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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 281

Venture into Microsoft's domain is trouble for corporation Vessel's sharp, turning and heading for army bases Voting system about right, is one captive? Variation is introduced into Ravel composition Vintage year following fine footballer Vehicle that is top of range is less available Very short bit of verse about a poet Very young child born in creek Very happy to be connected, right away Vessel with zigzagging course almost capsized rest Vivacious former queen? Very sorry about drinks Venetian lover's first, tragic sweetheart Vehicle coming from Ayr rolled over Views of earth all right Vehicle, about to get submerged in part of turning circle? Visit work briefly Viewer's sore as regularly sat by set? Victor, say, heading for upset after hard game Vent anger on school's Dickensian character Verbatim alternative to 'Promise' in thesaurus? Verse initially reconciling him, you and me Vehicle returned at eleven Vulgar promises to pay after a lot of port gets on shabbyclothes Vacuous cove with valet eagerly pursues soak westwards Very long shot after one point Vessel covered in omelette, perhaps, not perfectly upright? Vagrant's lost millions in trick Vanilla left in French bread Vase is counterfeit, not special Violet Elizabeth's to feel the want of not having story? Vicar's boy not feeling too good, apparently Vehicle is large, in my opinion Vanquish, having finished with commanding position Vigilant, one following a boat Villain's Irish accent putting off British Valve succeeded passing check and remained unchanged Visit daughter in decline Very depressed before this new card game Visual record of corrupt act spied abroad Vigorous rubbing of joint with oil Very important if dropped from cup tie? Violent farm animal encountering quiet little creature Venturing to entertain judge with fish for tea Vaguely consider possible purchases, looking through lightsV? Variety of plait seen around one girl's head? Vision of some past foxtrot champion retaining beat Variable bit of punk now neglected Violence bid is iced, changing to peaceful form of protest Very small amount of tin trapping biting insect Variety of Argentine fruit Vegetable a girl cooked at first without hesitation Very big self-obsession, Georgia Vision certainly accepted by rowers Vital current — not electric current — in mortal bodies, possibly Villain to throttle in execution Voting to relocate local tree Very short poems ending in sentiment, shameless Vehicle snooty type gets to take away Vividly colourful bug on sources of metal coin Victor in trouble, cut deeply Vary one's working in French Department Vocalised melody, knocked back alcoholic cocktail Very stupid person, a learner who must submit to his master? Very excited editor as last-minute news is being gathered Vet mostly stopping alcoholic drink for Lent Very fatty steak may not be well done Very joyful call over solitary double bass Very cruel crime varied not so much Vehicle with household animal, maybe 10 Vents in shops? Very odd rifle, not really for battle View of skyline or of space for rebuilding Very energetic and touchy person fraying at the edges Vessel to meander with someone blocking radio messages Very cold press employee introducing cipher Very little élan Vegetable poisonous types take in a meat and tomato sauce Volunteers time to make knotted lace Varied resources here to cover French study update Vital to tour hospital as part of routine Voting to recall comic following end of performance Very attractive person met aboard at sea? Very good, below par — begin play again Very friendly group in squat Vessel to make discordant sound Vegetable? Go to consume the lot Vacant attendant serving powerless old prince Virus present that might bring on a chill Value normally expected with a soldier Very old figure kept in step Variety of agate needs working unknown times Vociferous march by conservationists Very basic electrical unit for siren Vehicle from CBI man I rent? Vegetable dish and a half-portion of tofu Very tired? Try a small drink Vessel rounding island, one with voyage provisions Very soon squeal meeting old lover boy Variety of round cogwheel which has some falling out Very pretty trim, easy to remove small area Volume of church in French capital, hard to take in Vain attempt you keep hidden Vicar's adequate stipend? Valet's short pleasantry about first wife Voter's mark denied to distraught 15dn, Liberal Vigorous mum who's flush and likely to blow up? Viewer, the first person in auditorium Violently rebel toward someone widely seen as leader Virginia's tyrant having less power — it'll raise blood pressure Victor, at fifty-five, retired a banker in Europe Volunteers ate up: prepare for Jack to? Vegetable: wrap up portion Visor, indeed, kept between feet, centrally Vegetable course spoken of, followed by whip Veto law to do with deliveries at Lord's? 