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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 274

Vice presidents, informally Very small ___ vera Violating propriety Vikram ___, author of 'A Suitable Boy' Valentine source, possibly Visualize Vehicles that may roll over Vocations Volcanic output Vocal range below soprano Verizon, for one Vegetable in red flannel hash Very, in Spanish Vote in Ventilation tube Very keen intent to dump one pompous girl Vat Veep, slang Verbal abuse of a sort Verdi opera set in ancient Egypt Villainous look Visibly tired or sad Valentine verb Virtuous; utter Vivacity __ Vegas Raiders Valley in California Voice in an iPhone Vote into law Velocity Very fine hotel provided by travel company Vandalize Vehicle in this way met by chap’s brother? Vehicle followed by second in French comedy, treat with superficial sweetness Very glad to be put in the dark, as you might suppose? Verbal attitude Valuable violin Veracity Vacuum Viewed Vend "Volunteers?" VT time zone Very long time Vin classification Vague feeling that something’s wrong Vague feeling that something's wrong “Vogue” singer Votes unlikely to come from 36-Down Vigilant Vodka brand ___ Valley, Calif. ___ Valley, Calif Very fast Veer off course Visitors from Saturn Voice above tenor Vow Verizon Wireless rival Voiced weariness Visitor from outer space Venetian blind part Venus de — V.I.P.s at the top of an org chart Video game company behind Centipede Viral internet joke, like 'Grumpy Cat' Viral internet joke, like “Grumpy Cat” Viewer's following celebrity astronomer Vacancy after one replaces Head of Equities for expressing views Vital force opposing Italian region Vast chasm Viking language Vaccine spot Valley Very bright 24-hours — see about golf? Vaccine watchdog org. Vaccine watchdog org Very tall building Video-sharing app Volcanic flow Victor's cry Video surveillance letters Vacation spot Volume with Gaelic language poetry Very little mother? The smallest possible Verbose (anag.) Vegetable that makes pickled turnips pink Very thin paper Variety of agate with different colours in layers Vanquish Value of a Q tile, in Scrabble Vacuum cleaner brand Very energetic person Very short hair styles VCR button Violinist Leopold Video surveillance, for short Very prominent, describing those charged over crime originally Vicar’s average child Vein yield View through Downing Street? Vexing one, pranksters at centre in capital city Very loudly going after game bird ___ v. Alston (landmark 2021 Supreme Court antitrust decision) Various things Very, very __ Valley: Reagan Library site Venomous snake Video chat format Vibe Vinegary marinade Vegetables that look like mini cabbages Vassal of old Veal cordon ___ Votes in favor Vague warning Vegan pizza order, perhaps Virtuous VIP's ride Visigothic king who captured Rome in AD410 __ vera Voting alliance Verb attachment Victoria, for one Vehicles coming and going in a particular locality Vestments Vacancy at a table Very enthusiastic Vacillating Voldemort gave Harry Potter his Vote, say, and a clue to one side of the asterisked answers Very huge numbers Visual communication, for short Ventilation system parts Volunteer’s phrase Vacuum brand Vertebrae separators ___ vera juice Vinyl records Volcano with molten rock rising, ejecting tons round constant hot flood Volatile situation in Brixton unfolding, journalist recalled Vows Votes into office Vex Volkswagen offering Very funny person Vertical graph lines Vowel-shaped dress style Very eccentric vampires? Valentine color Viewer Vault part Visit judge, ever the foppish fellow Very wrong to drink drop of Glenfiddich, a couple of fingers Voicemail sound Vicinity Vast realm Visit either partner's house Vehicle for gliding down snow Void Variety of agate Verse for the young Vestige Very hot celestial orbs Vent vocally Very small monkey from the red planet? Vegetable Vast quantity Vehicle that might have parachute brakes Villein Vacuums or holes of emptiness Vision correction tools Vim and vigor Video-chatted, maybe Vehicle parked at Wayne Manor Vichyssoise garnish ___ vault (track and field event) Vague problem making Chinese dish Validate feeling angry over American payment? Violent action: coup leading to control by enemy forces Virtue of Patricia, exceptional niece Virtuous type to go on bike or walk? Very, very tiny energy source Voting members in a certain college Virginia Woolf's Clarissa Virtual realm PC creates by expressing time irregularly Vessel shooting across the waves? V-sits work them Very focused Very enthusiastic Venomous snake Verbally clever Vow Vultures circling, for example Video game hedgehog Vein discovery Very unusual Venue with a token-based currency Vidalia __ Visa/MC alternative Vehicle seen at Burning Man Venmo's parent company Visitor to Siam Valuable trait Videochatting via iPhone Vivacious quality Vermin Vegas machines Virtual citizens in a video game Very uncommon ___ Vegas Vacuum brand Valuable, maybe Visitor frequently wants a short time in shade Viscous substance Very tiny rodents consuming Carl's old nuts Very small amount Visible embarrassment as second transmitter goes west Vulgar Republican adopts daughter, one manipulated by sailor? Visual depiction of a gobbling feathered friend in an enclosure Visual depiction of a talkative feathered friend in an enclosure Visual depiction of a watchful feathered friend in an enclosure Video game giant Vie Vietnamese has six of them Vehicles that can roll over, briefly Victory symbol Vocally imitate a drum machine Verb for you Venue with highlights and replays Video game company whose name is a Go term Vegetable paired with apples Vocal solo of a cantata Vibes Very different ___ Vanilli (1980s-'90s R&B duo) Viral videos, e.g ___ Vanilli (1980s-’90s R&B duo) Vain rules, unexpectedly widespread Victory of all victories Vote in favor Viral video, e.g Vicinity Vinyl records ___ varnishkes (buckwheat-and-pasta dish) Very small bit Views Very old, I would become unoccupied Vehicle's trail almost going over hill