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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 291

Vote for right representatives of love Very poor actor cast with one semi-famous Vintage Chartreuse in college celebration on the lawn Vertebral peg displayed in reception room? Not on Very little music, but it makes the house shake! Very hot, newsworthy? About right Vehicle quickly becomes a hardtop Veteran sneered at concealed climbing net Vegetable in church observance not entirely bad Variety of smart neon decorations Villain or devil incarnate, ultimately infernal Vacuous geezer, a twit or dope Vamp at heart said to be without principles Very like some fairies to cover shirt in soft fabric Very many are out of shape Vitamin B, A and C twice in mixture Vessel with a comic quality? Victoria's one wanting love drug Voices being tested in court, one should be as low as possible Very old material briefly to do with vowels Very dull clothing earl changed Vessel has sign of damage – a different receptacle's to be brought in Vengeance of Greeks in mess, introduction of euro having failed Vicious, fully vocal Commonwealth city Vague complaint demanding sex be removed from church service Vegetable from Aube region cooked with nothing removed Very unknown at home, German's competing Very little silver, bare boxes Very happy to be blonde indeed! Very genuine proposition Volvo finally pulled up with one secured nut Valley where short holiday taken in prison Vocal arrangement by European found in recess Various old aquatic birds Very cool heart? Legal troubles! Virginia's deceptively lenient sweetheart Vain Monica in the States Vindication of French barrier Vessels in waterways start off Verse feature that sounds wrong? Check out Frost, say Very old smokers tackle European books Various ladies show high principles Veteran officer in charge keeps unusual dope for local medication Victor with secret V. good to be protected by a new saint Vegetable ingredient in cock-a-leekie Van driver's back? One's been blocked in by idiot Vehicle's brought back with thanks from pilot Valued cut-price house contents Vandalise grave in utter viciousness Venomous creature in house? Any number! Very trivial cryptic clue requiring less up top Vegetable available in standard and bargain price Vice unit working to apprehend Duke following certain reasoning Viv failing oral test initially – wild bird Villainous organisation of don, cruel in cunning Variable in speech, strangely lacking energy and soul Vessel for one – or none? Stick around Vacate clubhouse couch Vegetables, some Stollen and some Tilsit Versatile like ball-bearings? Vessel‘s crew (émigrés in part, returning) Very deep saying recalled, amid praise Vacancy filled by international swimmer Visitor heading for lawyer, not Japan Vehicle that runs all morning at outset Very busy Man United player approaching half-time without oxygen Victory or defeat Various trees but no great variety View otherwise obscured by hat Very unstable ultimately during partial recovery Vague, pompous commercial breaks Vehicle reversed by man taking car from Cary Grant Very unfashionable French redhead is an intruder Vile dreams still unsettled runner-up Vexation shown by extremely perverse girl Vagrant in vehicle close to tip Volume in well down by 50% Very strong, but not in past or present, say Vocal campaign to prosecute Blair coming after a long interval? Virgin's undertaking change to telephone night shift Vote against party Virtuosic old city set in Spanish coast VAT, say, for nails Vice beneath a river light Very poor person for all to see in tabloid? Virtually standard to embrace prayer in shanty town Voltaire's article encapsulated by novelist in surprisingly prejudiced outlook Very close to girl collecting English books Very difficult to find mark on box, having wasted hours Very briefly, a potential leader males do fancy Very cold beer Very impressive visit without telephone Vehicle heading for Hertfordshire wilderness Very hungry creature that flies round the States Violent blow following blunder (by 1 across, as the saying goes?) Villain escaping justice punched by Women's Institute, important people Virgin, United in Dulles manoeuvre Value a quiet compliment Visa, perhaps, found in vehicle loaded outside Very little admitted by audacious bankrupt Violent thug gets day for victory Vessel, light weight, one found here Vera's mad state Very large film format, top to bottom Volume shown proved to be right Vest available for unmarried person Voice sounds camp on the radio Vacuous people ran into party and put Stones on Vehicle circling gold hall, ignoring half art school Vitality seen in the most elevated of characters here Visit places of interest, two spots Very old article brings comfort Vicious recession has PM in shock Very happy after start of birth that's overdue Vocal person auctioning room Violinist-poet admitting love for scratchy artwork V-sign from revolutionary facing Reagan briefly Veteran from left in party getting backed Voted as directed, supporting three political leaders Visibly unaffected by sorrow Vehicle skirting rocky rise, too rough Violent reaction against a flogging? Veto our side employing a bitch, regularly vulgar Very French to