomed, rectangular hull View from a beachfront house Very great fear or dread Very fine or easily broken Violent confrontation to experience: I’m slapped on the face Visitor Vanity Fair author Vietnam neighbor Very devout Very pale Van Helsing nemesis Votes for Van Helsing nemesis Votes for Very popular Vendor's vehicle Vestry typically holds object of worship husband left Vacillate Very simple Valuable things Vatican-related Bond film with new line inserted Virgil's last poems about ancient city where healing sought Veggie food content of uneaten sandwiches Very fond of a party, call Verb in much written dialogue Venerable monocled mascot Venerable redheaded doll Volcanic output Verb in much written dialogue Verdi work Vinyl records Vegetables called mame in Japanese Victor has a broken shin? Would you go away out of that! Variety of cabbage like a turnip Vital statistic Vax Facts video, e.g Vehicular mark often set in Utah "— voyage!" Visitor from beyond Vivid purple-red Votes of approval Venus Williams' org Virgin Vex Virtuous one Valuable find Vineyard measure Vault Victor's boast Vineyard measure Valuable find Verdi opera Vicious man who conspired with Capone, not American Vicinity Volleyball need Very extrovert principal wearing fancy shirt with flourishes Very Liberal women labouring to secure victory promise Video chat choice Virus-tracking agency: Abbr Vital thing for a third degree? Variety of eel Video chat choice "— voyage!" Vet in a bad mood is the first to question the evidence in court ___ Vegas Violent disorder 20-vol. reference 20-vol. reference Vehicle with a meter Venue for a huge concert "Very funny!" Very close game Visits briefly Visit a restaurant Verbalizes Very worrisome Very softly, in music Very softly, in music Vegas opener? Very tall sequoia, native to California Valise, urn, box - applicable to all cases? Vaccine provider Violinist Very overweight Voter, English speaker Vehement Very strong synthetic Vehement Veggie dip herb Visibly shows sleepiness Vitamin primarily alleviating discomfort if colic's bad Volunteer troops one commanded followed Valuable 2008 Visa event, briefly 2008 Visa event, briefly Valuable Visibility lessener Visitor to Siam ___ Vegas Aces Varied mixture Very sweet Very keen (to go?) Vest Victoria’s Secret buys Victim of Hermes Volunteer, say Victim of Hermes Venture out on one's own Very angry Virtual merchant Virginia Tech team name Vesta and Pallas are among the solar system’s largest ____s View from Nice Vena __ (major vessel) ___ victory (gain in spite of a loss) Votes against Votes against Very eager to see something Visit Ely perhaps Very angry Very much Vietnamese New Year Votes like ''ayes'' Visual phenomenon at some raves Version ripe for revision Visits Valedictorian's delivery Very tiny amount Vietnamese New Year Very much Very numb Very early calculator Very quick train's ending in northern city Very many Vodka cocktail Verbal Via, informally Vaccine type *Vehicle on a motorway *Vehicle on a highway *Venue for football *Venue for soccer Verbs have them Voiced sounds Voiced sounds Video essayist Mulder Very passionate Viral video, e.g Visible Varmint Very poorly fed Vend "Veep" airer Virile Chinese leader once restricting church Veronica’s source of methamphetamine? Video streaming device Venues Virtual party announcements Viscous stuff Vamoose! Volcano in the Sunda Strait Very low Viscounts' superiors Vital quintet in English literature Viscous stuff Video game stage Volcano in the Sunda Strait Very low Viscounts' superiors Vital quintet in English literature Vibe Very breezy Vino region Van driver Vegetable that kids pass on? Volleyball position, or Italian for "free" Veggies used in salsa verde Vibes Very best Valuable rock Variety of trapshooting Very fast ship decorated with shrubbery? Vessel whose sister ships were named Niña and Pinta __ v. Wade Vase on a pedestal Verb-forming suffix Viral social media post __ v. Wade Volleyball move Verbal attack Visit unexpectedly Verb in egg recipes Version of someone else's song Very great article short of lines Visit tiny empty church, work of art Volcano starts to erupt terribly near Africa Visualise limousine with daughter, perhaps the Queen of Hearts Vapor from a teakettle “Venerable” monk of old England Voting against Villain who launches a raid on Fort Knox Voting against Vanish into ___ air Veggie with layers Visionary Very Vengeful group that is wrapped in winter clothing Vitamin capsule material Variety show Vitamin capsule material Verse in a valentine Viral phenomenon Voting group Video game pioneer Very mean Very top Very sad Vehicle to display damage Valley of the Kings vipers