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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 295

Very good thing to have on pizza? Vim in clothing an unusual dog Vessel girl gets on . . . . Victory, say Voguish French writer's by southern Scottish city Victim of robbery by The Pearly Queen? VAR overturned goal slashing the odds in 1-1 Italian classic Vessel seen surrounded by an American valley or mountain Vegetable put, essentially, by one of Irving's characters, in salt water Very adult books saw covers getting interest Vehicle I raced right away shot into lead Vehicle butcher reported Very small amount of pressure curtailed bacterium, mark shaved at edges? Vehicle, we hear, for one-time star of silver screen Very numb Voter, missing nothing, mostly put off regarding online voting? Very good: America supported by largely bogus instrument Variant mallard duck keeping one species protected Very Liberal women labouring to secure victory promise Very extrovert principal wearing fancy shirt with flourishes Visualise limousine with daughter, perhaps the Queen of Hearts Very gloomy-looking judge hoovering up line Victor Hugo's beginning to get into party Virile, but motionless? Vengeful group that is wrapped in winter clothing Volcano starts to erupt terribly near Africa Vestiges of last revolutionary uprising Vessels, modified, foil all threats initially Van meal bit off? Maybe yes, maybe no Visit daughter and become exhausted Vegetable popular in hostelry in France Vehicles in Perth you briefly examine Very legitimate request Very happy upholding story by journalist Village hospital has charm but not suitable for everyone Verona production featuring Romeo went on for too long Video corporation changing hands Violins initially tuned well for loud little spins Violinist keeps quiet, one involved in medley earlier? Very pale, like bride-to-be Vegetable abroad Ben served in a new way Venomous American chess player opening with sacrifice of knight Volunteers and politician forming compact Vast amount Italian writer picked up with article Violin piece by leader strengthened position Vacuous divorcé to assume payment made earlier Vocal rebuke after country's exchanging leaders for health food Volunteer dyke builder's quoted by some Vessel seen from Dorset and Rye at sea Views from master with time to go into particulars Victims of ridicule making objections audible Visibly, it's where drinkers are left in charge Voltaire exuding anger could become a sort of green Vehicle jars, having moved without clear direction Virginia — girl backed as feudal tenant Very much lacking in purpose? Voice not pure on the radio Venetian pro's fit for game Vessels belonging to chef? Virginal blokes will get help inside Volkswagen buzzer let loose Very English trebles, song surprisingly Italian Very much depressed, man's time in game Very comfortable partners with extremely lyrical song and dance Very old 10p coin discovered – Hollywood maybe wanting a penetrating interview with the public Vinegary tripe for starters and dessert Venomous sort of chatterbox losing face Varied stars rejected food around old city Vegetable that goes with premium ginger Voracious woman in shock at emergency room Victor consumed lichee in tandem? Various rooms ultimately somewhat damp? Volcanic area of land with giant rock faces? Very unfriendly back home on the farm Visionary pop star out of Arkansas Very unpopular journalist has pissed off in the van Version later converted scoundrel Voluble person to meander and chatter when climbing Very fast with classic greeting, Lord Lieutenant is not half conniving type Very busy legal expert initially ditched one doing filing? Vassal fed, swallowing tablet after pork pie Vigilant owner ultimately enters a rental property Voluntary work of a speculative kind with number leaving Very hot yet was composed Verse has singular beat unknown by leading academic Vault with Mexican food and bit of mescal into taxi Versatile notice for Fair Isle set up Virtually delighted to find unit for measuring angles Very angry about boxer's debut in ring Very sensitive atmosphere feeds high tension on boat Voyeur's characteristic seen in riotous epic re-run Very happy once with taxi worker Very small amount of exactly what is needed discovered in Maine Vicar's upset collecting one pound in coins Very funny sex with a Dolores Violent racist reformed by Democrat Very fierce about women using bad language Verbally compare fungus with algae Vessels primarily serving pelvic region Visit judge, ever the foppish fellow Very wrong to drink drop of Glenfiddich, a couple of fingers Viewer's following celebrity astronomer Very fast job, as the reformation Vacating house before nuclear meltdown is very hard Vegetable from marsh eaten primarily in the Netherlands Volunteers to punch stupidly entitled art-fan Voracious French FA in time exploit backing Vehicle followed by second in French comedy, treat with superficial sweetness Virtue of Patricia, exceptional niece Violent action: coup leading to control by enemy forces Virtuous type to go on bike or walk? Vehicles honked, first travelling to the rear Verse typified by poet: know it? Vessel in felucca or tanker Vessel opening after day Vessels in decay loaded with iron on banks of river Vessel in question south of Cuba, originally — Valley, Calif Vast Arctic plain View; forecast Vatican monarch Vietnamese noodle soup Vanished Voter on a failed 2014 independence referendum Volodymyr Zelenskyy's country: Abbr Very long period of time ___ verde (Peruvian green sauce) Voices heard in paper, reportedly? 'Va-va-___!' "Very well" Vicinity Very well -- I start to admit -- after medical trips seen in selfies and posts? Vanish Very much Very nearly Vane point Vowel set Villa d'— Vacation spot Venus and Serena __, tennis champions Villain in the first Bond movie __ von der Leyen, President of the European Commission Void Vocal feature Vaccine research org Visorless cap Vogue rival Vehicle often traded in Very warm Votes in Valentine's Day theme Verse of praise Vermont harvest Vowel for Plato "Voilà!" Vampire's introspective question? Vexed Video game brother Visible part of an iceberg Vietnam's capital Vegan version of a classic brunch dish Vintage Pontiac muscle cars Viral social media post Verb that sounds like a letter Very detailed account Vein yield 100% vegan cosmetics brand Very large piece of meat saved to take back Velocity Vehicle made to explore the Red Planet Vaccine shot Very slowly Vacation rental craft Very high Vacation rental craft Virtuous Vanilla units Visitor is supposed to be announced Volleyball player races into spectator Very small number welcoming current peer Voting coalition Veto Visibly stunned Venison: age, roast while turning, infused with herb Vehicle pulled by yoked animals Villain's hideout Vote into office Valedictory utterance Vegan alternative to gelatin Venezuelan river Video game with a floor mat, for short Value system Vegetable in rosolje or borscht ___ Verde National Park Vine growth ___ vera __ Vegas Aces Velociraptors, e.g Very minor celebrity Very fragrant Volleyball game venue Verb form — I fit in vine (anag) Video game genre for Space Invaders Very confused at home, a Greek character, theologian, over the Parisian __ Valley: Reagan Library site "Very funny" Very pleasant detailed figure in computer game Vacationing Vegas opener Vocational training provider ? and an anagram of 55-Across Vote for *Vessels for whites and reds Vividly sensational Verdi opera Versatile cards in blackjack Very pale wash enjoyed? Not altogether! Vigorously support former jockey View Volume-boosting devices Venus's love Viral disease Voyage preceder Vehicle for kids Vehicles for island-hopping Valved brass instrument Very poor Virtual money Vast Vessel for brewing pu'er "— vincit amor" Vampire's cry in sunlight Vigoda of "Fish" Video-sharing site Viral photo, e.g Violent spasm of pain Vendor Vault part Very big 'Vacant' needed to follow punctuation mark in dictation Vikings coming from north or south-east Vietnamese New Year *Vigorous effort Virtuous fellow Venus's sister Vegetable Video of someone opening a package Vote into office Very serious and formal Vinegary stew of Filipino cuisine Volcanic flow Very disappointed