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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 302

Venetian Republic currency Vietnam Veterans Memorial designer Viking of the comics Very serious Verify, certify Vegetable in vehicle getting black over time Vice president after Jefferson Verdi masterpiece Versatile plant Vincent's brother Virtuous person Victim Vet's idea (anag.) Very keen about hard working, engaging leaders of our teams Veep between Hubert and Gerald Very small ___ Vegas Virgo or Gemini, e.g Venue Venetian's ancient rival Vitamin-enriched cereals, for instance Volcano where Zeus trapped Typhon, in some myths Venison source Vegetable or shade of green ___ vera Vietnamese baguette sandwich VIP Visiting Europe, say Very serious Veer Vehicles piloted by aliens, probably Vehicle needs insurance to go round university city Vanished Ventilation device Vision Volume Verbally scorn Scandinavian, showing contempt Vandalize, say Vehicles for hire that once sported fuzzy pink mustaches Volition Valuable rock Venomous viper Viola bow application Victorian writer reported disreputable female Vatican leader Vicinity ___Vista (early search engine) Vow made while shaking one's fist or when referring to the ends of 17-, 29-, 43-, and 59-Across? Viking ship propellers Visibility lessener Veggie-based dessert similar to gajar ka halwa Vacation destinations ___ v. Wade Venus, to Serena Verne's traveler Village People hit Vow 1492 vessel Voice above tenor Voice actress Strong Victoria, for one Vietnamese soup served with bean sprouts Vacant space ___ v Wade, 1973 landmark US Supreme Court ruling overturned in 2022 Verdi opera Very self-interested Vegas action Vehicle that's more eco-friendly Valley in California Verdi work Vice President Burr Vivid, explicit Vicar in park, over the hill Viral disease damaging the skin or the nervous system Visual presentation of how something works (abbr) Vulgar Vegetable crop follows standard View material of the stars Vise part View from a high pass Vehicle for an E.T Vote against Very small (informal) Victor __, character played by Paul Henreid in Casablanca Very observant Very much in Verge Vocal range for Gladys Knight Voyage Vows Vietnamese soup Voting age? Vision 'Vogue' rival Violin knob Van Gogh's brother/supporter Van Gogh vaseful Villainous Value system Vessel for pouring sauce Vaselike containers Very beginning Viking language Vulgar laughter warmonger mostly echoed Voicemail sounds Villain, informally Very long stories VISA or American Express Vegetable all podded up Vichy water Venomous Egyptian snakes Vatican-based Volleyball need Voice quality Volcano's outflow Vega's constellation Veer one way Video game protagonist Croft Vapor trail locale Validate Very soft mineral Vegetable peeler brand Vow Vast assortment ___ Verde National Park Very soggy duck in Johannesburg township Very well behaved Viking afterworld Volcano in Sicily Vacationer's mail to a friend Very pale Vessel for violets Vision Very much Vessel that sailed to Colchis Vehement protest Very slow or very nippy Very quick point Very likely View-obscuring weather Veil some lovers had owned Visibly stunned Vase for ashes Very close pal, for short Vocalize Verbal ambush Very, in 47 Down Vesuvius Observatory city Viscount's superior Viewed anew Vat Venue Venue for Connecticut Whale hockey games Very busy, informally Vague Vinaigrette ingredient 911 VIP Verruca Versailles, for one Vintage 'Victory is mine!' Visa rival Vinaigrette acronym Very long time period Value system Variety Vitamin stat Very little loud noise when multiple deliveries happen Values of current offers Vietnamese noodle dish Vetoes keeping Irish children in Scotland Very low-alcohol brew Vast body of water *Visitors to Russia's Winter Palace, once? Voice above tenor Volcano output Vessel Valuable skill Village People hit Vibe Venomous arachnid Venomous viper Very long time Vivacity Vegetable providing standard crop Very fine cut, reportedly Voter shows muscle, changing sides almost at the start Vacant, as an apartment Villain's headquarters Vineyard products made with frozen grapes Venomous lizard of the Southwest (... letters 3-8) Vouchers for later use (In this answer, unscramble letters 3-9) Vaccine base Vietnamese Lunar New Year Volunteer who helps arch-enemy around beginning of March? Vermin around mug — a potential source of disease Very last part Vessel providing guidance to others Vitamin label fig "Voyage to India" singer India.__ Vegetables that rank high on the Scoville scale Vampire in disguise Vampire slayer's weapon Video game franchise with the cheat code 'rosebud' VIP's old woman standing by river Viva voce exam Vacuum's lack Verdi field Ventures Voters against in narrow winning margin reported Vacation time, informally Viking Ship Museum's world capital Volleyball shot Versatile blood donor ___ vincit amor (love conquers all) Very bad Venturing to take in place in Piedmont V close buds Verbal dig Vacillates Victorious cry Volume setting? Verbalize Valley in California Villain in "Wonder Woman" Volcanic Indonesian island, mostly destroyed by eruption in 1883 Vessel for brewing Darjeeling, eg Vessel chain Vegas opener? Verity or falsity of a proposition Verbally insincere Very dark 'Vamoose!' Valuable minerals Video counterpart Vowel sequence Very cluttered place Visible pollution Volkswagen named after an insect Veg in a samosa Vigor Vote for point supported by half of speeches Vessel briefly transporting American food from the Far East Vote like 'aye' Valuable rock vein Vault setting Vicinity Vivacity, in music Vehicles, but only for good-looking passengers by the sound of it! Vein, primarily red, in cut of meat