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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 282

Very successful person's overheated house Verbally attacked fellow about inhaling pot Victor's wife leaving ring circling bull Vehicle has creepy-crawlies — not good! Very drunk on fewer Victor appears to be most important in call Very English woman engaging daughter in dingdong battle Vehicle a man used to carry books — or book? Very wet Liberal admitted being careless Very old plan editor brought back later in Scotland Vessels of our navy protected by our people Very able recruits initially residing in tough US university Very pale, he's an eccentric Vehicle run for freight Very bad plug with nice wrapping 150 — very old, without doubt Vote in noble men, disposed to be universally kind Verbal fun from soldier close to trouble no longer Victorian con man, a troublesome young person putting the other half first Very old relative's problem with web page? Vibration from milk production centre, quiet at first Vessel having rope at bow in tangle Virgin pursued, by the sound of it Very masculine ruler in ruin Very little hatred surrounding Conservatives after end of referendum Vehicle black and dirty, not an attractive gem? Vehicle initially transporting a football team, perhaps Vicious gossip's molar? Very little right to be said about sisters Victor, with Irish trade union, displays artistic taste Very annoyed: silver reduced into small pieces retaining only 40% of value Vital area of Turkey Visitor for Christmas day, one around US resort Venomous snake count discovered in steam engine VAT, perhaps, with one hire car Vehicle lifted pieces for workers on track Vehicle has got hired to go round old Mediterranean area Vast human waste with any number devoted to luxury VIP motioned old, old MP to shift double quick! Very behindhand after electric current cut off Very warm, the Spanish inn V & A visitor most uncertain Voice disapproval about wealthy man, a relative of ours Veggies with leftovers Very religious old procurator of Judaea Voluntary payments or tribute in US a strain, on reflection Vexed, if ordered to throttle Labour leader Voting can lead to Gran supporting old-based sort ofparty Verify quietly on ramble Visiting valley? Fine to gather round chimney corner Very old French bother this country: it's all over for loser at Borodino Very stupid and insane possibly — one must be kept in Victorian novel, mostly simple, covered by two N Europeans, one heard Victor perplexed coroner entertaining question on uniform Vessel settled — on board, crew starts to bail out Vermin repulsed fish and bird Vessel departs, having to crawl entering rivers Vegetable vessel overturned Voilà, near hustler is an African giant Votes in boxes? About time Very happy not moving east of the city Vocalist's slangy greeting to famous countertenor Victory over political party? That's some kind of joke Vehicle collecting editor on way back or one used in transaction? Vast expanse of water damaged canoe Vertebrate's mate in wild catching nothing Very funny route north-west from Brazil? Vehicles lowering current time for journey Vault, source of water Version of a simple and cute set of messages for the future Virtuous person knowing formal behaviour Visitors arrived in greater numbers around British seaside resort Visiting Irish county, see Scottish beef producer Vegetables, note, fed to animal without tail Variable assessment of trombone music? Very strong players getting support of press Vicar taken aback by extremely strange poem Very understanding chap, changing with time Variety of fruit, the first to drop Verbally restrained individual Vegetables with gel put in tin some time ago Visiting some ladies, noticed daughter idle Value emergency room with German nurses Very good time in mine Vagrant crossing island for papers Volume was illuminating, with accompanying note Violinist's last seen on composer's journeys Vanity school (following good going) is the place of tumblers, eg (11, two words) Villain leading man perhaps to draw in female Very shocking squeal enveloping milliner Verse from sacred song mostly used in school class Visitor given access based on pecking order? VAT to pay primarily for piece of clothing Views reported in destinations for surfers Very cold car, it unsettled Charlie Villain is after British accent Very bad and very good intelligence? Very bad Void article withheld from almanac, perhaps Visit prison reported to be pretty Vegetable they finally selected in the morning Very large victim for fish-eating bird Visitors ignoring temperature estimate Vehicle with nothing on? That's funny! VAT has group of teachers upset Various kingfishers, maybe Very naughty boy outside a court, having arrived with large beast Vegetarian wouldn't want this in a bun? View endless track followed by European railway Visiting old lady, I initially revel in such chant Vessel follows small fish Very small place, one secured by girl Violin piece by leader in strong position Vehicle passes through rock in a line Vessel's collector of water, one leaking Vehicle crashing into area outside front of restaurant Very small book-lined alcove Visibly embarrassed as books are spoken of Vocal required in revolutionary hymn Vancouver islanders with regular appearances in skiwear knit until start of summer Verbal expression in woman's series of lectures? Very active