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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 288

Vicious Alsatian's dance Very unfashionable French redhead is an intruder Viable plan to trap pub rodent Vegetable issue inspiring panic at first, beetle reportedly beginning to nibble on one Vile profanities in opera lacking appeal Very good south coast resort out of bounds Visibly ashamed to admit vehicle turned to scrap, perhaps Vulgar book about second public gathering Venue satisfying audience Vote to imprison one, then check for innocence Veg succeeded for us, about time! Villain demanded to ride horse Very happy to be one of the family? Not at first Very severe scheme before end of sentence Volcano that emits mud lava initially entering oceans Various Olympians getting close to bronze Very small thing used to promote Reagan? Very large jewel brought over by American Visited area excluded from redraft of final edict Voted in because put up with changing sides Vehicle overturned on street trapping one bigot Vague hunch about policeman Velia's into recreating Plato's ideal Vivace observed to include ritardando Village greens used to have these stores Vocal band careless about track name Vicar gets electronic kit to modernize 1 Very nasty soup I soon replaced Varadkar etc worry, describing provision of mutton, vegetables etc Very very fat shirking Republican leader is toxic Votive deity card distributed, filled with love Vindictive English earl goes in very nearly drunk Victor perhaps in embrace when given Oscar Vote to Leave behaving carelessly? They're no experts Violent protest about von der Leyen etc being privileged Visa mix-up for Spooner? Here's an alternative Very lacking in space between Institute and Academy, from a bigger set Vestment about to be given extravagant lining Vassal's superior, grand persona sent up in song Very little money inspires Yankee oil producer Vandalised old people's tombs Visit a country in Africa that lacks a prime minister Volatile bituminate shedding casing to reveal element useful for aeronautics Victorian figure, stimulating a Brexit, to do very little work Vet fell over burrow Veteran pop-star, one of many on the Kent coast Vitally important German city starts to turn into a liability Very swiftly finished – nearly on time Valuing mostly art? Unlikely — he's got money but no taste Very, very angry losing head — that's clear Vehicle instructor Vulgar hangers-on, in court, in dramatic downfall Very narrow lane making one depressed Vehicle going over bird – case on it is often moving Vest — and what finishes it off Vibrant hotels seen around old country Verse on placard leads to first of soldier's offensive gestures Very good team ultimately invincible, being out of this world    Very long online movie? Very agreeable to take in European tourist destination Vendor I engage to hide deception Very crazy – and bristly with it? Veil military hospital gossip after switch of leaders Vicars prepared to acquire English organs Verse central to alliance between Pakistan and Zambia Very shamefaced about time in order Violently beating ill-wisher inside — how mad can you get? Vitality in a vessel at sea Vulgar relations have finished going on stage Vertebrate of a kind from America I included in observation Verne novel featuring Nemo's second appearance Volcano here, blowing the front off public vehicle Vessel manoeuvre: starting to go about Victoria by train, arriving here? Yes and no Violence in the past involving King George Visitor figured in hearing Very inaccurate story about religious coverage View missing yellow hat Very important American fringe initiation theory? Volley of colossal volume VE Day overturned bitterness Very low jab etc punished Very with it, old dictator's food supplement ‘Vicar' uselessly protecting failed high flier Viewed from East Island a killer whale finds land Vet witnessed inspiring commander's limits Vegetable pot in recommendation Vote against the final part accepting nothing without a break Vagrant male in role reversal Very happy bird with a ring Very badly cut, see? Victoria, say, welcoming almost everyone with posh greeting Virgin Queen's gone in to communicate Verily they approached us with gentle words and lowly responded Very dull dirty dog put in enclosure Vessel on which folk duo member found objects of rubbish Vain and regularly indulged Very plump bottom goes on this? Vocal passage, alternatively in F minor, is easy Volunteers once making tea regularly Venerated husband given the thumbs-up Vigorously approve of crooks kidnapping French drunk Violation accepted ahead of French battle Vehicle carrying Latin duo Vulgar upset after disposing of second quantity of beer Vitality, special power slowing Versace to be cleaned out by Scottish bank — wait and see?   