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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 269

Very much depressed, man's time in game Vast expanse of water Very impressive ace, first person to get total read out Volkswagen buzzer let loose Villain with terrible scar – Capone, perhaps Vehicle that's built after it's bought Voltaire satire Varied mixture or medley Vend Verb on a shampoo bottle "À votre —" Vessel without handles Voted into office Vacillate Vein yield Vegetable peeler brand Very able, competent ___ Vegas Valor Vends Victory sign Vagabond unconscious by shed Virtuous coming in to arrange licence __ vivant Volcanic flows Vittles Valve from ordinary computer where you would expect to find it if available? Veto vote Violent language from star priest? Varied selection Value for money, deer hunter's rifle shot? Vegan beauty brand Verdi opera Veracious Valleys View from Jackson Hole Vladimir and Estragon wait for him Vehicle for a one-way trip? Vibe Villain in "The Avengers" Very needy Vigilance Viral disease of dogs Very small Vehicle frame Very thin material Vocal quality Voting no Venomous snake Very delicate eastern article, genuine Variety of capsicum Veer Vigilance Vogue Very, very Violinist's need Vacuum's lack Venetian blind part Visionaries Villain who tricked Othello into murdering Desdemona Venomous sort of chatterbox losing face Venue for the Raptors or Penguins Video-streaming site Venomous language Vigorous, cheerful Vacantly Versace logo figure Vase inserts Volcano that towers over Catania, Italy Vintner's dregs Vocally Very fast? This suggests not Vote into office Vacation spot Vivid — acute Vault Verifiable Very much Vibrating membrane Venture capitalist's dream Vinaigrette acronym Very fancy Venerable British school Very, very Visions Visitor "Va-va- —!" Vacating ploy Very dark; leaking (pen) Volcano of Sicily Vegetable often candied "___: Vegas" *Vatican security detail Video game composer Raine Venomous viper Vision Vicinity Verge Very funny person Voltage spikes Voicemail prompt Very little Virtual world with a dislike of the police? Virtuoso, too disrupted, overlooked corrupting influence Verb suffix Venetian blind part Virgin martyr gets on train finally coming in Very determined Armada man took ships 3 vehicle clamped in Kensington Gardens Very slow girl eats up single calorie Vicious criminal beheaded revenue collector round back of office Vindictive move — tell an edited version Voice raised in river brawl? Value highly Vitamin intake std ___ Vegas Aces Valentine flower Valleys 1492 vessel Ventures — quips Violinist/singer Haden "___: Vegas" (CBS show) Victoria Falls spray Vital artery Visual organs Vain person Venetian blind part Video game giant Victor against odd disheartened soldiers Vaccine administration __ Vegas Aces Value Vardalos of "Connie and Carla" Venison ___ buco Verizon communications service Valuable to collectors, say 'Veni, ___, vici' Vehicles in 'The Phantom Menace' Variety Vivacity Vintage, e.g Very rarely Venerable British school Very, very __ Vegas Aces Vitamin intake std Violet vessel Vacation destination *Vatican security detail Violinist/singer Haden Verizon communications service Vote in Verb for you Vote in V.I.P Vat Verb for you Vaudeville staple Venial Very frequently Vietnam neighbor Vista Very damp ground lair Vehicles with living quarters Very sad or intensely distressing Vote in favor Vancouver's Yvonne ______ Vessel *Victoria’s place Viscous stuff Vote in favor Video accessibility aid, for short Very cross, furious "Very funny!" online Vegetables grow rapidly nursed by pantomime character Visual impairment causing fall? Verse that exalts its subject Valuable collection Vaccine manufacturer Vague group creates idea that lacks alternative Varieties Views, vistas or facets Verse of a poem Vehicle with a cockpit *Vehicle seen at Yellowstone VIP who may have the nicest office Very modern Vocal quality Viola relative ___ vera gel Vendor Various Verne captain View Very brief affair involving Tory's ending... Visibly embarrassed to visit capsized registered vessel Vessel for rescue at sea Visible evidence of logging puzzles Vow Very black expression of grief Victor of 2008 Verdi opera set in Egypt 20-volume ref. set 'Video' singer India.___ Vulnerable swimmer bargepole walloped "Voila!" Vacation getaway Visit casually Vaping device brand Vessel of hot water into which another vessel is placed for slow cooking VERDI OPERAS Victimize, with ''on'' Virtual meeting app Very little Vicinity Valletta's island Vessel for couples? Very like Versus Villains interfere with what's written here to get full board Very poor pay, clear for a nurse cut by subterfuge Varied stars rejected food around old city Vegetable’s standard cut Voice, for example Very good container, edge swapped around Vegetable in the chicory family Venetian marketplace Verily Vernon, Cora, Eula, and Kate --, characters in William Faulkner's novel 'As I Lay Dying' Vietnamese holiday Vogue competitor Vietnamese garment Vampire teeth Vitamin supplement retailer Vex Very corpulent Vessel "Victory is mine!" Verbalize Verse writer Voice above tenor Valence electrons, often Valentine color Vocation Vino region Vintage auto Void "Voilˆ!" Voting against Veal serving