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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 285

Very bad day, in a topsy-turvy state Victor gets in by means of exam Very good deal rejected for this type of aircraft Vehicle bearing a quantity of weight Veteran livened up Vocalist briefly exhibiting a touch of fire Vexatious bridge pair happen to claim honour Various old poets gathering in private ground after theatre visit? Very little hurry Vile car's fancy instruments Vessel in service yielding easy money with craft Vehicle carrying old map on the same flat surface Vegetable I have to put on tip Very little wood, ultimately, and burnt remains Very old colonel, awfully loud, first of all outspoken Very attentive king, visiting too briefly Vermin on platter chewed banger Virtually exhausted in social function, a waste of time Very much agree about space (5, two words) Very embarrassed after upsetting contents of tank? Violent behaviour displayed by stag groups Very favoured by clan not wanting the Italian notoriety Vile dwelling shortly to have a German as tenant Vehicle in trading centre heading north Very cold beer Visionary shows wit, keeping up outrageous skills Void seen after dizzying plunge Very good to carry gun that criminal may have Virgin with name hidden in plot Vessel to spin with the top off Vote to eject Bob at summit! Dole out! Very good fee for copy Venery perhaps consuming mum in drama Vessel has gold — tons in two areas Volunteers beginning of Bungalow Bill Various items for paper Vehicle's performance: up and down Volcano — one to throw up a lot of extra tons with sulphur about Various clans to note here? Very pleasant, with no end of sound Very great ordinal, one of twelve written about evil ideology, primarily Very quietly coming up with advantage, initially telling Victim of Telamon people heard from across the pond? Very much involved in call for cutting support Volumes here returned, he passed on fine examples Vigorously promote optimism, with young primarily replacing old Veteran squaddie not taking sides Volume of old wine Very masculine Scotsman is not often seen Variable element in religious group missing leader no longer around Very long joke in an idealess novel Very concerned with partner Very bewildered, in the main? Victor's against more than one rowing in Shetland springs Very boring moderation for a Madagascan Very fine inhaler I misused Very strong wine imported by African country Verses stir volatile attendant Vacuous Alfred and Oscar share deep love Very severe, with mother replacing son — striking Very unpromising offer to accept right winger Virginia left with prayer for stiff escort? Virginia takes in the fourth test Version of Bible it hurts to acknowledge Vatican lost nun, incredibly fit fighter Various sergeants etc. becoming spies Vessel arrives on land with it Violently angry when alcohol is used in student charity raiser Vegetable is to spoil, grown without its outer parts Volatile fellow rounding on one preferring his own company Valuable family piece the man and I left in vault? Vessel girl at work filled with headless beer Vastly upset and soundly troubled Vacation axed to work out money-saving scheme Very small wedding buffet Volunteer as killer? Vehicle parked in Pennsylvania Vagrant mongrel — quiet one with tail Vehicle access skirting front of posh woodwork Visit   Bath and Wells for example Verse right-hand man, primarily in positive feedback? Vessels carrying vital stuff advanced gold to Scots Vehicle experiencing programming malfunction? Variable, currently supporting end of taxation in UK Virtuoso, without piano, left band's backing (7 Very old affliction Voter is volatile, it's obvious V rare unit, fun when deployed as aid to removals Very warm environment you formerly encountered in Tube Very much agree about edition's covers Vessel taking girl a kilometre Vessel that's gone astray with everyone on board Vividly characterised four struggling at university in Hebridean island Very tiny acknowledgment for help in the kitchen Villain around deck had scrap at sea, overwhelming resistance VAT only goes up Village governor clown's cut short, before magistrate intervenes Vein ought to be removed from shoulder joint Visit clubs with everybody Very large sandwiches turned up with plenty of bubbly — terrific work! Vocalist keeping extremely popular type of spaniel Very rapid activity mostly constraining one computer problem Very fast solving Very important to restrict string length round bunting Verify clubs working with company Veg sounding wonderful, but we see nothing in it? Venture money to win unknown plant Victory impresses more trendy assistant in hunt Vehicle used in India, not over Georgia Very plentiful universal shares bourse floated Veteran's former wife in the chair Vessel touring lake with minute tiller? Victor welcomed by Islamic group is a divinity Vast financial deficit in output from colliery Very cowardly over avoiding the last round of fire Viewer hugs dog tighter Venomous types putting two and two together? Versatile stadium boxer whipped Voracious female in staff restaurant closing early Verbally thanks sailor Villain needs second to enter study Vehicle is cab Manuel ordered Very short saying: time to go for length Vital during day teachers should get a little food Vehicle trade on the upturn Vagrant starts to head off before others Volume