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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 280

Virginia permits bums Vice president given a new punishment Vehicle to follow another vehicle on time Viagra's ordered, takes time and some seriousness Vessel's inner coat deformed Vulnerable people here were lost — he's mourning. Virus noticed during regression of a lobe Violent act of trainee overwhelmed by low wages Vivacious one in gala beginning to yodel Vanishing point? Vegetable concealed by Field Marshal Lothario Vehicle crossed road for expensive foodstuff Vicious, horrible flu is going around, partner! Visit doctor having nothing and run back Visible apprehension about plot to trap leader of insurgents Very smart to shun a drink Voices fall and take off from here Very fit but lax Vehicle out at sea, subjected to endless mishandling Vote out an objection Verifies about right book for aphorisms Visa issued to enter District of Columbia; prepared for tennis tournament Very hungry Black? Vet's diary recollected hardship Very angry, sore after English victory (4, 2) Very favourable situation resulting from a job at a British tabloid (1, 5, 2, 3, 3) Very beginning of autumn rains and mists Variables associated with reportedly thin solvent Violet, the main character in popular teenage comics, left for England Venomous louse sucks doctor resulting in clotting of blood View from East's positive and warm Very satisfied about oral tissues Visitors start escaping in blasts Victor, it's in Italy's exuberance Very very average Vigilant about British incursion, one backs Canadian province Voyage leaving banks for celebration  Verity? No, virtual reality to make a mythical beast Very old bear dressed for dance Video log Vessel carrying indisposed males, ones in the firing line! Verdict is ‘coined', perhaps! Very old, bright and spacious Vain narc erroneously lets slip cocaine and ecstasy Viewpoint of old chief pop rejected Very different from description of divorced Europeans perhaps Violet, the main character in popular teenage comics, left for England Venomous louse sucks doctor resulting in clotting of blood Violently separated congregation when Reverend spoke, as predicted Very independent bishop to restrict back and forth movement Vacation time after Indian festival Vulgar men do wild moves Virginia parliamentarian to improvise Vibration is high, grab the edge of mattress Violate rule on kick-off? Just the opposite Venkat, with no time, nearly rises thwarting trickeries Vie with Arabs in a way that is irritating Variety of shelled cashew kernel that is used in cosmetics Vocal pair behind the auditor's payment guarantee gets a rough shed Ventilation route found in staircase Vassals in a corner, king's force gets silly primarily Visitor to arrive on time Visitor follows map showing our home, perhaps Visitor ran into revolting eggs View of expert opposite Very bad record the Parisian released Victor letting slip wife's secret Vessel from China or Taiwan Voracious Greek eyed nervously Vulnerable at home? See about vicious mongrel Vulgar about Salvation Army campaign Very small person, quiet politician touring Rhode Island Very small amount of time Very busy with calls, daughter in other resort Vulgar general Verse form in short hymn I later changed about Vegetable in season, one pound Vegetable from month back Varied music one's playing, including Fitzgerald? Vigorous technique in call for attention View across middle of grounds with lake and river Variation of heat and cold in test affected Vain men? Failures, left out Vehicle owner terribly stressed Vehicle's driven into horse? Ghastly Volunteers climbing with muscular movement in roof space Volunteers express contempt for ban Version of tune covered by experts with singular intensity Vegetables I had to return, upset Very sad soldier in vehicle in retreat Very bad rage, beset by utter brutality Voice necessary to debate normally Volume is in poor, distressed condition Volunteers in stew over awkward problem Vine that's damaged receiving repair Viewing river going north in Cornish town Vote to ignore book award Vegetable oil back here got recycled Very bad times for small communities Victory and loss traced variously in royal residence Virility in body securing new job Variable luck, ignoring tips about plant Very involved requirement in store Vice-consul yet to get involved in a row Vehicle secured with load of silver Very hot, newsworthy? About right Villainous organisation of don, cruel in cunning Variable in speech, strangely lacking energy and soul Varied causes brought about hurried promise Verbal attack reflected support by social group Vapour from south side Variety of clue, firm kind Visionary man with muscular movement after support Violent behaviour almost embraced in test Very loud appeal raised in quarrel Vicious cycle stopped by people showing mercy Vehicle skirting rocky rise, too rough Very happy making broth? Vain hero in hearing Valley in jungle neglected Vends Vehicle location system Villain Verdi work Versace ___ (high-end fragrance) Vaper's stick Vocal nudge Vocalist Vampire ___ Voice-over artist's bane Vacillate Vega, e.g Vehicle in the 'Fresh