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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 289

Very game old soldier returning punch Victorian chimney sweeping, an example of nepotism? Vermin Nick caught which can't be seen normally Versatile jazzman? He makes money, certainly Viewing instruments to manage on board steamship Verbal leaders of outspoken rabble are lefties Vessel containing another meat socially acceptable for ancient king Vehicle parking by road Vermin was in the van behind back of defendant, upset Visit state pupils at home Values some Elizabeth I coins Very slender and pale, keeping her fit's problematic Vehicle is a heap — pity that can't take me Visibly performing number about men only Vessels in river area Vegetable on top of ripening fruit Very inaccurate shot (where one saw it coming?) Vineyard Frenchwoman runs with less compassion Vaulted passage in Balmoral to be glimpsed in open doorway Voice that can cause a lot of mental torture Voting her out within a very short time Vicar maybe caught religious artefact changing hands VIP enraged after sacking director on the fiddle according to rumour Volume on speaker for siren Visionary official involved in about-turn on cigarettes Vitality of English model occupied by publicity Velocity zero in refuelling lane, makes neat turn Various deaths marked by single memorial Vassal‘s gone on vacation in pursuit of romance Verbal, but unwritten, authority Vicar with hair restyled for noisy wedding party Vehicle rounds bend before a shock Vessel like this supporting a plant Virgin mobile due to take over tabloid Vehicle trapped by one tramcar after another ‘Vigorously resist habits' – one who has them V-shaped mark? There's one in tail of exotic bird Vice head sounds nervous, unable to stomach chop perhaps Vulgar Conservative leaves a pall of gloom? Violent, dry wind, haze, some rain and finally a lull Violent offender that court banged up Very bright American requiring support at first clue? Voices raised in terrible argument, referee initially knocked over by players Variety in a wine list a growing concern for heavy drinkers, perhaps? Very much like duck Virginal Conservative on speed Vacuous, happy folk in Maidenhead Very fat old bachelor eats six enchiladas for starters Very bad cut on horse's rear Visiting Japan, Tom? I'm Ed, a method actor specialising in drag . . . . Vice initially shown to be justified View from east certainly popular Very comfortable with healthy excitement Vouchers issued when companies take over Vehicle manoeuvre – real comedy act? Violin's soundboard temperature, which responds to touch Vicar of Bray perhaps in issue over divorce? About right Violent criminal shipping heroin in vessel Vicious setback for underworld figure Violent behaviour almost embraced during endeavour Vacuous mag about nouvelle cuisine – it's fluff on the table Vigour and style exhibited by the French in Parisian houses Viewers at last safe and all right Vet belonging to cult keeps quiet View of Boris Johnson? He's divisive Vegetable producer Value in warmth and love in republic Very powerful backing for soul singer Viscous liquid from tea urn regularly discarded Vote for Roman Catholic-protected independent Paisley – who could put out your lights Vice seen in cold light Valued time invested in raising treasure Virus close to waste pipe Visor on ground restricts team game – there's trouble catching Vital chaps who help rulers Valley outside the borders of my French estate & 1 Vociferous flier shows strain, having infection Very turned on by Ray's cooked sole Voluntary work Latino vandalised Very upsetting, gun wings a girth badly Vestment in church, English, consumed by decay Very involved in new canned meat promotion Veg is cold and tough Very modest debtor might Victor embraced by Matthew in Nervi Vicar touring Italy, with time to make fact-based programme Visibly upset having lost head delivering reprimand Very quick record claimed by Danish explorer Vermin running around two state capitals Very liberal artist with backing of The Sun Very concerning to come across a betrayal Verify sectarian slaughter Very many in dish with 24 blackbirds, say? Then bird finally flew Very French attempt to seduce is wrong, legally Villa centre half welcomes tie Very exciting case in court, absolutely full Varadkar's calories regularly consumed in train Vehicles catch a train Very noticeable when once proud knight breaks down Volunteers, smart, start to supervise wine events? Very famous figure in charge Very good French resort, on top of everything Villain gives poor Don ulcers Very complicated recipes Version of memoirs penned by posh name initially? It's plummy Vacant single bed inside for writer Versatile plug attached to a piece of furniture receiving power Ventriloquist's prop, about right for making us laugh Very large watch over European port Vessel? Small crew's with it Very little water among black stuff in Aussie swamp /23 Victory line, maybe, such as May's shelved grammar school plan? Variety of hybrid barley got for an unfair price Vague, not confident about conclusion of work and so on Vacuous dealer Hoskins will bore Vetted various pints with editor around city Vintage poster depicting Boys in Blue Very happy about central element in inquiry detectives explained Vicious American disembowelled sweetheart in New York Vespa moped delivers junk food Vigorous solver getting flu shot — that's not so bad Vocalist enlists pair that should raise game