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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 279

Very special acts governing intellectual property appear to provide support Very confusing article running from top to bottom Vessel carried by officer that's finally opened is full Very unusual seating times Very upset after start of big fire Villain will make lover die 'Vatican during Christmas' — a written account Vessel to start the proceedings Vets fed toper afflicted with a febrile disease Valets start to darn, fix Veterans got lost, mired in a riot View force on charged particle Voice all too often missing Victim has trouble right away at Goa customs centre Volunteer redraws line on road Viewing cricket, for example, entertains some people in capital of Germany Vault say, not entirely iron Vehicle volume Venture forth with industrial action abroad Visit doctor at hospital department next to vacant bay Virginia elk devoured at first and ran away Vaccination for illness, Jack administered for discharging female Very loud one caught in the sludge's upset by a fictional plant Very large gain from removal of corruption Visitor's change of top is more fanciful Vandals remove top of fortifications and get hard Vehicles America exported for tools Victor joins party to meet model with American historian Vehicle in use during storm Vessel takes on navy, it's kind of academic Violence towards engineer Volcano erupting meant overwhelming temperature View wild lap dances Versatile sportsman's event introduced each year regularly Vehicle transporting a drug is at front Very much against eating home meal Visitor from east caught in a storm Veteran told to remove cap, rejects orders Vile disease caused by limiting to 5 Vendor key in shipping beer to Singapore and Ireland Very bad food consumed Vessel carrying troops rejecting Italian cheese Very tired to display some yarn Variant of a drink found in dictionary Veteran prevents death; army gets revenge Vessel going through massive inspection... Vehicle essentially speeds on road race Vessel to discharge right one — mishmash Vagabond leaves model accessway Venues destroyed by a barrage of darts from a daredevil woman Vehicle reverses on road in Paris Metro, for example Valet hid gin cocktail - it was a miserable life Violent Scot in medicinal waters Violently, Ma slapped a protruding part of the neck Vocal damage is in which place? Villager picks up fodder and essential food Vegetable from a capital with a river in the midst of geysers Violently angry before Chinese youth begins rule by women Very wise birds going around England…London has two of them Very much in good health to run Vassal vocalised some spirited attack Vehicles gather around road leading South Voice of wife forgotten in fling with a model Volcanic rock found by old boy with two men Vehicle in which tau toured round Vehicle carrying student, a girl Ventilate the loo- he is daft Vacancies at the top, make sure characters shout — bingo! Victories scarce for city Vehement, the man pushed date away Vegetable that's cut, cut and cut Victory over victory secured fan Vessel seen in stove indoor Very old play Vehicle returns with Yankee marine force Veggie garden is fly-free Variety of glasses with unlimited view Vicar hides new gun Volunteer grabs skirt! That's not quite right Visibly surprised girl almost bitten by monkey Vehicle with insurance – you finally enter the city Violently gnash and rail badly at Hilton's secret haven Vatican City educated by first authority on holy books Very successful president left dinner bash Vague and primarily unusual bug – I am so worried Very impatient, beginning to break into run to get transport Variation at last in country dance Vandal gets locks of Diana, for one Very small but a negative cryptic clue Vessel will dock at either Gdynia or Tallinn Vicuna moved to zoo ultimately — that's not in the natural environment Vet deceit extraordinarily like Holmes, say Very old learner adopts church's doctrine Vessel at sea, keeps out small mischief makers Vessel contains small portion of titbits and toffees, perhaps  "Very fast" — I mention freely Verse of a Hindustan zamindar extracted Very old artworks Validity of part of journey involving Italy Very much a country that's easternmost in Africa Valuable ring's tip — uranium oscillator Violent act by a heartless protagonist like miss Deneuve, perhaps Vegetables from boat sent over through sailor Verbal from nose-poking players Victories and cheers endlessly spur him to improve Viewpoint here arguably to hide behind Vigorously sued for outstandings Veterinary surgeon not yearning to make advances Vessel, small pot, kept aloft Vets Goa's fantastic range Vessel Dracula violated, primarily killing damsel at castle? Verdict replacing captain with keeper ultimately results in mockery Voices plumber's concerns Vessel and ship at sea Veronica is in good health after race Victoria and Albert face issue in fog Veer, remain right inside View fish Virile, unlike those of noble birth? Voice of marginal toddlers Virginia first drove around animal and went away hurriedly Very smart to get clip without one person on mountain Valets protect, help woman Valuable soup recipe was formulated without training Valour of enemy stressed a good deal Vital for eighteen year old in India Various aquatic birds Visual movement in gemstone Very small shift — infer what? Veils will be in