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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 271

Verve Verve Vogue, e.g., in brief Very strict Vagabond Vatican VIP Villain caught breaking into safe on fifth of April ___ Ventura, former governor of Minnesota Violent behaviour Vermin Very small bit Vicinities Vocal range Very tough Verb in dumpling recipes Vicinity Very unconventional means of escape Virtuoso Vocal range below soprano "Vice" Oscar nominee Adams Vice President Harris Valentine border Venue for slapshots and hat tricks Vaccination, informally Vegetable is planted by school in grassy area Valets possibly curse, seeing such clothing Virginia Woolf novel — Kathleen Hale's Marmalade Cat '___ vincit amor' Villainous person Votes in Volcanic event Vibe Victor's cry Vessel used in embarkation Vehicle for hire Veteran employee Valet’s handout Vegetable plant Vessel crossing, eg, a river Very quickly becoming fond of spirits? Vast body of water Viewpoint Volume boosters Vatican term Very good, like fruit crop each year? Not entirely Vassal fed, swallowing tablet after pork pie Very busy legal expert initially ditched one doing filing? Vegan protein choice Veggie chip brand Venue where you can vent by destroying objects VIP upbringing good for de Sade? Verb for Latin lovers Via Viral gene material Vigorous campaign Vidanta Vallarta golf tournament Visitor from another planet Vouch for, with 'to' Violinist Volcanic debris Volleyball court divider Vacation in a tent — Vegas 'Va-va-___!' Vigorous, I shake the talc around Very dry Vitamin stat Vowel quintet Vessel with a spigot Video game pioneer Violin master who taught Stradivari Victory Voyager’s headless corpse son takes legal action over Very easy at first, containing current struggle Valerie cops everyone tipping over wine VIP on Air Force One View of expert opposite Villain in favour of splitting money returned Verne novel about eastern front Vaccine shot, in British lingo Virginia __ View Vessels in a harbor Vegetable is raw, needing seasoning Vamoose Veggie in a pod Vessel for frying Variety of rice Very long time Von Trapp girl who sang about being 16 Vexed Vietnam War protester Yoko "Viva __ Vegas" Vacated Virgin Island on which Charlotte Amalie is located Vague response for an E.T.A Vicar in 'Emma' Vision-related Visit slumberland Venetian marketplace Very long time Very exciting Vegas job Vacaciones destination Vaudeville great Vaulted recesses of churches Vowels in "Old MacDonald" Voltaire, religiously Valley Verdugo of "Panama Sal" Volcano in Japan Vegetables that make a fitting addition to alphabet soup? Video call glitch Visitor to a website, in analytics lingo ___ Vedder, lead singer of Pearl Jam Verse of a poem Vital component of an internal combustion engine *Vision portrayer in "The Avengers" Vehicle in a procession Vertical; honest Villain Viking founder of the duchy of Normandy Vaccine pioneer Jonas Vietnamese noodle-and-broth dish Vehicle with treads *Very rarely Vibe Verbal authorization Verve Venmo alternative Vessels that might whistle Video device, for short Vanity cases? Vegetable that's given away in French hostel Viticulture’s rumour mill? Vase concealed by furniture Very bad criminal hid silver with no end of liquor Very positive man serving from the East in hotels Very top Van Halen song that starts 'I get up, and nothin' gets me down' VapoRub brand Vague quantity of salt Vice President Burr Very, very Violating convention Very serious Very old university — get irritated about ending of generous grant Veg and fruit, chopped Very small Voted into office Very serious Vehicle that, per ScienceNews, 'would stress out a bear' Vowel sound in 'wise' Valley (of which there are many in Yorkshire) Venetian baroque composer, died in Vienna 1741 Vision Vague ending for a threat Very enthusiastic Village People classic Verb for you V, X or C? Verbal agreement for rise Very smutty, perhaps, and blunt in speech, getting excluded Vietnamese noodle soup Very angry Volcano named after a god of darkness Vegetable related to lilies Volga region native Vacillate about building a hydroelectric structure? Venue for a large conference? ___ Valkyrie (MCU role for Tessa Thompson) Vote meaning "yes" Vermicelli, e.g Visit faraway places Volume booster Venomous viper Verbal attack Victim's tale? Vanilla Valentine's Day flower Very long time Vietnam's capital Vim Verbal jabs View Voluntarily joined ___ Vegas Very serious '___ vs the Forces of Evil' (Disney show) Vast moor with hen flying — a feature of autumn night sky? Vat Venomous viper Vatican VIP Vessel, cooking vessel "Vogue" singer Venomous snake Vacation Vacuum brand VCR button Visit with estate agent, perhaps, getting invitation to check next option? Violating the law Verdi heroine Verb with thou Video game franchise featuring Sub-Zero and Sonya Blade [69-Across!] "Veni, ___, vici" "Veep" award Vagabond Victoria maybe in dishevelled raiment by lake Vital chemical — powder hidden in that Voter -- one that tweets university in agreement Veto Vessel with greenish fluid in hand on top of palm Violent criminal’s secure telephone Vanish from area, protected by female military engineer Viewed, understood Volt/ampere View Vengeful goddess Video game setting that might give you infinite lives Vital blood vessel Very important person Vault over line? A fair game Vietnamese soup Villain Vegas area Video-streaming brand Vulnerable spots Variety of dahlia Valiant (anag) — European Very soon View out over station Valentine candy message ___ Van Duyn, 1990s U.S. poet laureate Verdi opera heroine Verge Vanilla unit Vacillate 2014 video game whose protagonist is computer hacker Aiden Pearce Variety of Newfoundland dog named after an English painter Video call software once owned by eBay Verdi work based on a Shakespeare work __ vera Very long time Video highlight Vehement 'no' Venmo alternative Very frequently Very agreeable drink Very keen about Queen using a towel Vision aids