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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 298

Volcanic flow Vat Valediction cut short for Athenian statesman Victory __ Vegas Raiders Vulgar, coarse Victor Vietnam Veterans Memorial architect Maya "Variety is the ___ of life" Volkswagen sedan View from Dublin Victorians covering degenerate bulges Very seldom Vacuous American? Very much so! Verb on a dipstick Vowel-shaped beams Villa d'— Vestige Very loud — girl patients (anag) Violent mental confusion Van trailer? Volkswagen Golf model Vast expanse Very expensive "—: Vegas" (CBS series) Vacation centred on conservation Vigour Very excited Vodka drink, briefly Very close to Vaccine molecule Vivacious, confident types, in astrology Vatican office Vocal quartet member Vatican chapel Very large turkey to begin with, full-flavoured bird Very long record, one beginning to chart Vase for ashes Very high in quality Vitality Very close to Vowel quintet "Venus of Urbino" painter Very young children Vatican leaders Vehicle, very close to aggressive and amiss, to swerve thus Vocally opposed to advanced payment Visitor I finally defeat is to reckon without specific thought *Video game quests *Video game quests Villain's nemesis Voice of a Spider-Woman in "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse" Vanish just like *that* Very Virginia must stop dog -- it's hard work Voting group Victoria's hubby maybe isn't PC tangling with coroner Very good opera ultimately that inspires American composer Vigilant Vatican City office Victory that has a real shine to it? Valentine's Day plea Venerated people Vicinity Visitor from outer space Veggies that stain your teeth red Visitors from outer space (Abbr.) ___Vista (early search engine) Voucher Video game first released in 1980 Very loud, in music Vibe Viewed to be Vamooses Vehicle with lower emissions Viverrine which preys on snakes and rats Vessel used in a high church Verse writer __ vision Visionary Value more highly Very unpleasant engineer least seen in British yard Verb suffix Volcano's output Vague implication reportedly losing force Volcanic output Verse by Neruda Victorian work is old anthem entirely unfinished Vandalise the front of Vegetable all podded up Villain's hideout "Vera Drake" Oscar nominee Staunton Ventilate Vein yield Very eccentric (informal) Vindictive Vampire's 'bed' Vessel that may fly the Jolly Roger Vinyl records, briefly Vehicle with caterpillar treads Visiting a restaurant Visual aid (abbr) Video chats, say Vegan sandwich, initially Vindictive one's quest Visibly shocked Vacillate Vibrantly colored, like '80s spandex Very distressing Vocal quality Venomous snake found in much of Europe and Asia Video game console sold with a Robotic Operating Buddy (R.O.B.) Vending machine no-no — Vegas Venetian blind part Very pale Valet Violent weather Vintage-inspired Volleyball barrier "___ vs. ___" (MAD Magazine strip) Victory Viral disease Variety, as of dogs Volcanic stuff Voice actor ___ Bradley Baker Varied fitness routine (... letters 5-10) Vocal cords' location Volcano in the backdrop of season two of 'The White Lotus' Visit old city that's somewhat grim Vocalist Vehicle in a procession Vast mass of ice Victor's medal Verdi opera Vox ___ Vowel fivesome Views Vehicle on Boston's Green Line Vile Virtuous Vessel robot manoeuvred in defensive, water-filled ditch Vacation Vietnamese soup Vietnam's home Vicinity Vacuous politician going through the escort agency's terms Viewed Vehicle with a spotlight and municipal plates, most likely Very tight squeeze __ Villa: Premier League team Vogue rival Very afraid oddly to stop one exposing greed Volcano on Sicily 'Victory was not mine' Verdi pieces Visual language of the U.S Volleyball divider Vividly or colourfully luminous Vast desert area of southern Mongolia and northern China Via, on signs Vast chasm Veneration Vegetable that can be slimy when cooked Ventimiglia of 'This Is Us' Valiant leader? Vigilant Variety show hosts, briefly Venezuelan cornmeal cake Valentine border Visitor from outer space Very good soup I cooked Vision certainly possessed by rowing squad Very dangerous to be out on one leg Violinist's tip-to-heel stroke Video camera button Very dirty room, you might say Video game franchise whose players gather natural resources Vietnam's capital Vagrant bowled over by house Vegetable in a 54-Across Visibility lessener Vacation spot View of expert in confrontation Voting to recall delegate, ultimately corrupt Vast zone of frozen terrain Very, very Valleys Verse by Pablo Neruda Vigor Vitamin stat Vogue rival Ventilate Vaccine type Vow to turn up wearing secretary's platforms Very significant hater may emerge thus Very pleasant housing close to one Italian city Vulnerability Versatile novel, maybe The Brothers Karamazov Voice below soprano Vichy water Visually assess Vegan brand owned by Estée Lauder Vanna's co-star Viola bow application Vend ___ Vegas Ventilator black, inferior Vigorously active husband permitted one to enter Air Training Corps Very busy period of year without Mike and I Very high roller Verdi opera Very quick, when working out? ___ Voyage, long-running London-based holographic concert Virtual game described as a cross between Tamagotchi and Pokémon Verb often confused with "lie" Video game with turntables Vietnamese soup VA concern Very trendy Video game hurdle Vikander's "Firebrand" role Vegan-friendly cookies Viktor Hargreeves portrayer in "The Umbrella Academy" Villa Virgil epic Vocalist Sumac Vote in favor Verses-versus-verses competitors Vet, as a job applicant ___ vera Visit Very unpleasant and provocative Very quiet concession Very sick at a holiday home Vague, obscure Virus in 2014 news ___ vera gel Volume with American spelling at one reading class Vermin "___: Vegas" (TV show) Vitamin brand since 1940 *Vegetable tops used in soups and stews Vague reply to "Where are you?" Vamp Vigilant Veteran's antique watch, for example Vegas opener Very much dislike mania to be different Vicinity