View model scratching bottom Voted to change round company in tiny house VAT not applied initially on large fish Villain‘s crimes upset social worker Very powerful gig by drug-addled singer? Venetian lady soaring all over the place Vacuous éclat, French right taking on industrial city Von Rompuy etc‘s sad bleatings wasting time Varied riots occupying left-wingers in Havana in case of importance Very dry American's wig Veto token circulating as legal tender Variable number Hoover up and tidy Vocal opponent of 22 in former European 22   Very smart but initially a bit wet   Vice President abruptly hit out over spymaster's problem-solving method Very trendy young lady's first record Very much legal – otherwise I may be called in? Veronica did a 22 in balloon Vigour from writer after change of heart Volume of unruly mobs in uniform Very unpleasant Latin curses over setter Vow to fellows at old game at the opera Vagrant grew teary, consequence of having bath? Value of American English Voice witty remark about second last Version of The Trout drops leading section Variety of fruit that's peeled Very typical rural dancing Vessels seen by navy entering bay for celebration north of the border Vice-president holding up English money in show of contrition Voiced disgust in music hall Very discerning 1 down, eg Edna Everage eating starters when out Very much surprised to see university in area of Birmingham that's given daughter education Voice in maëlstrom regularly lost Very fast river – relax diving into it Verger's first to see vicar forced into reciprocal relationship Very much at home, always gracious! Visible in the gloom, clown masks sick for the most part Veteran cook given Asian bread Very good turn-out, old musician Various rivals of Tom Daley Very keen on being spoiled regularly    Viscount Greystoke spotted in Gibraltar and Zanzibar Vehicle needing day to book Vegetables should be glossy, first to last Virginia looking into good health in retirement exhibited by southern Europeans VIP discussed problem about English Very unpleasant when cramped? Not half Vessel having to slow to a trot, might you say? Virgin placed in lower recessed tomb, historically Variety of salmon served tail first, eaten typically for starters in orbit Version of text revealing communist infiltration primarily in part of Ealing Vehicle route in a rocky mountain range Viz article in newspaper is checked Very small amount raised ahead of European rendezvous View of both parents about Nora Vacant celebrity copy causing storm Voice, strained, to falter, though one escapes fight Varied in themes, securing honour with lines providing decorative detail Vehicle expert upset during escapade on a large rocket launch site Vandal sacked city in endless wasteland Violin piece from 6 Very old stamp given to five tucking into food Vaults and nimbly clears end of pommel Voice, 99% of which is N and O? Visigoth roughly restraining bear Very light, for example Virtue good … then to relish a version of the Arabian Nights Varoufakis, for one, misusing emoticons Very bright having old Peruvian origin Very good soldier, chap that's found in bars Versatile old lunar module Visitor, supposed to be announced Vans breaking down in shed curtailed campaign Vehicles turned up with mostly fake electronic device Very holy woman after bag with books concealing cocaine Visiting Bergen? That's not right, not at all! Volume 9: Mid-Kent Vision, draft initially put on paper Very much against overturning result Vital fluid spilled, a decisive juncture Very small state overwhelmed by support Varnish jack and ace before card game's over Vegetable served after a special introduction to Alan Sugar backfired Very large beetroot served with full-flavoured bird Vlad puzzle is taxing people Volley first struck shoulder Very soon scoundrel gets a girlfriend Victor breaks brassy bust Very difficult question from small mischievous child Very noticeable ethic agency deployed Vacuously self-important ass in top-flight location Very small, quiet nursing home Very dirty, a line on ground Volunteers vicar to cut sileage crop Violent mob in city short cut Vocal prompt expected soon Voice complaint leading to Nutmeg's end Vehicle's contents I removed from empty street changing hands Vehicle I loaded with rubles and goods for secret society Vampire free of Saturn after invasion of Earth Vehicle needing endless attention 9, vile 9, are reportedly for literary villain View otherwise suppressed by state Vegetable, relative having caught cold, cut one Visitor swapping A&E for wine store? Voyagers make haste Very trendy old setters like wine Venus Williams finally overwhelmed by German veteran in Split Vehicle going round a lake and river valley in Italian region Very different energy in field within harbour Visual trick's first seen in old film Votes for Sussex town rising, not large Virtuoso matador holds animals' bodies Victor snubbed in party dance Verbally treat with contempt stage productions and shows Very old soldier owns new company in Paris Vehicle 101 has complete lack of data that produces growth Vehicle's condition described by retired people Vegetable that's not initially glossy Vincent Vega on vacation in the city Vessel found in first part of ‘Hope and Glory' translated by first rate lecturer Various snakes crush lion, like most mammals Very old officer offers little force Vermin: essentially contains small mammals Very tense, ultimately, during exchange of shots Vehicle contains ultimate glitz for Russian leader Varnishes a girl variously applied to end of nails Victoria (the Queen) & Albert (husband) gallery Venomous snake's seen here, by and by? V range isn't varied Very early man, bloody cuts Vital soldier dropped next to horse Very young peacock Various elements in what we eat, time included Vicious ruler stopping breakaway faction Vehicle that carries regular team and another Vehicle reverses by king, queen and huntsman Very good trip is taken round outskirts of Llanelli Very musical association with computer thinking Virginia has visitor least inclined to get to the point Very light haircut a bargain? Visits very good English church on Sunday that is falling apart