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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 287

Voice in my ear came in preposterous Trump mission? Venomous lot: privileged Americans dismissive of women Vice beginning to increase in New York — I'm going! Vague about taking sweetheart back, with wife in such a state Vague insurance for upholstery item Vegetable pot used as base by artist . Vital energy recycling poor source of heat . Velia therefore blocks line on the map Victor embraced by lady I fancy with enthusiasm Value in tax with millions retrieved Vehicle‘s run times troubled conservationists Virgin and Pole drowned in beer Vessel and wine, unopened, brought into sober meeting Variable working horror — cue to act over numbers initially on it? V & A lies compounded damage Villain, a stinker? Vulgar sound being heard Voice of awful Conservative leader Vegetable's fine almost raw Vulgar new gin joint's briefly set up Very large card bringing comfort in hard times Volume about compere supporting evil monarch's party forever Voice disagreement after brief collapse Vault below sea-level containing empty chair Vegetable in book? Radish? Vague old American with scholar up at famous university . Vessels rise and tip in device to control water supply Vehicle left on offshore territory in Cumbria Vision aid? One not required by eagles, say, silly Volte-face occasioned by spell of dizziness linked to drinks ordered from the bar Victoria's Englishman, hair combed back Vital energy versus wine Vessel near tug at sea, destructive force Vocal admission of a serious breach of martial law? Vehicle turned up to rescue suspect seen round old track Vessel encapsulated by Argo at sea, setting forth? Very fine evening meal down by a piano Very short and round, not entirely pleasant — a woman Very troublesome child, somehow hotly pursued by mistake Voice said some cash is behind bar Voting system fit for European city Vigorous, decline to take public transport Very nice day to totally strip plant Venus may be infiltrated by a mole Visionary fish celebrities Very soft pine for one backing possibly grand houses Vital cure not exactly profitable Vicious comeback by female? Pay no heed Very small American male in charge Very popular Indian dish, doubly hot essential ingredients? V fishy stain under unopened receptacle Victorian novel Conrad frequently reinvented Variation of an older English flowering plant Vehicle gets through blustery rain – sheer delight! Verify a small particular Villain beat up a knight, gatecrashing banquet Very little money for food Vegetable essence Violent English border guards let out? On the contrary Verse Hindus, with no end of dread, composed for deity Vault tree, avoiding lake Very amusing, invaluable Vehicle advanced on iron vessel Very strong, round number in gym Vital European killers finally dispatched one gangster Vegetable drinks knocked back by a companion Verbal communication one's used in Dutch classes? Very successful young person with sub-species? Vegetable, something not to be considered, on reflection? I will tuck in Violent end met by destitute retreating soldiers Vehicle, say, in hurry up … Valueless river? Vessel from which a thousand eat Virginian regularly picking up formal clothes for a saint Very brief dance around yard Very complicated yoga on Oriental cruise Voice disapproval about setter visiting France with Italian returning for ice cream Virgin is one that recedes with time, lacking aspiration Vote for Republican, one endlessly a tiny bit negative Vetoes laws subject to insurance starting late Versatile bar pianist having broad support Victor has fever, head being hazy Varied, like laboratory scales Very fine red Vessels go south after bow has been removed Vegetable container covered in fruit, knocked over Vigilant Busby's situation? Very stuck in street that's winding Vagrant one erased from set of documents Vans kind fellow left in ditches Votes against saving old pile of cash for the present Vociferously against taking pudding through to bedroom Vetting procedure ultimately generates brief character study Victim of fungus regularly exhibited red lump Verbally cross and discourteous Voices concerns about candlestick Volunteers mutant superhero to be one overseeing duty Volunteers to split control with the Queen's servant Virtue shown by sailor, sent up by soldier Violent Mars has people rush to war Value of sacred book for fussy functionary Vicar in wrong circle Very chilled character interrupts lecture Verifying which six must leave tip? Very brave man caught by French king Van or Ute sprayed gold has style Vehicle reverses into space, losing bonnet, I predict Vow in ceremony by posh president once Vehicle going back into the ancient land Vegetable feature found in unknown ICU configuration Visionary head of department gets rotary tool Visual display of yellow in the atmosphere Very noticeable, it's said Voodoo priestess's dance Very nearly new name, 1/100   Vehicles controlled with computers from the rear Viewers' angles taken on board by American thinkers Views the second of four gears Vessel crossing river brings chicken Vicious for one English bank Very quietly brought into AA, left in dismay Venomous type, man attracting firm support Very