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Veto Viewed Vision tests Viewer Vote in View of love until now regularly getting approval Verbal disapproval of a boy king? Voter's crossover ballot, and what can literally be found in the circled letters Very cold Vein yield Very dry, to sommeliers Violent storms Viking Veil Vast body of water Very easy task Very fierce about women using bad language Version of a song made for the airwaves Vehicle that may confound or trap Al C? Voice resistance, puncturing reputation as huge wet blanket? Velvety fabric View from the middle seems quite exciting Verb that sounds like its second letter Vacuum in German, literally “Voice of Israel” author Abba Voyage's end Vehicle Very common weed Vision correction surgery Vexation Venues where some play the Blues? (letters 9-13, minus 12) Vintage Velvety leather Very cold Vineyard with can it’s used for fruit pulp V Vendor's vehicle Versifiers Van Gogh's "— Night" Vodka brand from Texas Valleys Vigilant "Virgin River" novelist Robyn Video device, for short Viewed Votes in Very enticing cooking, fried too Visible perspicacity Vow Van Gogh's "The Starry Night," e.g Vampire’s target Vegas hotel/casino with Ipanema Towers Video game with a devilish final boss Very popular Verne of sci-fi Villain's opposite Vaccine maker Viewer of Premier League games Vague quantity Voracious eater’s place at head of table "— voyage!" Vault over large area's fair game Visitor to Siam Value of American horse V-shaped sitting pose in yoga Ventilate Vulcan, e.g Victory was one of those fine prisoners’ words leading to cheers Vietnamese sandwich Voicemail prompt Vend Video-streaming brand Very many backing call for industrial action Very great Various birds on roof of edifice Velvety garden flower Verne’s world traveler View from Sugarloaf Mountain Very dangerous poison Validate Vaping devices Very dry Verse: poetaster; painting: ____ — v. Ferguson (landmark court case) Vatican leaders Violin protector Vote to accept Volleyball actions before spikes Vicinity Venerable revolutionary I satisfied in bed Verne specialty Varnish — the fellow has two litres in container Vacation and sick leave policy, for short “Vive ___!” (cheer for Louis XIV) Visibility-reducing weather phenomenon Vices — Vegas Very long timespan Very tiny Virtuoso violinist Hilary Vegan creamer option Very impressive Voucher Vote in Vessel for Cap'n Crunch? Victor's declaration Vincent ___ Gogh Vote for Voting against Valleys Very large Valerie Harper sitcom Very small piece (of anything) Visibly shocked Viper feature Vote in favor Vaio laptop maker Valuable quality Very dark Very bottom Violent tirade involving a politician Vessel filled with hock for fathers View finder? Valentine trim Visibly embarrassed Value of the Roman numeral X Verbal exams Verve Very funny sex with a Dolores Vikki Carr's 'It Must Be ___' Votes against Verbally promote Very soon now Video game whose ghosts are in this puzzle's theme answers Volunteer GI deputy returns to hold line Vast expanse Victory goddess View disbelievingly Variety show View from Mount Vernon Vanished, informally Villains' looks Visual depiction of the apparatus used by the starred professionals Victorian taxi Very disappointed — a phrase associated with football "Vissi d'arte" opera Vientiane language Vital hospital employee Vowel group Vegetation of a particular region Violent racist reformed by Democrat Vertical rock face Visitor speculated, we hear Vice president who resigned in 1973 Vegas' airport code Voting no Very drunk on the French steamship Vigilant prince consort ditches bishop Very much into morning working, then golf Vicinity Vietnamese dish containing 46-Down Vichy water Very mad Visitors who traveled light-yrs Volume finished with old size of paper Virginia is upset when detained by Adam's mate being equivocal Vicinity Vegetable rich in vitamin K, appropriately Virginia Woolf's "__ Dalloway" “Vexations” composer "— voyage!" "Veep" airer Very uncommon Very large copper can put in convict for bussing Vacating house before nuclear meltdown is very hard Very fast job, as the reformation __ vincit omnia Victorian English accepting base benefit Vinyl records Very French Verify Vibrant, somewhat amazing youngster Valid but open to legal challenge Vast grassland Vault's place Visa competitor, for short Visual artist Morton Vertigo Ray endured on vacation between capes Vision Vegan pick-me-up Verdant Volleyball position Verbal interruption and hesitation Violinist's need Vitis vinifera cultivar Video game series with settings in Liberty City and San Andreas, for short Volume on an iPad, say Volunteer's words ___ van der Poel, Olympic speed skater Valiant person Vessel for making japchae Volunteer's words Vacant Vengeful sorceress of Greek myth, a granddaughter of Helios Very sharp Video game with turntables Virtual crafts store Vehicles caught leaving concerning crime Views small supplies not starting Voracious fish Vincent Van Gogh's brother Via Vehicle husband used in wild, uncultivated country Vehicle for moving day Village People classic with a pantomimed chorus Vandalize Vanish Very surprised to set off escorted Vigor Venus de ___ Verbalize Vehicle for a snowy hill Volcano near Catania, Sicily Villain in 'Star Trek' Votes from those in favor Viewed Verses, quaintly Visiting the Natl. Museum of African American History and Culture, say Verdi song Visionary Vend Vessel containing cut grass that's used for soup! Violent expression of sorrow before swilling gin Voice thanks for erecting chambers 1492 vessel Vow before a kiss Visitors to Earth, in sci-fi Viral concept Veer Vegan milk option Vessel in felucca or tanker Vessel in question south of Cuba, originally Vessel opening after day Vessels in decay loaded with iron on banks of river Vibed with Vocalize Vineyard measure Villain's look — Victor Venice sight