Crossword Clues Start With V, page 31

Verbally overwhelm Verbally overwhelm Vert Vietnamese city painted in soothing colors? Vanishing landmark of N.Y.C. Vacuums Victoria's Secret seasonal line? Vermont resort Vacation boons. Village on the Arno Voting milestones in America Vitamin bottle abbr. Vain mountaineer's motto? Visa to an upfront comic Ventilation-system filter Vehicle of the future. Victoria's Secret ad? Victoria's Secret ad? Villainy personified Voice of choice? Voice of choice? Versatile office machine Very obese Vital Aleutian outpost. Vast quantity Villainous pirate, after reforming? Very early morning, in slang Variety of arbitrating techniques? VII squared VII times VII Vintner's motto? Vintage Broadway lyric? Very difficult situation Vikings with an ornate playbook? Vocal feminine fans. Very much in the running. Visited briefly Vetoes Victorian VC help for schnitzel cooks? Verifies Very strong bridge hands Violinist Oliveira Versatile stage-screen performer. Variation of a girl's name. Victoria successor Victoria's eldest son Veterinary degrees Voiceless. Voiceless "___, vita brevis" ___, vita brevis. "___, vita brevis" Village in Sweden Vermont mountain, 3,320 ft. Vermont mountain Victoria de Los ___, Met's Cio-Cio-San. Vivifier. Vine of the milkweed family Varying heartbeat Venezuelan copper-mining town Venezuelan copper center Venezuelan town; copper mecca. Venezuela copper town. Venezuelan copper town. Venezuelan mine center. Veal dish? Venezuelan mining town. Venezuelan town, former copper site. Venezuela town. Venezuelan town. Venezuelan copper center. Venezuelan river Venezuela copper center Venezuelan copper town Venezuelan town Venezuelan mining town Venezuelan river or mining town Venezuelan copper center Variety of music that almost purposely avoids mainstream Views as senseless Views as senseless Views as senseless Villain in "The Last Days of Pompeii." Verdi opera Vast sand hill in Central Park? View, and be careful Vulnerable spot Vulnerable spot Valentine's Day treat, perhaps Very cool, on message boards "___ 2012" (viral video) Volcano in the Andes, Peru. Volcano in the Andes. Vacationing alone? Via the mouth Venae __: veins to the heart Venae __: veins to the heart Venae __ Venae ___ (major blood vessels) Venae ___ Venae ___ (large blood vessels) Vets often see them Vehicle with rear caterpillar treads Vegetation-destroying weather event Very strict group Venetian boats that have been run aground? Variation in musical intensity Very quickly Vincent Price thriller: 1973 Voicer of ugly stepsister Doris in three "Shrek" movies Villainous role in a Cold War thriller? Vain Voluble *NSYNC singer Lance? Vendetta Varieties of gypsum Vent, typically Ventilator. Ventilator View from some tenement windows Verse, part 2 Verse, part 2 Ventilation duct? Verse, line 3 Verse, line 3 Visual representation of this puzzle's theme Victoria Falls setting Vegetarian's no-no? Vacation choice Vestlike clerical garments "Very elegant!" Verse, line 2 Verse, line 2 Very happy comedienne and TV host? Vasco da Gama's lucky headgear? Vigorous dancers Venerable brokerage name Verse's author Victory celebrations Voice of the car in "My Mother, the Car" Voting I? Virginia creeper Vehicles used by pushers Verbalize. Vessel to remember Vatican group. Vote from Iowa? Vote from Iowa? Verbal pioneers Vegetable storage area Vegetable storeroom Vegetable storage area Visine seller? Venezuelan city Venezuelan city Variety hits Vote involved in a 15th wedding anniversary? Va. dish Village of France Vacation spot Vintage French wines? Very dark: Prefix. Variable part of a driver's meal? Vibrated, as a Model T Vampire slayer's favorite food? Vampire slayer's favorite food? Vitalizes. Valley outlet. Victor Borge, say? Variety of garnet Vet set Vigorously begins Vessel storing a cash stash? Volga feeder Vacation spot that's crazily busy? Venice Vinton, Eunice and Ellen's mom V.I.P.'s at duels Van Gogh's stoves? Venue for eight weddings? Vanished jail? VIP. Vice president of the Confederacy. Vice President of Confederate States. V. P. of the Confederacy. Violinist and painter Valentine message ... from a porcupine? Vice-Chairman of Polish National Council. Village carved out of the wilderness VIP group. Version purchased by Oprah fans, often Village barrier in Africa 1967 Van Morrison album with the hit "Brown Eyed Girl" Very small measure in a hardware store? Veer square-rigger sharply Van Morrison's crossroad? Volume measure Vexing raiders. "Val-de-ri, val-de-ra" song, with "The" Village inhabitants Very tall Very tall Very tall Very tall Very tall Vade mecum for neologists? Vade mecum for neologists? Very popular vessel? ___ verbis (in few words) Verb tense in "I was working." Vegetable. Vs made with fingers Very great size. Vital post-war problem. Visibility problem for circumnavigator Phileas? Verne hero's hazy nickname? Very sacred place. Visually sharp Visually sharp Visually sharp Very excited. Vetoes, for example Vader's psychedelic weapon? Venturing Very small: Gk. prefix. Veal cookery style Very polite request starter Voight role Vehicle for Craig, these days Vehicle of a sort Village in Holland. Vientiane science? Vincent Youmans' heroine. Vetoers ___ value (reasonable price) Variety of bulrush. Vex the author of "On the Beach"? Vex the author of "On the Beach"? Verdi's Manrico. Verdi's "Troubador." Visitor that leaves money behind Victim of rural resettlement Very distant regions. Vets, at times Vets, at times Vets, sometimes Vet's job Voiced one's anger Vision specialist Vision tester