approve sin Visitor to ancient city is prime target Vexed expression when describing comeback for Clinton? Vexed by testimonial that's given by 18? Vitamin deficiency generates expression of regret Very much to drink up, a potential killer? Very fast making a witticism Versatile men are trained for the sea Violence following pub attack Views set pieces coming from wing, getting head to second ball first? Very precise character, the stuff of theatre? Violinist without upright character is harder to handle Very blue swan with a high voice Very small bits of moon visible before day is over V Earls' visit supplied health supplements Villain in white van keeps coming round Victims of WW1 the result of power station closure? Vehicle secured with load of silver Visitor paying for champers in the bedroom? Vacuous art, stuff that's tasteless and offensive Violinist's first quartet offers list of options Villain making lilac grow evenly? Vampire reincarnated as 4, 10? Vigour shown as Brendan's getting in a state Venetian who painted over an angel? Vintage fizzy asti I avoided in cocktail Vital change in cargo Villain on board near? It may occupy tar's spare time Very cowardly, not quite returning gunfire Vehicle currently parking in quagmire Vanity sees me left abandoned? Verse minister cut and cut again Very soon scoundrel gets a girlfriend Vegetable, green and sweet Vote in some revolting bankrupt celebrity Vast expanse of 8 and one of its denizens, say? Valiant rendition of symphony in empty hall Variety of citrus fruit that's dear Victor gets it after tussle; comic hopes he hasn't had his Volume written by a young female that's touching a nerve Vet with ideas about drug Volume of added liquid robbing cordyline of energy finally Value support Vengeful character taking pick to Egyptian god Vegetable is unfashionable following first half of growing season Vicar returning to black tie event missing last bit of speech Vague talk, very loud in country, yet to finish Vote to keep unusual slim footwear Vogue journalist didn't last Vessels crack up below neck Vessel in difficult situ­ation, conflict Very small vehicle reversing by a cat, I see Volunteers get increasing presents Very little in press turned up? Not good Vessel beneath reddish-brown banger Vegas casino with an operatic name Voice above tenor Vocal about going ahead to see reef creatures Valued guaranteed break in walk Very substantial award given to disheartened schoolmate Very well packing trunk, finally fit in small volume Vocal stallholder Valet stuffs fruit for epicure Vague gut feeling about detective Very big day before relaxing rest Viral infection when affecting fine fellow gets one down Verbal wit? It is found amid formal expert judgment Video of riveting broadcast that follows 11 Very nice with run for leadership of Congress getting crazy Victim of Goneril's terrible anger Value highly abused tsar and rue embracing the end of empire Vital foreign talks to begin in Greece Virgin crew help on board Vagrant's Holy Book, half-missing Vigilant newsman follows golf score extremely excitedly Vagrant in front gets trodden on Vicious about AC/DC's last album? Votes to consult new dean Vague for the most part over son getting married in America Villain, one that's gone Vehicle tours doubly popular around the middle of Basildon, area untouched by the sun Very hard stuff putting maiden off – that's strange Vagrant who needs nothing more than a warm place Victim put back in railway vehicle Verse from South Africa on resistance mostly Vehicle, with case finally inside, leaves from farm Version of it's missing from figure still Very drunk, but training to drink final Barolo? Very bad rage, beset by utter brutality Varied music one's playing, including Fitzgerald? Various oven treats including a sort of toast Victory token number 5 for Julius Caesar Victoria was famously not so pleasantly occupied View children should be heard? No . . . . yes! Very possibly secure a metal set in a bummer of an activity? The reverse Vehicle by the road's struggling to reach source of fuel Vibration left out by hat Visual device behind the bar Verse, art, one translated – excessively serious Vehicle idled Vagrant clutches one set of papers Victim's mute, withholding something obscene Very late Very short alien green man's turned away Vicious, regressive Blairism, without originator strangely different Vessel takes a long time warming food Very old figure breaking leg Voice in Bottom's head — where did it come from? Vessel‘s drink, hot inside Very brief affair takes a year Vegetarian meals for Springboks? Venomous arachnids monkey found in spongy plant ‘Vulgar', old label attached to redtop? Variegated ash and pine sharing a developmental stage Vocalist with bell conveying love with extra note Virginia's classic direction of keeper going to work? Very excited starter? View taking in both sides of unusual river Vestibule no good for posh people Very effective at the outset to block Conservative over worker's contract Very disappointed about the Spanish holiday, without a phone extension Very keen to keep working for unity Very bad medic in East End — he had flu 'cured' Viewer I overheard Vetoes films that are not positive Valuable assets in French art gallery