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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 276

Vitamin stat Viral phenomenon Vigoda and Beame Villain's opponent Verb form of "am," "is" or "are" Very delicate and light View closely Vagrant, true one in transit Vinaigrette vessel ___ vivant Vend Vital sign Valuable, whitish gem __ valve: heart part Vitality ___ Vegas Vegetable as incentive? Venom neutralizer, e.g Venom neutralizer, e.g. "Veep" actress Chlumsky Very long story Valentine border Vandalized Vinyl records Varnishes Otto's agreed to put on slates Visitor from a faraway place Vex Viewed Viola's cousin Vacation spot ___ Vegas Vessel that's a homophone of 24-Across Vancouver Island city for which a chocolate treat is named Video deception by leaders in dubiously elected executive presidencies fooling all, kindling enmity Vehicle pulled by yoked animals Vinaigrette ingredient, briefly Vehicle in a line at 8-Across Very cold — incisive Vendors using lines adopted by people who view Vintage Virtual meeting place Vedette winning gong eventually -- entertaining English actress (old-school) Volcanic emission Vicinity Vanish into the ___ ___ vez (once, in Spanish) Vehicle has all soldiers heading off with speed in upper region Voters since 1920 Voyeur Venezuelan piranha "Very funny" Vardalos of Hollywood Very thin, as clouds Vetoing vote Vendors * "Vanity Fair" novelist Visitors from afar, in brief Verbiage Verify visually Valuable smeltery input Voting no Vintage ski lift Via ship, e.g Verdi heroine 'Very funny' Versions often needing bug fixes 20-vol. lexicon Vegetable pod that thickens gumbo Valentine's Day icon __ vera gel Video editing aids Vow locale Venerated celebs Void's partner Vision experts' degs Verbal revealer of attitude Vehicle with sliding doors Vague situation Vintage Vend Vietnamese soup Volcanic emission __ vez: another time, in Spanish __ vu Villainous facial expression Vocal range lower than alto Viola range 'Veep' actress DuVall Vodka brand, informally Vodka cocktail Very serious Valuable collection Via, informally Vine-covered passageway Vinyl records ___ vera Visiting Echo Park, say Victim in a Jacques-Louis David painting Vessel that passed the Sirens Vamooses Villains' antagonists Vital vessel Vegetable that can turn blue when cooked Velvety leather Verb in scallion pancake recipes Violent storm Vogue competitor Vulgar Viet ___ (armed force of the 1960s-'70s) Village People hit whose title is an acronym Vicinity Verve Villain's vanquisher Vehicle's way over left side of carriageway, by a river Vinegar bottles Very popular right now Vietnam's second-largest city Volt/ampere Vessels with large containers Vaping device Video snippet View from Florida's west coast Very concerned (first 3 letters + last 1) Video game pioneer Voice, as grievances Vegetable that sounds like a letter Victory Vietnamese Lunar New Year Voice of Alexandra Trese in 'Trese' Valuable rock for cutting and polishing Very large pair regularly exposed in the Sun Views hole: golf club's not right to tackle flag Vanished Viper tooth Volleyball position Voyages Vichyssoise vegetable chopped into five-sided pieces? Victoria Beckham aka ___ Spice Van Morrison hit of 1967 Virtually Vitriol Violate, as etiquette "Veep" Emmy winner Tony Verdi works Video game turn View from Everest Venomous African snake Vex Verb in an okonomiyaki recipe V8 debut of 1964 Vented appliance Voice role for Snoop Dogg in 2019's 'The Addams Family' Veered, as an airplane Vivid red "__, vidi, vici" Viral social media posts "Very funny!" Venue for a basketball or hockey game Visions 1862 Victor Hugo novel (Very) short skirt Votaress Very often Vegas starter? Verified the 60-Down of, informally Votes into office 'Verb' or 'adjective,' e.g '___ Visite' (Truffaut short film) Vertical supporting post Valerie Harper sitcom of the 1970s Venomous snake Vital Vacuum lack Vast expansion of G & T — one tucks in Voice below soprano Vanish into the ___ Vent covers Volleyball maneuver VIP with a corner office, perhaps Vacationing Verve Violated (anag) Valued at one fancy ballpoint? Vague conclusion to a threat Volleyball barrier Visitor to Oz Volleyball passes before spikes ___ Vegas Visits internet sites Visual communication syst __ voce Venison ___ buco Volcanic flow — Vader Vanuatu neighbor Vein contents Violist's clef Verb in an ohn no khao swe recipe "Very funny!" online Vinyl records Varnish ingredient Vogue featuring answer about eclipse Vote for Vivid pink hue Verily Vietnamese New Year Venezuelan cornmeal cake Very dry, climatewise Vermont ski resort — Valley, Calif Ventilation system components Visit quickly Violin bows Verdi work Velvet surface Verb on a dipstick Voiced disapproval Vacation goal, for some Very kind person Visual ___ (charts and such) Vicar who puts the pedal to the metal? Voice in an iPhone Video game customization Ventura runner Vegetating, say Visitors from other planets, for short Vaper's item Vast span 'Va-va-___!' Visitor center handouts Voyage by rocket ... or a feature of the answers to the 12 starred clues? Voice of dissent Voyage by rocket ? or a feature of the answers to the 12 starred clues? Very long time Vittles Vogue competitor Volcanic particles Veer suddenly Vitality Vague feeling Versatile veh Vaping pen, informally Ventura runners Views again Valuable rocks Very close game Vein fill Very active Villain's power generator cut off without uranium Video game company that made Pong