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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 275

*Van Morrison song aptly featured in 'An American Werewolf in London' Vehicles honked, first travelling to the rear 'Vous ___ d'ici?' ('Are you from around here?': Fr.) ___ von Bismarck, 19th-century German statesman Visibly shocked Vegetable in Creole cuisine Very often Vail visit, e.g Vigour, vitality Voraciously hungry Valet unveiled shiner Variety show Vitamin stat Vent, perhaps, without revolving glass door Vital blood vessel Vice president between Quayle and Cheney Volleyball player's elbow protector Void Virtuous one Venomous snake Very much without humour Vehicle, not quite reaching moon Vegetable dish with occasional chunks of ham, too ___ Victoria, singer known for her 'gothic blues' style Veal or venison Verbal hesitations Vietnamese Lunar New Year Viper feature Voicemail item Vacuum's lack Violet Elizabeth's title for fairy story Visible rock formation Very long runs? Versatile device for a cat-owning lecturer Visibly shocked Villainous VirusScan company Vardalos of the screen Vicinity Ventured Video game franchise featuring adventurer Nathan Drake Variegated Verdi opera Vegan butter source Verne who's the most translated French author Vegan's no-no Very brave Verifiable 'Veni, ___, vici' (Caesar's boast) Very good buy Vulgar Vaulted recess Verified to be old enough to enter Vietnamese soup View of country acquiring gold Very distressing Very long time Voyage Veep Agnew Very bright Volcano shape Verb on a candy heart Vertical water conduit Vibe Volume setting Vessel's company reported over girl, we hear? Vex Variable level holds key when reversing fundamental theory Variety of tea grew fashionable Voice quality Vaults — Valley, Calif Violent disturbance Virtue-signaller supported by low-down element Validates, with 'to' Valuable violin Vehicle trial Vary the tone of pub spotted in report Variegated Voice box Vim "Very funny" Vault Very big tub Very old: Abbr Videotapes, e.g Very friendly Vast age Vessel for Blackbeard Variety of porcelain made using bone ash Vietnamese New Year Venomous snake Ventilate Vuitton of fashion Vulgar Very fine polymath finally getting BA? Vase you might pick up to bring home Viral phenomenon Ventilation system parts Very light brown Vulgar supporter returns at start of football Volcano outflow Valued (at) Volcano's output Very small: Prefix Very long time Video-streaming brand Varnish ingredient Vulnerable Vital Kremlin embraces dialogue Vampire actor, he punctured child's skin and drew blood Very great in size Villainous Vaccine units, in brief Very, very "__'ve thought it?" Variety show Vote that adds an extra name to a ballot Void filled by a plant Very happy about copper rod for electrical component Variable figure arrived transfixed by hot Spanish city Vetoes, as a deletion Vote against eating toast crusts? That's smart! Vintage car, in German … or veteran, in English Verizon sale of 2021 Vacation, in Swedish … or half of an academic year, in English Vegas casino with bars named Dublin Up, Lucky and Blarney Vacation, in Swedish ... or half of an academic year, in English Vintage car, in German ... or veteran, in English Vena ___ Venomous African snakes Vegetable in banh khoai mon Versatile bag Vegetable gourd Very much a fan of Valley called "the Garden of France" Veers in the other direction Venomous viper Vienna's river Vinegar has many of these Very big sign describing one's bar ___ Vogue Vague Vitality Very poor Vie Valve on a 54-Across Vertical stair component Very eccentric Visitors to the Caribbean, e.g Vault Vigorously cleaning Vilified Voodoo practiced in Port-au-Prince? Valley where David confronted Goliath Velshi of MSNBC Violently eject Vail trail Voting rights matriarch ___ Boynton Robinson Vatican City masterpiece Very dangerous red? Violinist Leopold Voting no on Victor paid off, being feeble ___ vera juice Vampire features Very severe Vote into office Volume with no volume? Verbally spar Vichy water Virgil or Wyatt Vase contents Viscountess, socialite MP Vitality Vital signs Vanish gradually (in this clue's answer, note the last 4 letters + ...) Vegan sandwich, for short Voice below alto Verb in origami instructions Victor's boast Vague uneasiness Very ornate pub, old, rather short of vermouth Vermont ski resort Venue for testing out new jokes Velocity Victor's cry Vodka from Austin 'Virgo's ___' (Beyonce song) Villain's look Vocalized "Very funny!" Verb in the Big Bad Wolf's threat Van Gogh painting Void Vocalist crooned with head down amid grand cheers Vitality, enthusiasm Very; in addition Vinaigrette ingredient Vulcan-related "Star Trek" race Vivid Vatican City's No.1 missed playing forward! Volcano in Sicily Void Via, informally Vatican tenure Very little Volleyball star-turned-model Gabrielle Vintage Ford Vibe Very upset; soapy? Visit Vinyl on a turntable Victorian ___ (1837-1901) Veal cutlets or rump roast Valentine symbol Ventimiglia of "This Is Us" Vietnamese noodle soup Valuable volume Vat Veggie in a pod ___ Vista Social Club Variety Void's partner Variety Voting for what's proposed brings advancement Valuable rock Via the internet Vatican's surroundings Very expensive Victim of offhand attempt to abandon centre Venue for big concerts Videotape Miami NBA players? Verb indicated by + Verve Vega's constellation Vigor Vinegar bottle Vinegary Vegetable from can getting sent back Very capable Volcanic debris Versed in Version longer than a theatrical release Varnish 'Verily' Vare Trophy org "Victory is mine!" Verdant Violent seizure of power