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Vast extent of land area is lost without uranium Verbal flourish following a feat Venerable figure stripped off soldier Vegetable wine's gone over seat Very stylish Vegetable in a pod Virtuoso violinist Hilary Vow — Victor Vortex Volunteer troops made rough manoeuvres Valley Vital statistic Victorious cry Vein yield Venerated figure Video game realm ruled by Princess Peach Vertex in a graph Video game stages Vocally Very pale Victorian street light Villainous Vast expanses Very good being in possession of unusually rational brain? Vehicles that are the opposite of smart? Very uncertain Volcanic depression Variety Vacant elected positions Vietnamese New Year Venetian transport Very formal, or very informal, garment Vixen's offspring Voiced disapproval Vending machine purchase Voting alliance Van Gogh painting Van Gogh venue Video game hub Video game item that gives a boost Vehement Viggo Mortensen and Hans Christian Andersen, by nationality *Visual acuity Vegas casino targeted in "Ocean's Eleven" '___: Vegas' (2021 spinoff) Very close races -- if so, phone this criminal Venus, for one Volunteer's words Very enthusiastic Votes against Vessel in some Asian restaurant names __ Valuable Player Vegan milk grain Vice president who wrote "An Inconvenient Truth" Voter's page Veiled legend in grand finale Visa alternative, for short Vail gear Vacation lodging option Vitality Very little consolation! Vampire not originally dressed in gold -- like Sybil? "Voices Carry" pop group __ Tuesday Vegetarian staple Vacation recreation destination Verse by Pablo Neruda Vegas game Vex Verne Troyer's "Austin Powers" role Venezia's nation Verb for you Vapor from a coffee maker Vehicle inside I've sprayed, going with American smoker? Virtuosi __ von Bismarck, first chancellor of Germany Ving of 'Mission: Impossible' movies ___ Vincent, bluegrass singer inducted into the Grand Ole Opry ___ Vincent, bluegrass singer inducted into the Grand Ole Opry Victoria Arlen's cable channel __ verde Victory cries Very helpful tip, informally Vehicle for moving ___ vu Vertically level Virgo and Scorpio, for two View Vehicle, say, in track event getting withdrawn Viewed Valhalla's location *Vision in the mind's eye Verdi opera Victim Volcano in Sicily Vegetarian dish Vouches for the truth of Volume of maps Vehicles with overhead wires Venice landmark Vague impression Very disorderly Very serious (informal) Volatile state of affairs Vintage Vegan cookout option Vital force, in yoga Versatile blackjack card Vine or Wall Video game franchise starring major-league baseballers Vagabond's foot less damp on the outside Vegas WNBA team Variable IQ reflected after taking in university pub event? Very unpleasant fag would, when put out Vehicle slide Vocalise quietly, attracting husband's disapproving grunt Verbose in speech supporting tongue action Violent attack Vast lunar plain Ventricle's outlet Vertical pipe inside a building Voice in an iPhone Vegan's no-no Van delivered unusually long wiry breed for this young woman Very sad or intensely distressing Volcanic rock found at labs, oddly Very quietly adopts mantra for ostentatious ceremony Violist seen playing sets? Vatican masterpiece sculpted by Michelangelo Victor blows top in Dublin, for example, when shown area where housing is old and sometimes dilapidated Vacuous shoppers have eaten more than enough of these freebies, perhaps Vehicle put a strain on electric current Various aids to blocking a great deal of digital wealth creation Very lightly cooked meat Vestment rolled back -- hot period Valentine's gift Venetian archipelago known for its glass manufacturing industry Venue Volcano with a view of the Ionian Sea Vial sought in some thrillers Video game portals Verdi opera Very long tale Victory Vocal range name meaning 'high' Vivaciousness Vaccine molecule Vegetable fat spread Very soon after Viswanathan who was the first chess grandmaster from India Valuable stone Vacation spot Volcanic flow Verdi heroine Ventured Very long timespan Vets. aid act Vacant flat sign Venture capitalist dressed as a heavenly being? V, in physics Vietnamese noodle soup 1967 Van Morrison hit Vietnamese holiday Vital chemical ran out? Vandal toppled crane that's shrouded in fog Vehicle has gold top but lacks parking! Venmo recipient Vacation spot Vocal way to read Vocalist Perry Vintner's prefix Vital sign Vacuum's lack Version of Bible kept in bird sanctuary Vain people Vessel for a nursery rhyme trio Vodka in a blue bottle Vegas opener? Violin attachment 'Victory!' Vulcan's pointy body part Valium maker Vicinity with princes mixing outside court Valley in wrangle, needless Veer sharply Very steep Variety of cannabis Very dark brown or black Viking-battling king Vane dir VIP event barriers Violent or malicious Vocal quality 'Voyage' group Video game expansions, for short Verses versus verses Void Venom neutralizer ____ varieties include Worcester Pearmain and Blenheim Orange Very tiny bit Verbal equivalent of a thumbs-down "—, vidi, vici" Vast time spans Very fast cat Visits briefly Vehicle often mentioned by the comedian Jasper Carrott Very tiny bit ___ vera Valuable deposit Viola Davis accomplishment, briefly Verily Vincent van — 1620 vessel 'Veni, vidi, vici' language 1971 Visconti film based on a Thomas Mann novella Volcanic output Voting age "Virgin River" novelist Robyn Vase-shaped jugs Valhalla VIP Very good! (informal) Vote in Vicious pet handler's query? Vegan substitute for gelatin Viognier, e.g Volkswagen sedan __ Vegas __ voce Ventura runner Very bright Valentine word Volkswagen sack drivers found in here? Very long time period Vegetarian — robs our hive (anag) Very impressive Vague response Vintage Vital concern Valuable deposit Versatile blackjack card Vouched for Verify the qualifications of Vegas game Virgil epic Verse Voting rights activist Abrams Vehicles in a Nintendo racing game Visiting Venice, say Volt/ampere Vacant look