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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 307

Very light, perhaps, the cost of travelling around Lima V-shaped block driven between objects (5) Vehicle returning from an abstract world (3) Vigorously stir (5) Vigorously stir spirit with no end of quality (5) Violate within the edging (8) Vivacious, theatrical types, some say Volte-face from old chap in Parisian street entrance (7) Vote against entering area in New York (3) Verse in Christmas book (5) Voices Vampire-related verb that reverses to a vampire-related plural noun ___ Vep Vehicles of mine? Verstappen has called this Grand Prix "99% show and 1% sporting event." (3,5) Very much feted Donne (2,3) Vehicle is taking poet to castle (11) Venues for large concerts VIP crossword setter fumes over 50% tariff (8) Valuable items auditor left in supplement (6) Video mostly distributed in disreputable club (4) Variety which makes up 95% of New Zealand avocado orchards (4) Viewpoint of vehicle busting gate (7) Vapour from boiling water (5) Verify in evidence Victoria (abbrev.) Verb often used as a pun in online vacuum reviews ___-Vue (retro slide viewer) Velocity Vegetables Valiant person Vote against entering area in New York 'Variations on I Got Rhythm' composer Vacated sleazy contest gripping US city (8) Very hard silvery-white metal (10) Viking who became the first ruler of Normandy Vital Voter survey Value in financial institution maintaining good bonus? Force to change (4,3,4,4) Visitor with a job at the bingo hall (6) Vera goes to the Territory and finds a good place for a drink Vertical bolt used as a pivot Vociferous striker's dismissal announced V-shaped group of geese in flight (5) Veteran broadcaster and Radio One's first female DJ, _ Nightingale (5) Voyage opener Voice that millions hear Veteran (gin + merlot) Value of B, C, M or P, in Scrabble "Video Killed the ___ Star" (first music video played on MTV) Viking funeral structure "___ Vincit Omnia" (Caravaggio painting of the Roman god of love) ___ video (clip that includes the words to a song) Vessel used in kitchen? (7) Very odd Violin ___ Vogue "Va-va-voom!" Very dry Very tense or exciting Voting “no” Vietnamese holiday "Venom: __ There Be Carnage"; 2021 film Victoria Principal's "Dallas" role Vine fruit (8) Violation of a law or agreement (10) ____ vest, underwear with large holes (6) Veggie named for a Belgian city Veins damaged by old saw? Venue for local produce sellers (7,6) Violent anger among drivers (4,4) Vital, essential (9) Vow, pledge VCR successor Video game set in the Greek underworld Very often Violent uprising, coup (6) Very steep part of glacier (7) Vessel taking the shortest route? (6) Vegetable in a little pod Vegetable that makes you cry Vibrant color Villainous look Victor's saying "Ow!" in buggy (1,3) Very, very soon (2,3,4,6) Very funny Carey Vulgarity, yes - snobbish maybe (11) Vintner's establishment Variety of chalcedony Volcanic cloud component Vineyard harvest Vine fruit Villain is protected by a supporter repeatedly? Nonsense! Vessel originally used by navy Vigorously attack bearded mammal . Very long car (9) Vagabond Visitor left article from Paris in vehicle Vegetables with bulb and flat overlapping dark green leaves Vehicle's second phone now installed Venue for the Hunger Games Very boring dance party Very long car (9) Very untidy room Vexed expression tour leader used in Bangkok market Violently elbowing wife out is contemptible (7) Vlad the ____, ruler of Walachia noted for his cruel punishments (7) Ventilates Violently elbowing wife out is contemptible Vapor rising off a hot plate of food Vic ..... , 1958-63 Wales and 1964-67 Peterborough midfielder; 1970-74 Aston Villa manager (5) Volvo and Volkswagen, e.g. Vowel sound in "tent" or "peg" Vows heard at weddings Venus and Minerva, eg (9) Victor Meldrew's long-suffering