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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 270

Very dirty Verse by Pablo Neruda Very cold, heron-like bird emitting note Very prosperous period Vagrant — fishing boat Vision of 500 — that many sheets? Violent criminal Very favourable (opportunity) Very small Very pale Visual aid gets royal person (not king) backing doctrine Vegas lead-in Valleys Vegas lead-in Variety of bread, however one looks at it Vacant latrine flushed after pee -- it's a condition VW, a banger perhaps coated in this red stuff? Very bright Violeta o rosa ___ voting View anew Vicinity "— vincit amor" Viz Vegetable that's massaged before eating Verbal shrugs Vogue rival Vase in a museum Voice of Elsa in 'Frozen' Venus, to Serena Vest being worn by one Very pale Victoria Beckham ___ Adams __ vera Violinist Stern Verbally approve “Vive ___!” Very young child "Vegas" singer — Cat Vegetable Vehicles for ETs Varsity sportsperson down in the dumps Vote with workers in messy situations — their constituents are diverse Very little drops from this? Vegetable anagram of 35-Down Vehicle with a meter Very cold Vinyl records Venerated symbol V.I.P. conveyances Vague threat Vegetable that may stain a cutting board Vichyssoise need Viognier or Vouvray Vibe Very long stretch of time Vocal range above tenor Vancouver-to-Seattle dir Voice quality Volcanologist’s sample Verdi piece Vacation's itinerary to include old province Vicious Ohio gangster with new target practice facility Vacationing Vaccinate Valuable mineral Very bad Very famous performer Violent local windstorm Vampiric in appearance Valley called the "Garden of France" V fliers Victims of wars less involved with negotiator about end to confrontation Visiting many places in Canadian province for us Vehicle's capacity Very small Valuable possession Veld grazers Vocalists Very best Very hot pepper Very brave Verb whose past tense form is an anagram of its present tense Verbal equivalent of picking up the gauntlet Victim of Perseus Visionary Vampire's resting place Vaccine injectors Violinist Elman or actor Auer Very, in slang Vibe Victim "Velvet Buzzsaw" actress Russo Vegan creamer type Very good and legitimate request Very latest express frequently runs in hot weather Verified fact Van Gogh's 'The ___ Night' Virginia who wrote 'Mrs. Dalloway' Very wicked act Vermin Vend "___ vs. ___" (Mad comic strip) Vigilant Vie Vocal organ Vladimir Nabokov's novel about Humbert Humbert's obsession with a young girl Virginia sits on remarkably clean item of bedding *Void *Visibly embarrassed Virtual greeting Votes from the opposition Vet's patient Very unusual Vehicle connected, later I turned right Visible, person initially adopted by a mum or dad Vessel that may be portaged Vehicle carrying exceptionally great load, for example Violin parts Vacuum cleaner brand Vietnamese New Year Very enthusiastic as English tactics altered Vegetable, poor stuff, I hesitate to say Very handsome, as a beau Valentine's Day flower, often Victor's cry Vulgar Velvety flower Violinist Stern Very poor Very deep chasms Vein resource Vestiges Viniculture science Very inferior (informal) Video snippet VCR button Verandas Vegetable source Vigorous fights — voce Vessels come to rest with waters rising Venomous serpent Variety of games Vacuum tube parts Vegas casino, familiarly Vogue competitor Vermont hrs Very annoyed Very simple Voles' homes Verge Very, colloquially Void Vehicle Vanilla bean, e.g Verizon bundle ___ vera Velocity Vampire slayer's weapon Venue for Stevie Nicks or the Knicks Veggie with florets Veterans Vague idea Verve Vampire in flying form Vampire slayer’s weapon Volcano on Sicily Vehicle arriving at school Very simple country road *Veers from the straight and narrow Very advanced phone ultimately beset by snag Veer off course, as a rocket Vaccine, informally Vend Vinegar accompaniment Violent hoodlum and thug regularly a blusterer Violent storm split a party View over wing Variety of wine Vatican VIPs Vividly shocking Very old Veto Valuable diamond Victrola maker Vital Valiant 'Victory is mine!' Very loud Vice perhaps affected inspiring student Various folk plunging into the depths with energy Very talented Variety Verily Very bizarrely done around here, jam's on top of cream?! Very, informally Viscous __-variance tradeoff Visitors who are careful not to leave any footprints? ___ Vegas Strip Vigorous Vitriol Vietnamese soup Valentine's Day flower Very rapidly, as in a ballet studio? Vocal range for Adele and Cher Verse has singular beat unknown by leading academic Very hot yet was composed Very small Vocally expresses disapproval of sailors' drunken voyage Vessel that has a gold tap, short Velcro or clip, e.g ___ vera Vax authorizer Vivacity, in music Vegetable of the brassica family with purplish leaves Villain's hideout Viola bow applications Vitamin stat Views from upset socialists in newspaper? On the contrary ___ Vegas Aviators Victor learned to extract uranium for green stones Visibly moved Voices above tenors Vault intersection Violent gales Very dark Vidalia bulb Voting rights activist Abrams Venezuelan's neighbor VHS players Vietnamese holiday Very hot cooker element includes oven Vessel surfacing? One is designed to carry passengers Vermeer painted a girl with a pearl one Venomous snakes Vatican-related Vocal range below soprano Variety of bread Views anew Vampire's flying form Vogue rival Vegan's no-no Visiting PM's house, perhaps tap gate Vegetable Tony and Fiona both peeled Very troubled Vote in favor Veggie with woody ends Violinist Leopold