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Vehicles that might be beamers? Verbal abuse Valuable sort perhaps Texan behind film Volume in electronic speech, not constant Veto taking over year to satisfy one abroad Volcanic vestige Villainous literary alter ego Virtual group of real players Villainous literary alter ego Vintage producer Selznick’s last about which we remain crazy Verse of poetry Verse Venetian marketplace Vodka cocktail Valuable discoveries Virtual people in a hit video game series Video game series in which Bells are used as currency Viewed anew Vinegar-based Very small freshwater fish Verbal shrug Vegan sandwich, for short ''__ . . . venite adoremus Dominum!'' Visible Verbal shrug "___: Vegas" (forensic series) Vintage auto Vegas action — voce (quietly) Vanished ___ thin air Veggie in zeytinyagli pirasa Vape's lack Vegas venue with an iconic fountain Video game character in a hit 2020 film Vikings' foes V, among electrical units Venomous viper Vibe Very perceptive agcy Video streaming device Vessel from a ventricle Valleys Vatican figure Virtuous sort 'Valley of the Dolls' novelist Vertical piece of a stair Very small bite Victorious folks after elections Valleys Vatican figure Virtuous sort Very threatening Voice above tenor Veal serving Very delicate and light Vessels no man can serve, the Good Book says? Valet shows where cash is delivered during prohibition Villainous Voldemort’s attack left one on Harry Potter’s forehead Videotape format of long ago Voting no on Verizon, e.g Vehicles with living quarters Votes for Very recognizable Variety of pasta View Vehicle outside gala, one with ace facility for refreshments Vanquish, as a dragon VIP Venetian elder of yore Very angry Venetian elder of yore Volcanic output Very long time Voting no in all likelihood Vulcan, for one Vends Very angrily Verse in Hesiod explained Very hot place to be confined in — so tax web (anag) Video call option Villain's welcome Verve Vintage MTV staple Visibly awed *View from the Oval Office *View from the Oval Office Verve Villain's welcome Video call option Vintage MTV staple Visibly awed Verb for you Valve and set of pipes next to bunk — Vinegar Vitamin Verdant Voyager 1, for one Voting bloc Vacillate (beginning) Van Gogh setting Variety Video game giant Visibility lessener Very unpopular ___ Vegas Vessel’s cook found in Providence Vagrant Villainous Vowel group Variety of coffee bean Very funny Villain in Stephen King's "The Dark Half," e.g Vegas natural Villages' larger relatives Vulgar person Vegas natural Villain in Stephen King's 'The Dark Half,' e.g Very slow tempo Video game hedgehog Very wet and soft Venetian magistrate __ Verans, Mr Rochester's ward and Jane Eyre's pupil? Verklempt Vowelless Scrabble play Verklempt Verdi opera Victor's hand gesture Vote down Verbose Very soft, fine-grained mineral Video-sharing site Vaccine safety agcy Varying in quality Volts per ampere Very soon now Vaccine safety agcy Vicinity Visualize Vital artery ___ Vegas, Nev Victory and draw for First Fifteen after losing the first friendly - one can generate a lot of energy from that Vessel that returns blood from the head Very little Vessel for pouring sauce on turkey Very light-colored Vessel _____ Von Bismarck Voluminous volume Vanished Valentine's gift Viking of the comics Vague teatime, dinner breaks Vaccine approver, in brief Vodka brand that sounds like a toast Very tired Vitality, informally Very tired Virtual 'city' resident Virus fighter Vault Vinyl collectible Vacation at sea Valve to raise, lest endless suffering should follow "Voilà!" 'Voilà!' Veto organised in The House leads to accord? Vessels for cooking butajiru Vegas cubes Vipers Vocal subtlety Valet parker's presentation Venomous snake Vatican City VIP Video game platform developed by Valve Very angry, enraged Video chat need, briefly ___ Vegas Raiders Volcanic eruption sight Volcanic eruption sight View obscurers Vehicle that leaves a wake? Vinyl successors Vulgar ''Vin'' valley Vulgar Vinyl successors Very long time periods Vessels for reheating jiaozi Venerated figure Volley gun used in the Franco-Prussian war; French for “machine gun” Valuable casino cards Variety of responses, or a hint to the word scrambled within 20-, 28- and 47-Across Volcano flow Vast in scope Vegas card holder Verdi masterwork Very much like Video playback option Volvo's former rival Vendor's wagon Vendor's wagon Velocity Vine parts View anew Venezuela lacks zeal for the game Villa d'Este city Variety of nut Vang or Xiong, for example Value for money Verona production featuring Romeo went on for too long Virgil epic Virgil epic Verizon, for one Vehicle to the moon Value in warmth and love comes to republic Vardalos of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” Very, in Veracruz Votes from the opposition Very talented child Vocation; rush Very — large — epic (informal) Very close Vessel to brew pekoe Vegetable moo ___ Victor's cry Vow Venomous American chess player opening with sacrifice of knight Versatile award-winning Indian film star known by his initials 'SRK' Verbalize Very low number Versatile award-winning Indian film star known by his initials "SRK" Video compilations Villainous VanJess is one ___ Vegas Vow Vibration caused by roller in good condition? Volume by Trump, in its local form, primarily authored by Moscow Visibly astonished Volatile Volume turned up after seabird bites head of injured auk Victimizes, with ''on'' Voice lower than soprano Very satisfactory Very hurt Vespers VII x CCC