wife (8) Village and dale of Derbyshire (4) *Virtually skip wearing trousers for comical shows (10) Veil material, often Villain defeated by Leia Virginia Tech's sports grp. Voided from mouth (4) Voting for assembly, wrong hand involved (8) Very soon (7) Versatile (in movement) Vase Voting system Veal, cooked, is put in the bag (6) Vehicle second-rate a" to member of family it is a gem (9) Very small object in your trousers (4) Very unfeeling eccentric dents a theory (5,7) Vicar of Christ Very important figure given a tail wag (5) Verge Very small object in your trousers Vengeful act (8) Vitality and enthusiasm Volcanic residue Very short-lived (9) Vehicle reversed, saga again for TV midwives' narrator? (7,8) Visual aid from acquaintance linked to French city (7,4) Venmo competitor Venue for Keith Urban or Carly Pearce, familiarly Virtue's counterpart Vessel is empowered (3) Vein yield Velocity Vault part Vale of ____, area of Worcestershire noted for fruit and vegetable growing (7) Vehicle overturned during race - unexpectedly fortunate outcome? Victoria's Secret item appropriate to Valentine's Day (8) Vision defect that can be detected by the Ishihara test (6,9) Voices in golf clubs not quiet (6) Very cross with broken meter in city Very, in French Verdi opera set in Egypt Voices in golf clubs not quiet - Vs Shark (T aika Waititi movie) (5) Very long movies Victim of the French exercise Volume used by supplicants? (6-4) Vegas' main drag Vessel for cooking matzo ball soup Voter turns tail on seeing a printing plate (7) Vitamin stat Vestige Vehicle fuel Vehicle engine finally getting maintenance (4) Versatile accessory, awfully swanky, misfires Vessel for home brewing? Victor advanced with stick, discarding large woolly (5) Vocally dissatisfied sort Void partner has no legal force (4) ___ Ventura: Pet Detective Virago showing papers in hot Scots island Vegetable sometimes called "ladies' fingers" Vocalized Vision-related 1984 Van Halen song, or a Central American country Valley of the Dolls author Very popular song "Very cool" Veronica -, actress who played Joyce Harwood in 1946 film drama The Blue Dahlia (4) Vivacity of a ghost Vent, maybe Virtual provocateur Virtual-reality-simulation space aboard the USS Enterprise Vacay, to Brits Vexing flight status Verse of a poem (6) Volunteer’s words Void Vehicle engine finally getting maintenance Voter Very bright star Versatile accessory, awfully swanky, misfires Valued item Vampire's bite spot Variable risk to injured house champion (7) Very drunk Very hard to get round London area Very attractive or seductive looking 'Lankan woman' maybe (4) Very long time! Vocalist from Donegal Volcano causes old vessel to capsize at Oak Falls (8) Ventimiglia of "This Is Us" Vehicle for a clubman out East Vase among furniture (3) Vegetable or fruit cut (3) Very many items at auction (4) Volunteers pen - that's nice Variety of peach that is a bargain (7) “Vegetable Makes Bell Choir Debut” Victor gets drinks having a bit of tequila for parking attendants (6) Very tall Vicinity Vitality Video-streaming brand Very many Voice, for example Vocalist Vehicle Villainous ensign in William Shakespeare play Othello Violinist Stern Viewpoints Variable risk to injured house champion Variety of shark in harbour (5) Vegan-friendly type of milk Veil, eg, the yellow one stolen from Helen, Aen. 1.649 Very inexpensive (5,2,5) Victor is the ne plus ultra, making call (5) Viral net image Venerates Very excited Very interested in Vietnamese garment "Vegetable Makes Bell Choir Debut" Violin or cello from Cremona (5) Vehicle that wets down dusty dirt roads Verbal equivalent to a shrug Viral image of an Egyptian landmark? Very small unit of length Volatile, colourless, flammable liquid used in anti-freeze (8) Virgil at the O.K. Corral Velodrome vehicles Vow Valleys Vowel sound in “tent” or “peg” Video chat device Volcano material