Conservative splitting left Very typical, rural rambling Vessels which heat running water for locals bordering Tunisia Very fast unexpected attack grabbing power Variable height on both sides of English, French or Chinese city Viewed from the back, a precious stone is great Very little can remove point of rising from yeast Volume four including books English offered as promised Valencia's favourite serving father with his daughter? Vegetarian food: obscure line taken by aficionado Vassal that is restricted by broken leg Very serious man with stylish clothing Victims of war suffered when power station fails Violent storm encountered on the way up – bother! Virginia with hat is perfectly OK Vehicle picked up juvenile delinquent Verbal report of one missing glossy coating? Vehicle hit them, according to reports Variable speed in goal leads to miss after it? Vote in favour, I heard Verbally criticise act — it may be part of the service Visit ancient city? It's grim Value support for single-decker, say Vein runs through meat Very violent pull, needing energy to operate bell Vision of men abandoning parentless cat Very unpleasant morgues upset English Vessel in snake pit at last Varnish judge used on a vessel Very abbreviated show, free once Vivid red vehicle belonging to this compiler Vulgar type, instant trouble Vocally support a city university, worried about scripture degree Vassal say encountered in fiction Venomous creature seen in house, located by noon Vigorous university lecturer rebuffed criticism Very drunk graduate got rid of Very thin person employed to train runners? Victor losing head in ring Visitor to the local, we hear, supposed cutting complaint right (9, two words) Very last sale VIP enraged, having been messed about Very sad time with smoke going up Vegetable placed around firm Spanish bread, once Very much concerned with knee, perhaps, during exercise Very many for example taken in by celebrity Vandalised city's plea for discipline Very good appearance to this vegetable View of booklet American dropped Victor leaking wife's secret Volk seen going walkabout in this? Vegetable, too apt, switched Very afraid weak crust has collapsed Vocal, I like bringing up purple colour Vessel dropping off a US magazine in midday break Vessel's very unusual coupling hooks Violently eject leaders of British Eurosceptics leaving Cameron happy Veteran is treated, getting intestinal enzyme Vehicle in on-screen advertisement Very unpleasant pub reported for someone on the fiddle Very good compass and ruler Vain person? Love is my middle name Vehicle getting a run in University bus service is blue Vitality plus unusual energy Valuable material, as before, penned by yesteryear's left-winger? Vacillate, disheartening a digger of trenches Volatile vet is fearless and forceful Vulgar speaker given tropical fruit flip Vacant dolly bird in film close to finding what's hidden geological feature Vile scenes broadcast on TV, ideas close to savagery Very great job that's temporary and bizarre Violent quarrel: some revolutionary squatted? Never! Very quiet artist, with little number, becoming singer View only 50% decent Very nearly join, after intervention of Lord Lieutenant Virus containing note getting illicit payment Victor, one with wise face Venom shown by nation over evacuation of Chile Virgin taking off after scene View scene regularly omitted Victorian castle I dart around Very keen about displaying religious attitude? Get away! Vegetable, cold and tough Veil of doom almost engulfing society Vehicle bringing delight Vehicle, traveller round planet, featured in diagram Vital fluid turning black just about OK Very good to be involved in miracle at sea, based on experience Victoria was one alluring woman, missing time and time again Very curious compromise between legendary pair of giants? Visitor called cutting rest, unfortunately Vast liner converted for short breaks Vineyard owner on way back hurries at first to bar Very very average! Victory sign, justification Vote for period to be reduced Very dark stream, second to circle lake Vagrancy has pressure for male despair Volume's dedication to its author? Vessel and vehicle needed by old king 'Villa's other half is hotel' shock Vestment returned by bishop let out Voluntarily exposed no end of bosom Virgin for one seized by less intelligent dealer Value in flag, patriotism finally returning Very unhappy about closing church that's coming to life Very bad men tear into unfinished home Vote against closure of Electric Avenue, curving inwards Venue that's a blessing for arranging meeting with Romeo? Visual representation that is covering magazine Very old, wise person circling pitch Very fine hotel supported by British Airways? Very keen to assume English parents' duties Very successful but cheesy play? Victory achievable, Napoleon heads for the front Vain person in a heap after PE Virtuoso on piano to establish tempo Valhalla's large room Vermin eating last bit of rotten meat Visionary leader on paper to become mad VAT on article? Blow me! Vigorously approve of start of mass publicity Visibly embarrassed, snog country bumpkin Very good to avoid moronic boss Very narrow approach south of locks Vital force only somewhat achievable Very different topic has fellow on strike Voucher for university pinched by arrogant drunk View of society held by Sackville-West, say Vessel making speed interrupted by bar