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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 308

VW car (6) Value in detail of tin being hammered out (5) Very short word (12) Veto (anag.) (4) Vehicle travelling on a network of high-speed railway lines in Japan (6,5) --- Vampire Slayer, supernatural show (5,3) Valuable classic painting Virtuous, wholesome (6) Very short word VW car Vietnamese holiday during which thit kho nuoc dua is served View as Very hot Vessels that are close to people's hearts "Vampires: __ Muertos"; Jon Bon Jovi film V-formation team Video game by Dundee-based DMA Design in which creatures need guiding to an exit (8) Vanish with girl before the last chaotic seance (8) "Vampires: ___ Muertos"; Jon Bon Jovi film Villain accent initially lacking Veal shanks braised with vegetables (4,5) Very hot mustard (7) Violet and aster reflecting part interlocked thus? (6) Voter wanting electronic reader (6) Vocal quality Very small Vegetable — Vegas Veil Veto (anag.) Void produced by Epstein and Beatles ultimately failing to take moral lead Very tall and narrow beer glass Vigorous check in very small housing Vendor (4) Very tall and narrow beer glass (4,2,3) View about boring experience on reflection (6) Visitor suspected, reportedly (5) Void produced by Epstein and Beatles ultimately failing to take moral lead (9) Vaccination Vampire slayer in second opinion? Volcano peak once exploded Vatican leaders Vile individual pinching cash in Bucharest (3) Vocal tune Very attractive, like ceramics (5) Vessels for house plants (8) Valuable violin Villainous ensign in Othello (4) Voice above tenor Vatican-based Vegetable has one on both sides Violent cyclones (8) View a VAT arrangement involving online character (6) Voice one's viewpoint Vito Corleone's title Verbal test, say Vietnamese soup dish Vegas action Vinyl albums: Abbr. Vegan milk option ___ vera (skin soother) Voluminous hairdo ___ vu (familiar feeling) "V Wars" actor Somerhalder Vague quantity "Veronica ___," series starring Kristen Bell Vowels after "a" Vogue's Wintour Victoria's Secret purchase Vowels between "u" and "a" Vaulting need Video surveillance setup: Abbr. "V for Vendetta" actor Stephen Verdi's "___ tu" Videography tool, for short Vegan milk source Very small ___ vera (healing succulent) Vocabulary insects? Vinaigrette dressing ingredient ___ Vegas Raiders (Nevadan football team) Vote of support Vowel-shaped construction beam: Hyph. Virtual ___ (simulated experience) Vessel seen at sea Vietnamese soup Vegan latte option "Vegas" opener Volkswagen's former phrase, "___ Auto" Vaccine testing faciity, for short Vegas lead-in Vocalist ___ Ora of "Let You Love Me" Vatican VIP Volcanic flow Vintner's vessel Vowels that come between "a" and "u" ___ vera (medicinal succulent) ___ Vegas, Nevada Valentine's day flower, usually Vital fluid pumped by the heart Vehicle that's hailed Vehicle to be hailed Volunteer-seeking question Voldemort's wand wood Vietnamese noodle soup ___ vu (familiar feeling) Vehicle rescue Vinyl albums: Abbr. Vote of support Vaulter's need Vehicle with a meter Vanishing act word ___ vera (skin soother) Verbal exam Victoria Beckham in the Spice Girls Vanilla extract measure, for short ___ Vader, "Star Wars" character "Viva La ___," song by Coldplay Vile, as a villain Vehicles that go "Choo-choo!" Vegan or pescatarian, e.g. Volume setting that's easy on the ears V-neck top that rhymes with "V," informally Visualizes or perceives ___ Vegas, Nevada Vowel triplet before "u" VIP carpet color "Vive le ___!" "Viva ___ Vegas!" ___ Valley, California Victoria's Secret purchase ___ vu (similar feeling) Venomous Nile snake "___: Vegas" (crime drama TV show): Abbr. Vowels between "a" and "u" Volleyball match subdivision ___ Verstappen of Formula One fame Valentine's Day flower Vatican City bigwig Villain's nemesis Vinyl collectibles: Abbr. "___ Ventura: Pet Detective" (comedy film) Vibe that mystics can see Vehicle that may take you to the hospital Vague amount Violet flower ___ Verstappen, F1 World Champion Venomous Egyptian snake Volume enhancers in a concert, for short Vietnamese new year Visibility-reducing fogs Vendor's place, for short Very long story Votes of opposition Visible air pollution Vietnamese holiday Victor Hugo's "___ Miserables" Visibility-hindering weather Vowel-shaped construction piece: Hyph. Visualize, say Victoria Beckham ___ Adams Vessel that can be sailed or rowed Vehicle that may be a convertible Visual navigational aid Vowel trio in "MacDonald's farm"? Vanilla or coffee source Violin stick Veggie also called lady's fingers Vietnamese New Year "V ___ Vendetta" (Natalie Portman film) Vet's patient Vibrant violet flower Voluminous hairdo, informally Vowels between "a" and "u" Vatican VIP Vows sworn solemnly: 2 wds. Victoria's Secret model, for one "___ Ventura: Pet Detective" (Jim Carrey film) Vespa or Suzuki Burgman, e.g Valentine's month, for short ___ vera, skincare plant Vietnamese New Year Venue for a concert or sports event Venomous snake in Egypt "Vive le ___!" ("Long live the King") Vinyl albums: Abbr. Volcanic spew Victoria's Secret purchase Very angry Vapor in a sauna Van Gogh's creation Vault with a code Vatican City head Vote to express support Vineyard product, like pinot noir Variety of 12a that shares its name with the color of strawberries Variety of 12a that shares its name with the color of snow ___ Valley, California (vineyard region) Vertigo-treating doctor: Abbr. Very important artery ___ vault (Olympic sport) Victor Hugo's "___ Miserables" Vegetable that can roll? ___ vera gel (sunburn soother) Vast expanse of water Voice below soprano Valentine's Day flower that is usually red Victoria's Secret purchase, for short "Vive le ___" (long live the king) Volcanic eruption residue Video's counterpart, for short Victor Hugo's novel "___ Miserables" Vegas opener? Vanity Fair or Elle, for short Vast stretch of time Van Halen singer David ___ Roth Very nervous Vegan milk source Vehicle that is oft hailed Victor Hugo's "___ Miserables" Vietnamese noodle soup Vietnamese New Year "___ vessels make the most noise" Very small amount Vincent van Gogh's painting, e.g. Variety of flatbread that goes with chicken tikka masala Vineyard fruits whose last letter is the first one for 45a Volleyball court divider "Valerie" singer Winehouse Vowel triplet following "e" Venomous Egyptian snake Vroomed past, say Veggie word that may come before "hen" or "coat" Vivian Richards' title of respect Vietnamese New Year Veiled promises?: 2 wds. Voluminous hairdo Vatican VIP ___ Verde National Park, Colorado Vehicle honker Voice assistant on iOS Volleyball court divider Volcanic spew or connect this to 14a to get a tasty treat ___ Vegas Voting process Vaporized water Volume regulators on a guitar Victoria's Secret purchase "Viva ___ Vegas!" Voice below soprano