Vessel holding – and in – the drink? Vehicle carrying crop is badly drawn Voucher admitting Henry Wood Views capturing Rhode Island in long-running TV show Voted to assign shares in plot Vulnerable at the outset before crossing German border Vehicle originally departing from Parisian company's design style Very small church in which man's placed decorative material Very soft piece of bread Very good house useless in part of London Veg diet is varied for processing food Very large number getting month off (something charged) Very bad skin of warrior is cut and deeply lined Vehicle going uphill running into animal in European city Victor batting, nervous lad on a pair, gets delivery from Indian Vessel in underground channel has section removed Vexed about following in such a manner Violate popular part of Edinburgh Festival Vote for champs vocally Vain fellow with sense to wear jacket of organdie Vehicle used by mum takes dad to Paris – not the centre Valued works deconstructing tree ritual Valuable metal one keeps secure for blonde Vote against adopting dry spruce Vocal in revolutionary hymn Vast enterprise collapses without English salespeople Vagrant once having to peddle round for all to see Viceroy, king and ambassador in front of disreputable club Very entertained by composer with energy in place in Normandy Vacuous homage a nonsense, irritating thing Versatile actors badly lit mutiny about theatre's closure (10, 2 words) Various indications it's not raining Very small entrance to office is just about adequate Vows left to false god Vacant, the number one place to sleep on reservation Very modern jail wants cunning type put away Very old woman limping more grips end of them Very thin stock made in part from this? Visiting Martinique, because French is spoken there Vassals convey false impression with info about me Vets less quiet bugs Vacuous government accepts zero-hour contract ought to pass Veggie hors d'oeuvre — butcher cursed it! Vote in engineers and go Variable length, once absorbed in respectable screw Very French publisher entertained entertainers Viva the foreign king, over from the east! Vote Conservative? Crikey! Make sure that's right Visual aid for leader on track? Values cherished by democrat especially Vexed by Jesse oddly missing with punches Very good boom time for developer Voice carried beyond state bridge Variety of cider apples? Crop thus spliced maybe Very fond of little Dorothy's notes Very drunk before starting game Very clever people amend mosaic, keeping central elements Very thin, leaving hospital by right form of transport Venom in cobras initially collected by boy, say? Very primitive voting system dubious American boxing club's backing Vamp's covering minor quarrel, and felt furious Very uncivil in RSC, Ian replaces one queen in part of another in play? (9, 2 words) Very much cut off, see Vocal character leaves Vegetarian diet under microscope, initially Very cool, an active smoker? Vulgar youth, not very subtle, discards model vestment Vigorous trill in aria Violet's neighbour doing somersaults round island Vicar overlooks fool in church making crack Very light as, ultimately, 70s fashion Vigorous screwing, e.g. in Crete Value plot prepared for field event Vessel for cargo designed to enrich Spain Vicar is, on appeal, to consider again Verse, one of five impressing a West End academician Vehicle, facetiously a Russian plane? Vessel smuggling crude oil — it's an inside job Very famous reporter is half-cut Visit Bill, but not a degenerate Vessels full of beer and groceries primarily Very fond of a party group Very much depressed in the end, getting old Vibrant instinct reflected in angry speech Vehicle runs on rough tarmac Vacation so fantastic in part of Canada Very small margin showing musical's range Vehicle with breadth reduced for engine part Vietnamese arresting smoker? Very good work coming up that's right for a bouncer Vitality needed by keener gymnasts Vehicle in Senegal's unoccupied border Victoria's last daughter given gold and navy dress Vegetable rubbish in dump Very much in detail? Very important office's opening in new chapel Visual work with idiosyncrasy Very late Very quickly approve of appreciative audience? Vandal sacked city in endless wasteland Vessel carrying pennant? Very suited to accommodate fine architectural feature Vassal almost stealing crown, as chair of assembly Victory, with India suppressed by British? Ruddy empty boasting Very hot Romeo's in local Vicious bile to assess and eliminate Vegetable starter for lunch that's scary Violent dictator repressing Democrat's term of office , 13 Villain gesturing angrily unlikely to be this Voyager ultimately in space, flying an enormous distance Variety of i.e. a cold one? Neither hot nor cold Viciously criticise wise one penning a bible Vital employee in the typing pool? Very different means to keep baby quiet Vacuous eejit interrupting congregation, bit of a nag Vision of drink spiked with drug Vegetable that's almost entirely vegetable matter View of the 18 protagonist getting caught, not run out Very unlikely to be imported from across the world Very fine market in Marrakesh? Venue for pilgrims mostly returning to rotate in a way Vegetable spread served with crackers and Scotch Vegetable casserole: not entirely a small amount Venus oddly is back fully in range Varied Asian diet here? Very short time needed to get dry Vagrant so cold, he being taught a lesson Vegetable: bound to get on repeatedly planting one