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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 297

Veronese's "The Wedding Feast at __" Veal cut Virtuosos Verb form in "I used to solve puzzles," e.g Vein's cousin Volcano in Calif VHS follower Video game character that might WooHoo Vietnamese holiday Vocal quality 'Vast expanses of frustration, boredom, sadness and ____' (Caitlin Moran, describing lockdown in February 2021) Venomous snake Vientiane language Vexes Van Gogh or Steve Ditko, e.g "Very helpful!," ironically or not Valentine trim Vietnamese Lunar New Year Vivacity, in music Victor's cry Vegetable called a zucchini in North America Volatile African oil state Very young child Viral web sensations VIP's moving appearances in public __ vera gel Variety Vigilant Vacationing Veteran's tale Verb for you View alternatively found in place with a canal Velocity in both directions somewhere far from earth Viola Davis film whose tagline was "Change begins with a whisper" Venus de Milo, for one Vandal, one revealing plot following detective's case Viagra not stirring pilot Very tiny pipistrelle, say, trapped by Finnish Very, in Vichy Vial fluids Vehicle you'd buy if money were no object Video game whose working title was Micropolis Very, in Vichy Vehicle you'd buy if money were no object Video game whose working title was Micropolis Verse of exaltation Vaper's device Vacillates Videoconference on Cubist style portraying us as beastly Veep Agnew Vegetarian symbol on a menu, perhaps 2021 video game made only for cooperative play Vice president after Thomas Vowel-shaped wig type Vast stretch Vexed state Villains' looks Valuable things Vietnamese noodle soup Variety of tangelo Vegan milk choice Venetian blind part Viscounts' superiors Volunteer's offer Very angry Villainous Victimizes, with "on" View Visionary's italicised translation Verbally control pets and come down heavily Very many Vase with a base Venomous snake ___ vulture "— voyage!" Variation on a Haydn theme: Hearts Neglected to Set a Match Date Vocalist Violent or sudden takeovers of government Vociferous Vile American with ample rear is ignored Very upset of course one will be loud Veer Victorious gesture Vegetarian's no-no Vegas area Visualizes Verdi opera Voracious fish — bad RC aura (anag) Vehicle which needs a steer? Viscous substance Variety of apple Video game franchise featuring a clone assassin Valued Valued Verb often confused with "lay" Vegan milk option Void partner Vanessa emerges from Real Madrid ground Vague when promoting new type of energy Vessels carrying a group of sailors and birds Verbal agreement that's no longer up in the air Very difficult task (informal) Violent vortex Venezuelan cornmeal cake Vexed Very dirty fighting? Vivacious Verse Venue for a painting class Vermont municipality SE of Montpelier Violent figure of Egyptian mythology Vintage collections Valleys, plateaus and canyons Vehicle navig. aid Version of a book Vans Old ___ (classic sneaker) Very, informally Vitamin A Visionary, prophet Vinegar, chemically Vegan protein Vaccine type Valentine's gift Vagrant has nothing to put on top of cooker Verb in a challah recipe Very small Verb in a latke recipe Very dry, as Champagne Virus named for a river in Africa Very dry, as Champagne Vodka brand, for short Veggie sometimes added to carbonara Valleys Vivaldi duet? Vehicle to hail Voucher Valentine word Violent wolf: pure crazy Venerated figure Villain's pal Vote against Victory Very attentive Verboten Vietnamese New Year "Voulez-Vous" band Vegas numbers game Vivian on "I Love Lucy" Vending machine bills Verbally drawing attention to Vinyl records Visit locals seeing Paul oddly caught in fight Vices discovered, confine in cooler Vast unit of distance Vegetable damage leading to argument Visual communication syst Vietnam neighbor Vientiane native Verb for you Voicemail sound ___ vera Viral phenomenon Viral post Vacuum hookup Vicinity Vow "— voyage!" Vulgar regulars in already drinking whiskey Victorian polymath, husband of Jane Burden and leading figure in the 17 movement Very clear, say, colloquially Vigilant "— voyage!" Vapes Vegetable with striped and golden varieties Vietnamese holiday celebrated with banh chung Veggie sphere Visually assess Veg out Volleyball shot Vacant Valuable item passed down Veer, as a ship Voluminous hairstyles Very eager Varied characters Croat actor played, for example Vegetable found in vessel in dump Vittles Vermin Vetoes Vipers Villa d'— Venomous viper Vast period of time Verdi opera Very impressed Vegetable in cup noodles ___ vera gel Vibes Vermont's 'Freedom and Unity,' e.g. Vermont's 'Freedom and Unity,' e.g "Very interesting!" Verbals duo exchanged in the streets of Paris? Venue for sports fan getting snack food Vaishnavism and Shaivism, e.g. Vaishnavism and Shaivism, e.g. Vaishnavism and Shaivism, e.g Voice of Chief Bogo in "Zootopia" Vietnamese soup Vintage Vitamin stat Volkswagen model "— Vista Social Club" — Victor Vicarage Video Olympics platform Vinaigrette alternative Very pale Vitamin C or E, for example Vanish Very poor dwelling-house Vegetable Vast crowd Virgule is another name for this symbol Vegetables known as zucchini in America Variola Voice-thrower Vegetable in a pod Voice quality View from Port Sudan Volkswagen SUV 'Variety is the spice of ___' Varieties of meat for someone on one's side View old river in place of canal Varnish resin ___ Vegas, Nev ___ Vegas, Nev. Visibly upset Very computer-savvy people Venue Victory Vegetable for the Speaker overcooked? View Valuable rock Volume of reduced car parking by a large town Vegetable in a pod Voice quality Vast blue expanse Vampire's time to shine Vinyl albums Volume lost from TV and its faulty remote