'Vital energy connected to river/sea', local tweeted Very smart couple take delight in college upbringing Very old French painter returning without son Visible split in chest, or short split in coop Victor joining girl briefly for a drink Very formal at first – neckwear for sentimental guy Villain shows vigour heading north in Parisian street Vegetable lacking in hotel Vehicle pulling out pinks and races Variety of forbidden fruit Viewpoint echoed in speech that offers an alternative Visionary stifling a detainee's threat, in the main Vex one briefly slowing in speed Very obese queen's dropped acid Vehicle in this style wanted by Scotsman, one in order? Vulgar verse still needs correction in book Valuable box: safe found in stretch in river Very good person on a roll is one up for a turn Very little drunk Victory, with time short, in season Very generous, like ladies and gents? Viewed from South Island, a killer whale finds land Vehicle transporting fruit needing one more collected Volatile stuff Blair commonly has expert overlook Volatile Scot in Irish melodrama Very quickly occupying oneself with that large drink? Very fresh apricot goes in cake Ventral plate's interstice cut out Very mature red ultimately missing in cellar Vapid chatter to flag up VAT reduction in train Verse in ancient language inspiring a native of Riga? Vehicle chosen by male member of religious order Vicars entertaining one model for 'experiences' again Vow to put on ruffles beneath cape, and suspenders, in closet Very energetic rogue, George IV's deputy, perhaps? Violence in an attempt to capture king Volunteers to lead a soldier up lots of freezing trees Very small thing — to us, impracticable sadly Vigorously hearty team members having a drink Vehicle protector is light, used around posh part of Canada Very angry, apart from me Very hard worker, revolutionary type, drooled Various relations had more children? Vanish, as will setter taking exercise? Very quiet man's initially made a false deduction 'Very hot' and 'in the news' is about right Very, very unremarkable Violinist, say, during and at the end of recital? Verify surprisingly tame end of game Very cold beer Various items on table in afternoon for mother-to-be? Voyager's home, having visited part of moon at end of tour View short camera shot, in which a lot is crooked? Vehicle takes a run through county Verbally abusive about a botched construction of architects Valuable property like stations or plants Vision of latter half of hadj? Vamp never having time for leading lady Vanilla ice, shrinking by degrees Verbal contract wrapped up Very best carbon engineers guided over a hundred engineers Vengeful trio of Brussels bureaucrats, say, having day in Rome Very surprised when hedonist collapses Vegetable lorry OK, the man accepts Vegetable we had planted in southeast V — a sign that's rude in vacuous affront Very simple thing for bird to catch worms, ultimately Visible figures added nuances Viewer's humour after TV laced with ire, I hesitate to say Vocally opposed to tweet maybe describing form of betting? Very sensitive poets roaming over island, endlessly Victory almost a breeze Vessel unlikely to survive being in contact with a flying saucer? Very old pine, something difficult to climb Very much a lack of purpose Valuable fossil material found under church hall Vegetable pulled up, with energy, somewhere in Staffordshire Very old mead – vile, unfortunately Vigorous, if in need of practice, having changed sides Vessel that was submersible but buoyant at regular intervals Vegan eats this up to make vegetarian angry Violently beat son in heretic's garment Veil's collar containing a measure of brightness View for half of spectators Very black blubber Very small, yet newsy — seen about Voters pick mineral Very bad rash showing under neon Vagrant outclasses no-hopers Verge to trim, about to be overlooked Visual artist confusing Hopper with Hogarth almost Vehicle in snow taken the wrong way — motorway to be avoided Values customer, it seems, in part Very powerful potion men concocted by end of experiment Vehicle to move tanker's fuel, say Very hot current across river Volcano located in Tibet, naturally Veg Tiny Tim initially held in contempt Visiting gents dispatching a cage nearly empty, to carry piano Very merry solver cracking immature joke Very long sentence in biography Villain losing his head on opening stretch Violent striking / back-hander Vegetable to go after in place of game Very close, offering affection Visionary and affecting melody, main part of Rossini opera to which Queen's attached Vestment certain to incorporate new clip Violin's entertaining number — String of Pearls Vermin found in church box Volunteers have to go off cards Vikings seem excited with goddess coming round Very softly swathed in rings and fur, like a primate's thumb Viper sliding around before noon is deadly biter Vehicle carrying fuel / requiring gentle handling Very cloudy days leading to ship being created by Noah Very harsh split ending in divorce Vigorously descriptive line early in The Flask etc, which Baudelaire wrote Vineyard pests from pub mounted raid across high fence View old liner finally going through a canal in S America Very good to interrupt boss — or foolish Visiting Australia the queen, I bet, gets high-level protection Verse and German dance boring French company Virtuous son going out more! Vulgar option Vehicle reversing by French river stopping short — something scraping Vassal set to provide cattle food Vitality unknown in Grantchester at first Very rich, he drinks too much Varnish nearly all fine material? Question stopping short Value measured in English university Vile ground, a swamp Very good poems nevertheless included useless 'flowery' bits Vegetable ultimately served with most of fish course, we're told