demand following month on Sabbath Value of one final letter sent in before Variety of Eastern spices being prepared Vessel carrying harmful weapons Virudhunagar's top three government officers initially reveal celestial maiden Very mature, rising star Vessel's brought back ruined society photographs Vegetable price reduced Volcanic island has half-monster king and a tailless amphibian Vehicle enters through empty garage in minister's house Visit a holiday destination's temporary accommodation Very clever son holds it Very new dress, head out in style Violently angered... Violent windstorm making rust return to the round tops of the oil drums and nails Vans heard crashing into porticos  Vague interpretation of "soul never died" Very large shape on the outside for support  Vulcan's angry with this town  Variety in speech laid-back sect used Vulgar tasteless quality of volume Very enthusiastic initially, captivated by significance of campaign Vehicle takes bird on a joy ride  Version of the creator's plan Very Very short conclusion to puzzle by setter Vision is 20/20, it's flawless Very quick to grab ruptured clothes Vehicle to take horse to park Vet injecting a bit of painkiller into small creature Vote that happens at the end of poker round Vehemently arguing about a principal error in instrument measuring drops Variety in clueing often is bending and bowing Vices of student-hosted parties VKS Padukone, master of French race Vanishes with extremely economical fuel  Venture's made ready, revealed! Visionary newspaperman to fly off the handle  Vandalising cons incarcerated in holding with wood panelling  Violence, force and power are on decline Very upset about sour smells Very bad heat outside Switzerland causes a painful problem Very old diamonds kept with the French sons who cannot speak Visa issued in time to escape Vehicle from Tesla's a cross, uses electric current Visual aid I mentioned to good girl Vital Phosphorus vial to be maintained View about revolutionary leader caught in a predicament  Vocal young bird in an official stamp Voyage reported to be a reduced-rate event Vigorously rinse eggs coming out  Very dense metal brought by a communist in trouble can't be ignored Vacant slot for an opener Very much like accomplished family member possibly Viral disease contracted through food containing salmonella primarily; have eggs without yolk Vani sung off-key after consuming the old French grape Vatican court gets an article to barter for the old trinket Voted to replace Liberal with unknown power that's due to arrive Validate will in favour of graduate and retell heartily Vehicle falls into extremely steep slope Vulgar Latin, basically ancient, Indo-European Venerated institution worried about advancing bully Vital to include a part of speech, it's set for you, the solver Voice will reach the girl, in full... Vandalised a grave; one, usually Very clear and detailed order about festival in the North Very little people sleep here? Vision mentioned browser's destination Very upset, chases associate for help  Vyasa's expositions — deep and stimulating, from the beginning Violent gnome captured king at river Very obvious! Compose a letter to win heart of mesmerizing gal easily Very captivating opus conducted by female singer Vera dances at state society's parties Valuable mineral in a Nordic coin Virtue of some rituals Van Gogh amazingly conceals an ancient Celtic alphabet Vehicle instrument panel found on a board over a shopfront Vocal legatee with a right to enter the upended container to get the parachute delivery  Villain at set wants lead role and exposure Violent little sea on moon, for example  Veteran's ancient watch Vehemently ruled over the sailor. That's tough! Very rare Lego set is too big Very large aircraft finally loaded – but it can't take off Very soon, in between the tarpaulin, a mom  entered Valets overwhelmed by song of Asian country Very old container in spot, most likely to explode violently Vessel takes four in turn Very exasperated at first with violent tale Vehicle with new and initially unused buffing agent – a type of wax Very happy, cloned union fittingly Violation of duty by authority frequently beginning to result in raid Very hard to keep away from this kind of tea — unwritten  Vivid description of a piece of furniture with gold at the bottom Vessel is deluxe, becarpeted inside Violation of art review in practice Venue is said to be quite large and excellent Vote guys for Conservative party Vex a hill dweller in Assam Vassal, leaping in excitement, goads enthusiastic leaders Veteran's grandfather clock Vespers are not odd! Therefore, no good Very thin cut, say Virginia's elk run Vital operation is complicated but crucial  Violent, evil Arabs – they keep changing Very drunk, perhaps due to loneliness Very little money to get large yard of a textile pattern Vile, disorderly males hoot Vehicle primarily bought by relative, perhaps it is precious Very much at home having a meal Versifier's attempt results in verses Veil worn by informer following humiliating blunder Vile man leaving ditch caught by Holmes in disguise Veto — a deciding factor, perhaps? Violently Peron captured returning revolutionary thinker View from top to bottom, reading in between lines Vocal about Democrat Pierce's extreme hardship Vote during Athens Olympics, at first, for an extremely handsome man Vermin left floating on a river Very eager in a synagogue