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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 283

Vagrant in street, exhausted person Vehicle a motoring organisation brought from east Very big chaps breaking into dilapidated semi Vegetable dish? Take it away, son! Vehicle has problem with no engineers available Very brief unnamed communications — MPs will have got them Volume runs from stream Vessel I'm able to show palace in Rome Veteran playing eg at Lords Vehicle I'd used to carry books? It carries blood! Vehicle thief collects favourite political candidate from afar? Verse in translation, initially extremely hard Visitor introduced by colleague, strangely Varies changes in government provoking dispute Very big girl, a goddess Veteran serviceman without his wings Vehicle sliding in the direction of marsh, horse backing Viola piece with piano not in time when put over Vital part of German city church Vase included in furnishings Vocalist embraces wife, lively modern person Vocabulary of large person who used to be revered? Vehicle on the move delivers seed Very slight force fluctuating in the raw outside Visitor losing energy and puff Verse in artistic gathering releasing new attack Vellum produced by knowing fellows in port Very basic home situated in row Vehicle reversed by man wearing gem, not of the highest standard Vessel in superficial glare of publicity Vehicle offering endless concern Visible from Veronica's settee, container for recording Very last bit of information — there's enthusiasm to collect it Verify chip in bill-paying situation Very light cat? Very fit, but distracted Versatile cricketer in every short game Various women around old flame in charge of state Venue for those that cue Miller's play Vehicle producer in decline? True, so we hear Voices — not rare — trained in music school Very soon on, outwardly tense Very little in clue, if I have no ability Very tall new king welcomed in ballad Variable lodging-place, one by entrance to auto plant Very protracted farewell Variety of Norwegian meat sandwiches put out cold, to be returned Violent dance video played in six minutes in farming clubs Vacuous esoteric theme is out of place Voice of gangster? Veggie food seaman from East always rejected Victoria's first PM providing her capital? Verbal greeting to girl revealing sanitary practices? Vampire, firstly impaled, interred by priest Violent in future, perhaps Very tired to start with, one usually sloshed Veal ruins fancy blanket Virtually the same, morally? Violent diatribe coming from Amaranta Vehicles carrying lean Spanish monarchists Very detailed autobiography of English baroque composer? Version of game giving coloured jacket primacy? Vehicle taking armoured troops to north Victim of murderer clever in hearing Valuable box sure to be in the crates at sea Vehicle fitted with ABS? Visual aids having setter long for correction? Very deep pouch a dalesman possesses Very bad article in French account of past events Vessel from Kenya or Tanzania Violent sort, no good, starts to lambast you in forceful manner Visit nurse after a short time Vulgar puritan is beheaded Vet only reused something new Vehicle in polar region deficient in cold Various ashtrays emptied — problem solved! Verbiage used by fashionable folk in London location Very little support given to American city Vegetable, we hear, that's scorched Vehicle a worry, mostly Vast region – it's tricky for detectives maybe Vehicle turned into the ancient region Vessel to the east of small bridge Vivacious horse going over yard Vehicles going head to head at game Very simply, the opposite of a surrender demand? Very large turkey to begin with, full-flavoured bird Very low floor  Vestment brought up and put on Her Majesty, a ruler bringing a new era Voluntary mobile platoon capturing island Very colourful, like a freshwater fish? Very brilliant newspaper chief in comfortable position Virgin Mary in France possibly playing nation's part Vegetable stew in soon, cooker is hot inside Vacant council has idiotic people Very much America's March man? View of street with train Vermouth's not to be referred to, not at all Very glad purchaser initially rented Very conical, explosive? Very important person has enough to prime many mousetraps? Very little hope, geographer thinks, as lost Vet tailed by vehicle is cut up Various different means of being delivered Very soft bread dipped in gravy? Vacant Berkshire farmland is unlikely to be rejected Volume of Poe needs a note for scholarly readers Virtually useless, I've dropped out Very relaxed about heartless sports official Very unpleasant losing hours in cold or long passage Violently destructive lion, say, when initially held in line Very much in character, shedding pounds, picking up award Villain picked up weapon that's about right Victory secured by leader, a terrible old Irish statesman Very nervous of Californian heat, took to swimming Vocal supporters of Chelsea erred badly VIP ran to exchange starters with shellfish for famed kipper Vet relishes flexing arm Victory by English? Drink! Vessel that may dispatch a pod Variable? I hesitate to say, I like it! Vast Canaries complex offering places for travellers Variable support for petition in strategic area abroad Visiting somewhere