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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 268

VII doubled Visual representations, in printed matter perhaps Veracious Voice inflection Victims of ridicule making objections audible Vessel with wine is shaken Venture capitalist gets rid of cattle - it's native to Lima Visually embarrassed about daughter Vanish __ thin air Very easy crossword clue Valuable bit of information Venice official Vicious Villain in "Wonder Woman" Visits as a ghost Very, in French Voice actor Blanc Vow made under a chuppah Vincent's brother Virtuoso pianist's record picked up Very, in Versailles Very serious item in the post about it’s recalled ''Vogue'' rival Vacuum attachment Vegan protein Vineyard measure Vacuum attachment Vegan protein Vineyard measure Voice quality Volunteer’s request Venerated violin, familiarly Verve Video-streaming site Venomous snake Vigilant Valhalla VIP Vagrant Visible Views from master with time to go into particulars Ávila address Vaccination spot, typically Vaccination spot, typically Vocal opponents of department engineering farm machinery VIP on Air Force One Victor, struggling with pesky rent, being this? Vocalist ''Vin'' designation Vote in Villainous Very good designer is provocative Vote against elevating good, positive principle Vigour Verb in an O'Neill title Various Vows of loyalty he's regularly disregarded Vessels with pedestals Vegas casino VIP vehicle Very loudly, in music Very slightly Vow renewal phrase Vole relative Van Gogh's French home Vocal vibrations Violet family bloom "Valid point" Vitamin stat Valentine's Day mo Vandalise Vocally expressed demand to work in bakery Very foolish Very quickly Vital juice in plants VIII Venetian canal boat ___ vault (track and field event) Vegetable with pentagonal cross sections ___ Vegas Vicinity Very funny people ''Very funny!'' Veggie with a black eye, sometimes Vogue rival Vincent —, painter Vietnamese holiday Villain in a high school movie Value greatly Vital Visual perceptions __ vera (soother in lotions) "— voyage!" Venetian boat 'Very funny!' Voltaire exuding anger could become a sort of green VIP room guest Versatile truck, briefly Vexes, with "at" Victors' shout Voice above tenor Vexes, with 'at' Verdi opera Very quietly tucking into beer and fruit Verily Verified against Covid, countrywide inoculation not expected at first Very cold Volume enhancer Vain "voyages" Venomous snake Visibly, it's where drinkers are left in charge Vitally important Very uncommon Victory sign Volcanic rock — van Beethoven Vessel foremost for cargo, say Venice's Piazza San __ Vote for passage Venice's Piazza San __ "— voyage!" Verizon, e.g Vegetable often preserved in vinegar Very large lizard Van Halen icon Vacay for parents-to-be Viticultural refuse Vacay for parents-to-be Van Halen icon Village near Kingston upon Thames, renamed when a nearby suburb was created by the arrival of a railway Volition Very light brown Vowel-rich farewell "v funny" Vinyl records, briefly Valet's array 'v funny' Valet's array Vinyl records, briefly Vaulted section in a church Voice in a large singing group Vinyl record Very loud, but ultimately quiet Valiant Vidkun --, Norwegian traitor Voicemail beep Vientiane’s nation Very, in Val d' Or Very eager to know more Very sad (first 4 letters + last 3) Valhalla VIP Verdi heroine Vocalist missing intro holds note in number Very stupid to accommodate university element Vibration from rocky peak restricting sleep Venetian transport Valuable item Very sure, certain Volcano in Sicily Version with limited functionality Verdi piece Vessels continue going west, cold and hot onboard Very cold Very excited Volcanic dust Vitamin stat Villages Very noisy Varnish Video diary Vacation spots Vie Vacation spots Vie Vessel contained by vessel! Vortex "Viva — Vegas" Video-streaming brand Viewing decapitation and impalement, one might say, is a rather extreme way to enjoy oneself. Verizon, e.g.: Abbr Visits unexpectedly Voucher, receipt Vietnamese noodle soup Vessel used with a pestle Vegan’s protein souce Very hot Vexatious "Viva — Vegas" Very little Very little Very little bit Vocalists who combine musical styles Vocalists who combine musical styles Vessel with a handle and spout Vietnamese noodle soup Voucher V-shaped cut Void Vibe Vocalise Southey’s last poem on lake Verb for you View obscurers Venerated object Vegetable container found in dump Very hot situation: cubicle door finally blown Vegetable served up by inn outside Northern Ireland retreat Volcano known as Vulcan's chimney Veggies often pickled with dill Video game ''Raider'' __ Croft Very tidy Video chat disruption Very antiquated — invalidate UN (anag) 'Very nice!' Via Angus, Arthur oddly gets you there! Venice’s historic mercantile area Verbal comparison Visibility lessener Vet covers places with variable rate Vile, horrible Vintage Very common Venice trips to see show Various clues he'd lined up. Vilification of Tom in Indonesia. Vast wildlife reserve might be the greenest one around. Veep's boss Viewed Vain Englishman and American crossing river Verifying which six must leave tip? Vampire, e.g. Virginia, California and Northern Territories are free Very English trebles, song surprisingly Italian Visitor with touch of embarrassment breaking wind Volatile Volatile Vietnam's continent Vendetta Va-va-___ Vancouver-to-Seattle dir Vaulted recess Vitamin in wheat germ Volunteer’s words Video connector features Venerable, so to speak Very fine rain Vetoed Viscous Valley's opposite VW model named after a wind from North Africa Very much Verse’s partner