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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 267

Van, e.g., for a mover Vat filler at a Japanese brewery Very stuck Villagers of the Great Plains VII x CCC Video chat device Very bright Vince __, legendary 1960s coach of the Green Bay Packers Vindictive Visitor numbers Valuable bit of rock near port and point found in Long Island - somewhere sailors should avoid Very short putt, in golf lingo Very short putt, in golf lingo “Vous ___” (“You are,” in Arles) Very easy task for a Muslim ruler? Vessel used to lure U-boats Violent anger Visits during a trip Visual insult Volcano in E. Sicily Very sharp Vegetable called rutabaga in the US Visionaries Venomous slitherers Valentine's Day gift Venturesome Villain in 200+ films Vowel in frat names Vacillates Valentine's Day gift Venomous slitherers Visionaries Visibly stunned Vocal inflection Very popular Verve Very learned or knowledgeable Verse composition Verbally harass Vaccine shots, informally Vassal’s estate Visibly sad, say Volcano output Visibly sad, say Visually perceive Very legitimate request Video chat need Very poor Vigour, vivacity Vigilant editor follows each elegy in translation Volunteer's words Vulnerable Vietnam's capital Vardalos or Long Vote of approval Vardalos or Long Vietnam's capital Vote of approval Vexing Verboten actions Volcano outflow Vehicle in luge or skeleton Vital vessel Vital vessel Venetian blind part Vent verbally Verdi opera Vitamin regulatory agcy Verb after "thou" Veiled, hidden Volunteers and politician forming compact Vine-covered walkways Vulnerable to a takeover bid ''Voila!'' Venomous American snake Veggie with layers Video file format Verb for you Viewpoints Verbally, one suddenly attacking country Vegetable product used in food manufacturing, beauty products, and as biofuel. Very sniffy with visitor heading off with soldier to club Visa competitor Visa competitor Very small Volleyball court divider Vehicles for passengers and goods Valley in Ventura County Vanishing salutation Valid independent of experience Vampire's "bed" Vehicle used to lure auto thieves Valid independent of experience Vega's constellation Vex "Vidi," in English ''Vogue'' competitor Vacation rental option Velcro alternative Vacation rental Violent protester Vane direction Vintner brothers' surname Vacation rental option Velcro alternative Violent protester Varied mixture Vague Vicinity Vincent van — Vertical labret, for example Very small quantity of iron that’s taken regularly Vigilant dancing in Swan Lake? Very happy Verdi opera set in Egypt Voting group Verdi opera set in Egypt Very small amount Volcanic flow Viking raid — no help is secured by hooter "— voyage!" Vegas-to-Denver dir Valuable possession Variety of cabbage Very successful film or book Venting of emotion Vicar joining a reactionary PM for restoration project Valuable deposit __ vera (natural balm) Valuable deposit Very hot and dry Vacuum sometimes treated as a pet Visibly embarrassed Vardalos of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” Via, informally Vitality Vagrant’s cunning raised by political representative Vases with bases Very scary Variety Verb for you Vegetable — drink Viewer more adventurous — what's being screened? Viewer's screen's made of metal with authentic coating ___ vera View from Giza Very distressing war never troubled China's foremost ruler Vermeer or Van Gogh, say Vacation rental Venerable DC Comics team Viola's range Verse by Pablo Neruda Vegas opener View over Voting coalition Very foreign gp.? Very foreign gp.? Valueless Verbally ___ vez (again, in Spanish) Vigilant Volcano product Volcanic event Visitor center diagram Violent, aggressive Vaulted areas VIP of the present day? Volleyball star Gabrielle '__: Vegas' Vietnamese soup "__: Vegas" Video game tomb raider Very quickly Valets' workplaces Valley in Laura Dave's book 'Eight Hundred Grapes' Vegetable used in pies Valuable things Viking great Tarkenton Video game letters Venetian Renaissance painter Valuable things Viking great Tarkenton Venetian Renaissance painter Video game letters Victor Very serious Venomous snake Verse starter? Very fancy Venomous snake Verse starter? Very fancy Vapor from a radiator Very angry Very silly Vote in "Vogue" singer Very last market Very quick power nap, perhaps, then nothing Variety of plum Vase-shaped jug Very frequently Violin container Visit unannounced Vase-shaped jug Vicar's assistant Vim Vicar obliged to hold tree Veggie rich in vitamin K Voice of Apple devices Volcano's edge __ Vegas, NV Votes lost around island by old council Very top V-shaped stripe Ventura County tourist town Ventura County tourist town Very long period Vital energy, in Chinese medicine Venus Williams' sport VHS player Vo Viet Chung dress Violently sticks egg inside cuckoo nest on tree Vertical part of a step Very dry Voting group Verdure Viking vessel Vespidae family member Vaughan Williams’s “Riders to the Sea,” e.g Varnish stuff Very strong distaste Venerable fraternal org Verbalize __ voyage party Vishnu's quartet Vowel-rich first guess in Wordle Very relatable __ Vogue Very relatable Vishnu's quartet Vowel-rich first guess in Wordle __ Vogue Vast continent Veggie in a shooting straw Very little bit Very small argument "Victory was mine!" Vein of ore Very small batteries