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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 290

Vapour left in tree Vessel containing coin exchanged for fabulous creature Very intelligent creature to avoid cigarettes? Visitors taking time to speculate Vulgar and expensive car with ludicrously luscious upholstery Verbose expert hearing short musical phrases Various roads set out Veronica has to race brilliantly Vessel everyone backed to cut piracy at sea Variable fund turning crazy Voice belonging to forgotten orator Vehicle carrying new top for keeper Visionary born by stretch of water Vignette, proper text with odd parts missing, read Very African country? Not this person's Vitality of revolutionary always having internal resistance Very sweet lady disheartened, stuck under collapsed crate Vehicles, one after another, carrying assistance, turned up to support a major medical emergency Very fine paper soon in recycling? Sort daughter binned Vile smell around American seen outside Number 10, repeatedly Very brave man in club team Venerable man said to provide this aid to prayer? Venial story about Pasquale, perhaps? Very unreliable engine outside in dusk Vocal work of Mercury inspiring boy band at first Very old, bright and roomy Very quick affair involving you at first Very small opening in peace pipe Very reliant on shifting break Vehicle with endless job when reversing gets driving aid Vagrant goes round cast in tatters in area for refugees? Very large component of management retiring Vegetarian food fanatic given mullet? It's allowed Very little money taken by Khartoum's first open-air market Very enthusiastic e-bulletin put out Victor half-heartedly bears temperature in the cold season Vagrants turned on mother, daughter and son Variety broadcast: 'Miss Fitzgerald at New York' Vaguely messed up criminal finally arrested by rozzer Vice-captain won't worry about Wood not starting Vehicle from space ascending over time takes an age Vigorous number to sing about Romeo Very devout, hot and reportedly sour Victor Sharples, say, crosses unknown Italian location Vehicle fuel not properly guarded Vessel, great success, bearing north ahead of one with power and skill Valve that's half dry in part Very silly wearing hat to keep cool Voice part central for Sir William, say Visual impairment caused by falls Video to stimulate sales for a bit Very good tin rings for plough Very, very into Ms Stark in Balkan state Vice a shade into seedy town Vegetable with potassium? Cooks boil hard leaves off end Virtuoso keeps old-fashioned duke on friendly terms Variety of glasses that browser should try on Voicing full agreement Very articulate precursor of Selassie Very bad baby's malodorous clothes Very little gun clip? Violinist‘s private room Viruses caught by elderly people Violin (undated) picked up by a Central Asian prince somewhere in Russia Very healthy wraps cut into two pieces Van is hell travelling round US city Very angry buccaneer heading off Variety of music filter Vegetables, smooth, first to last Very pale, like domesticated fowl Vegetable ingredient in cock-a-leekie soup Vote to conceal name in complex means tests Visitor found in the bingo hall Vehicle rapidly becoming a shell Very long word and polite address to man (Romeo's papa) by surrealist in hospital VAT files go astray? Time for celebration! Value our sailors in river like brothers Vasiform old boat Laura, sternless, is wrecked Visit's about aggressive mongrel in stable Very tense, keen on arrest Very little fluid allowed after surgery by doctor Veer to north and look ready for bed Voiceless, is in a phone company? That's like something out of Ionesco Very much similar to Charles Pooter's job Very small lake fish VIP overseeing one showering? It's not worth thinking about Variable tract of a certain appearance (Scottish), article Liberal penned Virginia right to get a place in tough university Vermin trapped by prompt clergyman Void in which valiant die horribly Verse form everyone's instructed about Very large revolutionary claim is constructed — by this theory? Very much turned on before climax Vice-consul managed to be emphatic Veg portion from club as entremets Vouched for watching cricket with England disheartened Vehicle takes a step to become a hardtop Vessel ran short with too much on board Variety of clue, firm kind Venomous sort caught wearing half-torn item of hosiery over lingerie Video shot covering head of state's hanging Variable indefinite number triples? That's an irritation Very fast time Coe runs gets beaten Viciously attack note on instrument Van Gogh heading off, given peeled carrot Virtually perfect concept Vlad seen dishevelled and oppressed Victorian scientist in multiple books about a period in history Very large game bird Vital forces, so misapplied with goner Vegetable working, no drink Very royal soldier possessing a good bum Very much what a fireplace outlet might offer on the radio? Very good hosting one family Very willing listener welcomes good ending to tale Very elated? Surely not, in this Vision of motorway madness Very plain dish, oddly missing food Vertical pipe is positioned in the centre of storeroom Vision of man's path being troubled Very keen to stay around conference venue Violently attacks stationer after a fracas Voids reverse polarity of attractive forces Very bad lad enthralled by elegance Vehicle turning up with item of furniture easy to deal with