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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 293

Verbal adjective in 'poor undeserving pair of Poles dismissed' Very successful crew given fish as parting gift Vegetable pigment breaking free with 11 Vilify a number of Romans breaking ceasefire Visionary Labour leader first to pursue plan to have unlimited credit Vitality prevalent before 9 View of gold in 9's neighbour   Very little info given by the heartless   Visual movement in stone Via audible cast Vitamin had better be paid for Very fast way to cope with lack of corkscrew? Vet English law changes: minor movement detected Very fancy, Lumley — no end of fancy paper Vicar upset by extremely seductive poetry View after time facilities in marketplace devoid of sun Verity has got no time for this girl! Victoria needs energy to support revolutionary family Vexed, in rage that's greater, ultimately View contrived with camera endlessly revealing matter of concern to police Vague promise that one may get paid Vein running through Tiepolo design 'Vote Scotland' — detailed blog rewritten around English Vision could be jolly Viewer takes a long time giving description of Lulu? Very foolish ape, silly nincompoop, tried to be flirtatious Vehicle in process of decay? Tough! Various mediocre, tailless rodents Vintage clothing to begin with is rubbish Very many – fifty, received by titled lady Very inexperienced new SAS soldier initially rages with anger Very delicate towers are crumbling Vacuous telly guide introduced faux-archaic writing Voracious animals turning up in empty granary Very sad to find out what's popular on Twitter Very gloomy game opponent Vehicle in Pedro's house a means of restoring motion? Voice of wheelwright? Very honestly? Very old, worked with son for instance Vehicle to stay in compound Violent maid once seen as devil-possessed individual Violent woman 6 — he was shot in Dallas, Jack taken with a shot Value highly having firm, Harrods, say, alongside Vegetable fine with radish, wanting plate Volume so varied around large oil terminal Valued a piano, much admired Voice objections at first after ludicrous tales appear in paper Virtuous in spite of making a remark about Henry's bum Verdict on flat bread? Very little science he cannot decipher Volunteers holding up box found in Ancient Greek location Vessel that roads carry westward Vehicle found in Arab capital by hot scrubland Virgin maintaining resistance to wed Vessel gathers liquids up Vagrant died after ulceration from lack of food Very old city has a river enshrouded in mist Visit setter in horse yard Virtuoso injects heroin when in pain Vagrant entered in race is withdrawn Very hot grease swallowed by singer Villain‘s gore spilled around university Vegetable child of the family eats whole Vatican report 'entirely groundless' Vest Very much against the pointless subject of 'rickrolling' Very French: licence for wrongdoing Vinegary old hermit's no saint Visionary (?) work, Italian recalled, with unlimited scale Vera or city? Vice has fallen with stringent suppression Very small particles found in a television set Volcanic glass is picked up by investigator in Scottish town Vaul Vicar approved and Vast George I sunroom undergoes restoration Very old, bright and roomy Vital force left out of dance, doubly for ankle-biter Vehicle in which cups and saucers might be thrown around? Volunteers to follow one old Greek character Violence in scenes rife in production Very determined woman, carrying some weight, on diet without fail Very form of liberty stopped by Republican Very greatly regret flipping coins Version of Mary Luke redrafted showing Jewish garb Visitor to Italy blowing in from the south, e.g. Paul Volume turned up recently in middle of bulletin, it should be said Vicious people up for a cocktail VAT tax anger perhaps exceeding reasonable bounds Vamoose, Yankee! Vehicle journey carrying good missile propellant Verse or a nude dancing Vehicle to exhibit sign of accident? Very critical of scab briefly taking night shift Vet, perhaps, strangely incising a toad Vole-like creature climbing boat overwhelmed by damp smell Very fine Vulgar party game Very old cars, great mind in Greece Vent anger at first, one part full of hate, initially Vegetation that's hard to trim Visitor to ancient city isn't short of money, essentially Version of text seen as incitement to rebellion, wanting leader ousted Verse in which child gets eviscerated Vacillating like Thomas Very famous bunch of engineers Voice became a little repulsive Vain display of power by head of Ofsted and Gove, perhaps Valuables taken in war with Mars Vessel may pass over mountain range if its end is altered Very much anything except 50% Valve hit, high-pitched note coming in Virginia back, cutting Myra, is getting involved with Gordon — Verses certainly should encompass metre Variable smell in Scottish river going north brought up Vessel, unknown, is tricky Vehicle parked in the London area by day is alarmed Vegetable's caught in flipping rake, Eleanor! Vulgar  colour Very cold bottoms on freezing ice cap Vegetable from Spain collected medal Valerie, taken in by retired gentleman, has no heart for personal battles Vote for graduate tax to