of moans gently audible Vessel, one empty — small boat Villain's accent, not British Vegetable patch sometimes lost by the inattentive? Venerated Egyptian flag, really raised on high Victor seized by Turkish ruler quails Vibration of daughter, lass no good Vertically challenged worker's system of writing? Vessel more quickly filled by both taps Victor is a little treacherous Variety of top celestial or astronomical event Vanishing cream consumer? Voyeurs going round — right? One checking out a house? Village no longer targets seller's documents for buyers Vocal phenomenon of a baa, say, outside university Version of Tosca somewhere in Berkshire Various roasted nuts, including last of peanuts Virtuous man showing seasonal kindness? Virgin excited by capital composer Variable is a mere part in working out Vessel also lays bombs without opening protective items Very dangerous rumours spread about rising newsman Vitriolic sodium or calcium symbolically mixed Vessel of gold, church vault secures Verse cut by priest left unfinished Visible capacity for understanding Very thin air that surrounds watering hole Various things wrong in barbaric boxing clubs Vehicle sailor used to collect army medics Vigorously enjoy vintage footwear? Vertical space in building Rita's altered thoroughly Very special microphone inlaid with silver Victor leaves club towel perhaps Veil had to be put on daughter — expression of surprise about that Very damp, old township Victor in easy position giving a wave Victorian essayist's half-hearted idle chat? Virginia gets very urgent incomplete hormone Vulgar thing cattle often do Victoria for example collapses Vehicle occupied, briefly Valladolid miss some half-dozen international backs Volunteers six fur wraps in compound to control bleeding? Very short relation being boastful Varied content of skip, etc, is most revolting Very hard old gaoler opposed to one slipping over Vegetable a chore — Kit harassed Victory in southeast he's referred to with contempt Vigil peer arranged? That's right Vicious with ram brought inside? That's mindless Villainous group in secret outrageously seizing power Very upset, Henry should flee national underworld boss Vocal style in musical with moving ending Veto from President, not acceptable Vague desire maybe to get husband for Yankee lady at last Very briefly ruler forms relationship with tramps Voracious? Gorge, feed? Aye, regularly Vatican-related Bond film with new line inserted Virgil's last poems about ancient city where healing sought Veggie food content of uneaten sandwiches Vestry typically holds object of worship husband left Volunteer assassin? Vicious man who conspired with Capone, not American Very quick train's ending in northern city Veronica's source of methamphetamine? Virile Chinese leader once restricting church Voter, English speaker Visit tiny empty church, work of art Very great article short of lines Vehicle is heap — pity me having to leave Valuable box certain to be found among the crates at sea Volunteer troops one commanded followed Virile sort topped with unruly hair who opposes Ormuzd Valve and set of pipes next to bunk Vehicle run-in blamed for crashing one? Vegetable blue? A lapse in what's been said Valve to raise, lest endless suffering should follow Vicar joining a reactionary PM for restoration project Very distressing war never troubled China's foremost ruler Vapers are healthier, pubs half-heartedly admit Veteran Italian is old judge no longer employed Very quick power nap, perhaps, then nothing Very last market Virtuoso pianist's record picked up Victor, in grief, buys new game Vagrant by old pool to jump up and down Very quietly tucking into beer and fruit Very often chivalrous to doff cap Vacuous gadfly speeds, goes for a spin Violent event? As one of the detectives, gets dispatched first off Voter, um, is turned with hard drink Visitors to university ruin site so every other character leaves Viewer who's turned on first of programmes with cat that's whizzing around Valued fresh lottery Visualising one mother and her ruin in Gabon Vehicle taking basic route round university, American . Venture must get around concerning French cap . Villain in car Met ordered around front of Subaru Very quickly, nightmare affected Flora there Vampire's literally holding back tear Very unpopular letters that editor receives Vessel restricted, contrarily packed with oxygen Very much in the past, occasional ale drunk Very small amounts of facial hair Vocal effect really starts something to make you quiver Vessel unknown, number spoken by U-boat crew? Vocal encouragement for a Eurasian statesman Very old chief meets foreign agents from the east Violet chewed cud in London, say – mayoral obligation?   View five siblings on the air, or thousands on 6 24 21 Very fashionable and completely sane to collect silver . Very concerning having to cover up a crime Very happy with where 7, 28, 22 Ver dict? Vehicle on end of tail – waits may give you this Vehicle hired out for returning syndicate Very best among pre-Raphaelites Very ill person in short top and a cape Voluptuous aunt? No model – less exotic Violent behaviour in the past involving one coming before the Queen VIPs training in it hurtle around circuit the wrong way! Visionary Scot supporting prize university put up Victorian novel in which Spooner solicits orange healer? Very well, dish out punishment covered by brief