Viewer's complaint lambasted set incorporating empty theatricality Villain appears with rookie comedian Van came out to find troglodyte Various theorems in institution Vital answer's not recorded Varnish explosive account Very posh officer without commission Vessel carrying you on the Seine in reversal of direction Very smooth, swanky ride, say, as it's made over inside Villain has removed hat entering Los Angeles theatre Various addicts extremely well equipped with drugs Violent crime in connected cells Vehicle's turned in one year after parking offence Very probably relish demonstrating an ancient custom Visit me during company patrol Very large gin, mixed with a tonic to begin with Very well, to make matters worse, they finished Vacuous archbishop with small stomach Vessel not closing, opening for god Venomous type? Man has company support Versifier, model versifier Vicious in a swarm, moreover Verbena struck the French as worthy of respect Vanquishes most terrible things Variety turns, groups with great style and skill Vice-consul yet to get involved in a row VAT-free Atlantic trade is something offered by the White House Various pelicans, say 19 volunteers leave receipts Virtuous, but cheats badly Victor or William? Volunteers come in before popular host Virgil's name (Roman possibly) for ‘crustacean' Very much welcomes large grant Victorious, like an exemplary public schoolboy of old? Very zealous supporter in charge in a short discussion Very funny hour I sail at sea Very wet grass View from large castle — king's away first Varnish providing extreme shininess, we hear Vegetable everyone put in picture Voice encapsulating almost everything as US author Vigour of compilers primarily liking deception Various bits occupying tiny pages here Vessel to travel back initially having met obstruction Vixen kept secret article that's arrived in the interim Very much cake, case of forty or fifty eaten up Very much to say is set aside Virtually — gold? 18 vote's announced Very many are of inferior significance Vandalises Home Counties eaterie and departs northwards Very aggressive companion restrained by chairman Very faithful type not lying down Vehicle occupied by English chum going backward and forward Voltaire should be treated with scorn? That's disputable Very popular musician has five listeners gathered round piano? See about that! Vile cadre honestly brutish to have someone so at their mercy? Vessel that opens late in the week? Vulgar Latin for 'pump' Very good gimbri intro intended, say, for Chinese White? Voyage in trouble east of Sweden Violinist with animated cat likes playing outside right in front of royalty Violet hardly started, so Titian splashed around — quite an ordeal Veto say kept by long-time resident Viking Red explorer, terribly heartsick but chats away Voted to assign shares in plot Value Walthamstow or Thamesmead houses Volunteers managed to give an account of a dance Vulnerable, hopping away? Visionary down – what's up? Voracity is permitted, first off Vixen, cunning no end Vegetable commonly found in Christmas pudding Vase held by sculpted saint seen on top of Elgar's grave Very good character shown by Starfleet captain Various redesigns to a dress Veteran Boat Race participant lost a grand Visibly win fight, beginning to end Value trial — I try out computer-generated oxymoron? 9 Vocal argument about the French staying silent Vigneron‘s success: tumbler missing first place, but enthralling millions Violinist, one engaged in questionable practice Very excited over one riding Derby winner Very good start, embracing the female principle in competition Votes for unknown characters from central Russia Vocal support for magician who performs in church hall? Voyeur on trial, criminal in novel Vehicle in recess reversing with velocity Vessel essential to house charred bones Violin or unusually old wind instrument Valuation reduced with chain cut off Very tough food largely put by the Spanish with fish Very wonderful edition, which can be folded Violent criminal, a sheep rustler? Voters to create panic after conclusion of Article 50 Very strong acid, say, kept in fish tanks Very small working clothes for character from Athens Vegetation is secure in this location Varied rates putting off a dodgy purchaser of space in newspaper Village near Loch Lomond of shooting star – Bethlehem? Very economical price had struggling stores close to debt Vow to re-write scene or act Vegetable some ship from the east Victorian author's forename on only novel about abstainer Vegetable eating wholly brought about King George's disease Variety of bush, right? Vulnerable offer Very involved requirement in store Victor Hugo initially abandons flowering plant Vapour from south side Vulnerable spot targeted by Paris Vehicle's taking heavyweight container Vehicle in space requiring one-off permit around Italian river Very pale, like woman at pre- nuptial event Vegetable outstanding soldier keeps in pannier regularly Vehicle with A-reg vacated in the ancient city Vomit-like, suppressing argument, Hunt struggles with protest leader Valuable collection lets Tory leader gallivant Vessel with some honey in crypt Viewer's complaint about diplomacy engaging Arab Veteran that is rated top in cunning, like a good fighter Vixen perhaps using control that's excessive you say? Vermin initially swimming about, turning round in swirling waters Various sad clues about – you can't get through them