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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 306

Vacant Volatile Vulgar and smutty Venezia's land Verve Very big time, well-heeled bird (7) Vessel to make money, we hear (3) Vintage Vittles Very wet Vessel’s captain — Vegas Venue for a boxing match Very embarrassed Vegan protein source Valentine trim Vehicle on Mars "Voyage" pop group ___ vez (again, in Spanish) Verdi opera Very keen daughter replacing front of hands-free device Volume concealed by a zip that will go under the hammer Voguish Very long time Vaping stick, for short ''Very impolite!'' Veggie in a pod __ Vegas Aces Vinyl records, for short Visionary? 'Very impolite!' Vaccination, familiarly Vice operation Vat Vixen maybe in grass, rolling over, under control Vampires do this part with sweetheart Very small amounts ''Vamoose!'' Volume-boosting device Vagrants dress so badly (7) Valuable piece of paper Van group Vanderpump _, US restaurant reality series (5) Vanity ___, TV series (4) Various guises of a car according to equipment specification (5) Vast age ends in 127 (3) Vehicle races dangerously round gallery (6,3) Very light, it's found in a slab Violent anger of traitor surrounded by extremes of wealth (5) Visible flat land (5) Vivien's director in "A Streetcar Named Desire' Voting events Venmo one's share Volunteer-organized community versions of the official "ideas worth spreading" presentations Visitor to China has nothing to pack up before game Vacant rooms in Vienna possibly house celebrations Verandah Version of Pooh in dodgy Arabic's something dreadful (10) Very neatly Very popular song (5,3) Very repetitive climax in Jimi Hendrix tune then, 'Foxy Lady' (5) Very short amount of time Virginia could be appearing topless for art patron (4) Visiting pub, overheard barristers Vital editing badly requiring input of a tech-savvy youngster Volume for use in learning Volvo truck brand Vote for H.W. Bush, e.g. VALENTIN- Very repetitive climax in Jimi Hendrix tune then, 'Foxy Lady' Very many Victor -, author of novels Les Miserables and The Hunchback of Notre Dame (4) Vessel put in the bin? (5) Verve Very happy to do without one cold in delicate condition (6) Vote into office Voting group Very good pals (Acro.) Van Halen vocalist David Lee ___ Very much determined by learner's first year Very pungent red pepper (7) Visiting pub, overheard barristers Vehicle crash Vibe of mystery Violence count used to protect head of Liberian family for instance (10,4) Vitiate - with 19 Across for a country, reportedly? (3) Vivien ___, Oscar winner for her Blanche DuBois and Scarlett O'Hara (5) Vibing with something VCR descendant Vacation destination Ventriloquist's aid Vegas blunder Very intricate 1985 Vezina Trophy winner _ Lindbergh Versatile celeb's achievement Van concerned with following Minor? (8) Victorian and Edwardian, e.g. Venezia's land Virginia put fuel in, and there it is! Vote for Republican on small matter (8) Visited via jet Very much Very large part of the car (6) Value of a property minus the mortgage balance Vatican cardinal initially missed playing fonivard in Rome (6) Vehicle in which one would arrive late? Very bright child reportedly drowned --- Ventura: Pet Detective, hit Jim Carrey film from 1994 (3) Venue for vaults Very nearly get fair maiden (4,4) Vessel recently located, complete, united leaderless country (9) Vital, but not to be had from chemist? (13) VP between Hubert and Gerald Vegetable marrow (4) Victoria and ___ Waterfront in Cape Town (6) Verve, in music Village in Saskatchewan sharing the name of a Ukraine port city Villain's lackey Void ___ prohibited Vole's kin Volunteers seen with monarch stealing Value of a property minus the mortgage balance (6) Visibly scornful Virtual replications, for short Vietnamese festival that starts year offspring mostly accepted in irritable fashion (8) Viola relative Vary driller settings for 'zippy' motorist (5,6) "Veni," in English 1965-69 veep Humphrey Vegas light View with astonishment — Vegas Vessel of gold church obscured with cross (8) Vegetarians' innocent years? Very unhappy fan's sound Vietnam neighbor Vitality Vacation, trip (7) Venus ...., carnivorous plant (7) Visits, pursuing snack lists (4,5) Variety of soup (6) Vampire seen in marble statue (6) Villain -Luthor Vera gets into the gin and becomes pickled Variety of mandarin orange (10) Variety of birch Vaults over, ... the fence Vaults over,. ..the fence Vote against new vote (4) Vegetable's colour? (3,5) Villain's opposite Vegetarian dish on a Mexican menu Vanity formerly present in most of metropolis Velocity in Tyneside transport system makes us anxious Various hearings end in trouble for one served legal notice Vehicle coming from market, heading west (4) Veteran less good without a right hand View with suspicion appearance by Australian fronting western railway (4,4) Vote taken on the ship for the installation of cooking appliances (6) View from the boardwalk Visconti's Sicilian film epic starring Burt Lancaster (3,7) Veggie with an eye Vibe about a person Viola string? "Voila!" VERY long time Video game pioneer Valiant, he slew monster (9) Verbal stumbles Vigor Vegetable stored in depot at Oxford (6) Vehicle coming from market, heading west Vegetable that's given away in French inn Vehicle with a taximeter Vandalise the jumble sale seat (5) Vegetable that ties in with the rest of the meal? (6,4) Very close, find the thing is empty (7,2,2) Very nice to be American, or rather distant (4) Vehicle on snow Vicinity Variety of wallflower, Bowles's - - - (5) Veteran Emmerdale actor who has played Jimmy King for nearly two decades (4,5) Very little, as of hair gel Vehicle with sliding side doors "Vertigo" or "Titanic" Very large dance and caper Vision clouders Vehicle with tree on forecourt facility (3,4) Vast expanse of water Vote against Vane letters VW forerunners Via cruise ship, e.g. Villainous Venetian boat Visitor's supposed to be heard Vase-like receptacle Vacated search to find this silent order? (2,5) Vegetable hiding under empty shop Very happy Vincent & others Very passionate Very small, informally Vaccine measures: Abbr. Vacated search to find this silent order? Vain, abortive (6) Vinny ....... , 1986-94 Tottenham and 1994-96 Everton midfielder (7) Verb in cooking or sewing instructions Vehicles for cold times Vehicles from old times Verges can possibly supply his food Vascular plant tissue (5) "Violence is ___ of the ignorant": Flip Wilson Voice above tenor ___ villain (evil mastermind from a series of novels and movies) Vintage & 23 Very strange reason for wanting to move to another planet (4,7,2,5) Victory ends before time for the most bombastic (8) Virginia ___, 1970s tennis player (4) Vague idea of a favourable effect (10) Vitrified coating man turns up in fish (6) Viking Very warm Variety of the mineral actinolite; one of two minerals called jade Vegetable Vitality Volatile, I excel with bat, somehow Vegetable transported Proust Visits a bookie? (4) Volume of trade passes through here! (8) Vapors 1981 LP (7) vernal and autumnal events Violin tuners Vigoda & Burrows Venerable boarding school Volume of trade passes through here! Volume *Venn ___ Victory signs Variations of fortune Vanish without a trace Very naturally ___ Vice (tv show) Vacillator's effect is all the more dire outside (8) Vegetation (5) Vegetable given average cut (7) Videotaped Vocalist Volte-face from old chap in Parisian street entrance Vocabulary