rise Veto, craven, is represented as averse to change Very determined, that man will be knight over time Visitors have no time to meet Doctor, so must debate his identity Vehicle running over ram creates disturbance Visual representation used in cryptography Ventured again to take father out Violet and Virginia in oral exam Variety of techniques allowed in head Very big heads in our bankrupt economy spoiling everything Verbally unravels part of a sentence Vehicle currently parking in Berkshire town Vegetable container holds old rubbish Very small weapon brought outside in temper Very last trade Vulnerable spot for church Very substantial binging aboard when at sea Violet almost lodging with love Visualisation of shimmering mirage at the end of the valley Voice support quite happily Vicious dog vexed priest's assistant Video game's greeting omitting one line Verbally abuse Tory minister? Party leader's appalled Verse has no end. No end? Odd, in a way View held by ventriloquist voicing Brian Blessed Vehicle noise upsetting the French cleric Viciously set about free march Vehicle wound round a bird Visits with command to repent? Victor is over to undergo embrace Very surprised concerning name taken by one setter Vice admiral initially took to the front very well Various carpets, fifty covering a range of colours Very unpleasant for one cooking with miso Vintage measure I forgot in moment of difficulty Very lively South American city, in our opinion Vehicle bachelor regularly loans can be used for dating Vaguely hint about leader in private education turning comprehensive Vast area ripe for development — look into it Victorian scientist to gamble mostly and succeed Victor letting slip wife's secret Vessels off course? Vengeance? Love and sex in it, all mixed up 'Variable after a shower' etc? Valid core degrees for woodcutter Vivid in future, possibly Vehicle submerged in a sea of lost umbrellas Valley where nothing is contributed to hunt Vital process cut, expert gathered Vitally important area later developed in consequence of deal? Very thin cut on the tongue Vital channel in that road going north Violent novels portraying charger in spirit Vehicle from UK not found in tricky clue Violently push boat Vampire Vigorous Chelsea regularly imprisoned in upper room Very expensive seat of learning located in what's left of medieval castle? Vacuous extract from Carolina newspaper Vessel — showing its nationality? Vessel less inviting when litre's not provided Very little space for food — I thrash wildly about Visit a boxing gym to see star Various happy events haven't escaped author of a 23 Very large girl as compared with figure seen in bars Vehicle turns over, but not altogether Victor runs away from unusually revolting freckles Vulgar youth listening to TV? Volume of copper piece holding constant charge Vicious uprising takes care of swells 18 View racket one way in part of northern Europe Very good cleaning fluid removing stain in the end Very much why fellow boozer drinks Virtuous type has a drop hidden away Vintage, mostly worthless rubbish Virgin, perhaps Irish, wearing flared style Valuable record in good cover Volunteers uplifted by a statement showing respect for property Variation resolved in game Virgin son getting out more then? Vehicle that's diseased, you might say? Violent criminal Volume containing a true array of writing Venetian lover takes Italian actor to Australia another way Veteran coped with alarming effect Very eager to lose gram to get thin Very old visitor ignoring street fashion Vessel carrying right flag Vigorous blow delivered by Judy's mate Vehicle for master losing footing on railway Void serial number with dexterity Vision of gift horse put out Very bright graduate contrarily idle Very enthusiastic about England footballer with unknown deficiency being abandoned Vote was rigged, splitting hard cash for director on board Villain that might create problem in camp Very warm keeping distance, almost very cold being instructive Volcanic stuff in periodical, most of it Vigorously attack lecherous type Vocalisation of friendship, when separated Victoria's first seen in shot cerise and navy, for example Visitor's sudden blow gathering energy Various news areas provide knowledge Versatile player getting chubbier everywhere? Vision of 500 sheets Vessel finding capital curtailed within borders of Thailand Vessels of American and British navy going in veering towards orient Veni, vidi, vici so described in account about changing destiny Variations in code who could possibly imagine? Not I Virgin saint eaten by calf Veteran sometimes pockets money from reluctant donor Virginia Lake and Greek character dance Victor was no spring chicken Vessel returned with cargo of gold to a country in the Pacific Visitor from Peru? Last to arrive in London station inn Veteran soldier's not so good without a right hand Vehicle is guided – one lost Valiant nil-nil replay is futile . . . . Very ill at home with an acute condition VIP is present in heart of procession Very talented author dies Ventilation system made of a metal that gets cold inside Voucher Virtuous Conservative has impetuosity Voice of trio involved in mischief Venetian island with its bull taking over small room