old woman in a city's suburbs living rough Very fast running master (not amateur) – such may get a lead in Greece (12, 2 words) Vehicle badly functioning? Stop Very tiny boat with a man in charge Vegetable ending in salad behind fish Venue taking a period of time to erect Volunteers to receive new vehicles Vehicle on notable run aiming to be eco-friendly Volunteers having to hang around a large area once Violent run-in, alas, with An Outcast of the Islands Very hot fuel filling container? Good Very old visitor stumped off in rage Vessel in amphora or tankard Vocalist embraces wife, one that's promiscuous Very gloomy summer, a 5 Vulnerable type of male sadly getting nothing Very large area of fair dismantled by state Vivaldi's first sonata ending in ‘not moved by love' Violent jets of gas brute uncle let loose Very important bloke, top dog at summit! Vigour of Thatcher ultimately shown in life story Versace design 'no good' admitted picky individual Victim of regime change? Very tempting to eat, but it's stuck in the throat Vehicle I put on charge Vegetable seen in middle of bendy river Vulnerable spot for actor, b. '28 Very nice dessert: for instance a fruitcake Vent not good at head of drain Vending machine: to the French salad staple (mostly) may be seen here Very surprised how one can be knocked Victory sign can be different Vessel damaged at the stern? In what way? Visiting starved character, initially not seen without restraints Veteran helps to collect bit of milk for spinsters Voluntary fee, ancient and not limited Very small distance once covered by very large characters in Athens? Voters potentially have online reader worried Vacuum-maker finds first-rate Bottom cradling head of Puck Very good person that is hugging little darling Vegetable in barge converted into fat Vivacity of Zulu monarch's beginning to go Vegetable husks cut by old American dame Venue in Edgware named VIP is more prepared to make do Vehicle boxed in by Opel and Audi Violent secret life uncovered when looking back Vow broken by Reagan briefly showing resolve VIPs to lead artists' society Vacant twit in tutu's dancing, getting sounds of disapproval Very much affected, as are one's neighbours Volatile market brought about end of the neighbourhood watch member Very wet turf where animal lives Very hot temperature – nasty for Cockneys Very good … very good … distinctly average Very busy making phone call Very quickly shattered Vicious characters in inquisition as tyrannous? Vacations at sea taking in Ontario's premier island Vessel made of tin and aluminium Varieties of African bread found in Bahamas Variation of Elgar, it includes new instrument Visiting the moon – or returned from journey? Visionary – gullible sort providing material Veil primarily needed in Qatar and Bahrain Various publicity about silly tosser Vessel that may be covered by another, e.g. schooner Very worried, endlessly unfit and cold V Vessel indicative of rank? Veggies are meant to be this well done Varnish covering jacket of almanac Vessel for liquids essential to brewery Virginia's set flowers put in ground to develop, taking week Vacuous account about odd figure Voluntary fees in moderation, and not a song Very individual model T range, classic automobile originally collectible? Various ideas, part worked out Vantage point, one adopted by Jane Virtue of good competition Vicar runs newspaper made different Volcano in Vietnam Visitor to market so small and greedy? Viruses hard to find in leaves V-day? 10 veg in one pie, cooked before 10 leaves Volunteers risked having cover blown twice in assignment Very good meal with no repeated component Vexed about European tree such as beech, from what we hear Vegan's latest pie quietly chucked out? It's horrible! Volume — nothing cooler for speech-maker Vegetable better cooked — nothing old should be swallowed Vehicle is hard to make disappear . Very nice meal. 1p off Verse, in poet, looking back, not his first? Could be Very soft bit of apple expanded Very little vigour when one's absorbed bacterium Valid reason to contribute to this Vegetable piece shortly cut Very different item for baby Victor behaving like an adult? Vineyard gang reported Very quickly sir loses head when meeting maiden? Virtuous girl, then the reverse of very good, in a state Vegetable dip served after enjoyable starters Vehicle to go off with trailer in reverse Vulnerable checkout probed by Times journalist Vitriolic old bishop beset by turbulent voices Very bitter civil unrest about 14 Verse given to a German tenor Very good designer, zesty Very thick painter uses this progress report on learning alphabet? Vessel behind it travelling west during wonderful trip Vocalist's current guy   Vessel that stole into street    Very pissed, breaking the clock Virile man takes time in French south Very strict set-up or, occasionally, roguish Vote for one Republican per annum Volume of customers Volume increase at the end almost closed bar Virago shows impulsive desire in hot island Villain has non-British accent Very old houses set to be de­molished — that's a blow Very last of troupe to quit demonstration Vigorous activity, quite often American, making money in Addis Very popular season for health spa Vehicle is only the second Ford Escort to crash