Prince' intro Venetian magistrate Volcanic rock Vim Verse on a vase Via or mono follower Variety of myths I forge Variety of smart neon decorations Vegetable, bruised initially, absolute enthusiasts set aside Values cherished by democrat especially Vote for champs vocally Variable fund turning crazy Voice belonging to forgotten orator Vicious bile to assess and eliminate Very happy about central element in inquiry detectives explained Vehicle on exercises, good at climbing, moving into position with clear view Vegetables, smooth, first to last V-shaped mark? There's one in tail of exotic bird Vehicle fuel not properly guarded Vessel, great success, bearing north ahead of one with power and skill Vibrant instinct reflected in angry speech Vicious ruler stopping breakaway faction Variety of cashmere I don't know Value plot prepared for field event Vignette, proper text with odd parts missing, read Varied in themes, securing honour with lines providing decorative detail Variable merits in wishes Variety of hybrid barley got for an unfair price Vague, not confident about conclusion of work and so on Vessel? Small crew's with it Vocal prompt expected soon Vessel for cargo designed to enrich Spain Vicar is, on appeal, to consider again Visual work with idiosyncrasy Vehicle expert upset during escapade on a large rocket launch site Violent behaviour almost embraced during endeavour Very entertained by composer with energy in place in Normandy Very different energy in field within harbour Visual trick's first seen in old film Versatile plug attached to a piece of furniture receiving power Vitality needed by keener gymnasts Violent Mars has people rush to war 'Vigorously resist habits' - one who has them Village greens used to have these stores Vain and regularly indulged Vociferously against taking pudding through to bedroom Visibly ashamed to admit vehicle turned to scrap, perhaps Von Rompuy etc's sad bleatings wasting time Visiting the moon – or returned from journey? Victorian novel Conrad frequently reinvented Vacant twit in tutu's dancing, getting sounds of disapproval Varadkar etc worry, describing provision of mutton, vegetables etc Visiting university, Australian redhead drained one firkin at first, large amount of booze Volatile bituminate shedding casing to reveal element useful for aeronautics Victorian figure, stimulating a Brexit, to do very little work Violent protest about von der Leyen etc being privileged Vacantly using authoritarian dogma, nicks Africans Vis-à-vis Ola, Tess largely makes interaction impossible Vacuous éclat, French right taking on industrial city Very good ... very good ... distinctly average Vicar gets electronic kit to modernize Volcano in Vietnam 'Vroom', 'mwah', 'nosh' oddly missing in book of Bible Victory and defeat crossing one's heart Very cold season, no work, no breaks for winemaker Versifier's attempt produces verse Virginia lout almost rebels initially and displays bravery  Vehicle found in Washington garage Very lawful alternative for a person at bar Vital body components of some church fixtures Victor drops resistance after taking in the revolutionary talk by the old Native American tribe Victim panics a little, gets beaten by sticks, makes rolling sound Van has nothing left to sing Vanuatu ore used to build decorative architecture Vibrator smuggled by retreating hurricane evacuee? Vulgar wiseacre's teaching aids Vegetable in the middle of tray / plate Very exciting finale full of energy, where you might take note of gossip? Vivacious imp — delighted about popular children's game Vulcan gets second reminder Vehicle to leave with shipment Visitor on tour covering provincial capital Vehicle accessory from Cuba thrown into empty heap Victorian is nearly ready Very first European group is found outside Vex traffickers smuggling more than usual Vertebral pains, possibly onset of lumbago Vessels for throwers? Very, very average Vernacular user consumed drink without publicity Veteran sees no across/down confusion Vacation from endless work Voyage accommodation // that Uncle Tom had? Very boring, say it's sort of geological equilibrium  Vulgar rascal — immature lout — to get small punishment aboard ship Very expensive films – they bomb Very strong pimento not digested Visitor permit is included in Virginia Violent anger, without a hint of nastiness, is still anger ... very quietly consumes a slice of eggplant with Italian beer and sausage of beef and pork Very strange goitre causing dizziness Valued – or scolded Vain BS on TV produced for fun lovers Variety of rebates on food Vocalist, Spice Girl, slopes off part-way through Vegetable roll — one pence Violent crime in fellowship? What a country! Voodoo leader sprinted, possessed by spirit going around galleries  Very large mouse scampered around neck of rhino initially Vouchsafed information about Roman square Volunteers express disapproval — that's not acceptable Visitor caught everyone with Queen Very dark in Kentucky Very fine short name for a hedgehog? Voice disapproval of Republican oik Very easy task collecting river junk Very harmful to take out city on Atlantic coast, American Vehicle broken by butcher's van in badly neglected state