Down Under? Here's a guide Valuable material in place moisture ruined VIPs and why they stand at the bar? Very excited in the past by golf Very thin ale sent for replacement Very, very indifferent Vote upsetting to Liberal and another party Vintage shed erected, with familiar roofing Very cold, having unfastened zip Vagrant originally moving around in biblical land Very pale green at first, have you left grey at the end? Vegan dish Lauretta mixed with oil Vandal caught by male worker in police operation Vehicle reversing with weight of gems is a chancy enterprise Very dry American senator in Rome once Value politeness Very happy nun in cooled pants Very narrow lane, one running between hills Vegetable dish and ham too, served regularly Venus, perhaps, prominent after flattening Very minor leader deposed, causing sensation Vagrant embraced by massive drinker — almost touching, though not moving? Vegetable left too long on the barbecue, did you say? Very good values felons found in craft? View street through fences Voyeur embracing this setter over cardinal Vessel crossing a river to see iridescent bird Very good fruit Vicar out of bed. Prepare to move off? Volcano: bet goes up Vague shape in Monet's colour, reportedly? Very good handwriting for a reporter, I argue Voter wiping brow, one reads Volunteers to go after one old Greek character Venerable Bede's lowest is above fair Vote on being in state and part of Germany Very minor reverses in amateur play Vehicle hit with its top shearing off Very early, extreme difficulty stops advance payment to recruit Visiting part of prison, perhaps with a solicitor, unlikely to succeed Versailles, for example, compact Virile army doctor ringing a key hospital Very experienced drunk Vulgar parties which are thrown by sports people? Very active compound of hydrogen, carbon, iodine etc. Very wet piece of turf in which bomb has turned up Very hot and of current interest (about right) Very sad trying to maintain fashion Vehicle leaves NW city to get fabric Vehicle back ready for battle in part of ship Vocal pair lay out rug Very, very out of date sin Vehicle in traffic Vehicle run for freight Vegetative lump partly turned to rise, unsupported Violently hector and rail in speech Verdict is doubly bad for habitual criminals Very English resort, a major tourist attraction Vehicle in which politician and monarch visit Irish county? Vino Sue ordered, leaving you resentful Very good English dish Vessel has slate on lip Venomous man, a day tripper Vain Englishman and American crossing river Vigorously hearty drinking by rugby players Very good bed's embroidered decoration Victorious flag officer in the hold Victor and Annie cooking a sort of sausage Villain concerned with what's needed to get hold of legacy Vision problem: a mist developed after sparkling wine, GM Vessel harboured in Murmansk if foggy Vicious perhaps, Scotsman chasing alumnus produces glass Vehicle with excellent emperor carrying British cop abroad Very special fish in outer limits? Vessel, first with guards caught in historic offence Virginia with endless high fibre food that's good for her Victor Middleton regularly recording Very experienced army walk away from front Virtually disengaged retreat is most perfect Very old date skins, hard leaves Video maker misrepresented card votes Very with it in European country, so go Voucher scam taking in publisher Variety of tips welcomed by female follower of fashion Vintage red? We will imbibe one mouthful between meals? Very rich plant producing wagons and things Vineyard obstructing second microscopic examination Vagrant, male lying in bunker Vessel drawing out of foremost of seaports Vegetable gold, black and green, I gathered Vessel that's not long transporting PM Vibrating noise in shaky Metro line that's old Vomit from gut — agree it needs treatment Very fond of a joke taken the wrong way Valuable coin found in item of food Volunteers in fine rescue vessel recalled a scene of huge explosion Various misters excluding Romeo, perhaps 'some other where'? Vulgar party game for swingers? Very good Latin for one who wasn't amused, an old monarch Vicar maybe showing power, one arriving at target? Vessel always must keep covered in festival Voracious herbivores out to lunch having change of heart in place of diet Variant of Belgian language Vale in Provence long swathed in gold Vegetable with unknown feature put in dutchie regularly VIP's a bit out of date? Vengeance shown by sailors in a complete reversal Various genres, each in online program Verbally unproductive? Lord! Vitality not recorded in a number of quarters Visual aid designed for single pupil Veteran is fooled from time to time Visiting Budapest, a terrific capital Verger finally collected money after church service Very old joke packs theatre Very popular footballer going on the market Vitality of the sound of low brass out of key Victor with member, in truth, initially a pest Victor and I felt that Peter should provide grant Vet meeting requirements given time Vandyke perhaps knowing about English illustrator VIP's girl seen following older relative Valance, perhaps, having no ties Vote against reversing good, positive principle Viewer hurt: it doesn't look good Verse I felt that shows promise View that could be right