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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 313

Vietnamese noodle soup Violent protest Vow at an altar: 2 wds. Visible air pollution Vote in favor Vegan protein ___ Vawter, actor who plays Paul Krendler in the 1991 psychological thriller film, "The Silence of the Lambs" Vehicle for hire Vowels that come between "a" and "u" ___ Vanbiesbrouck, former Florida Panthers' goaltender who has more than 300 wins with 374 wins and is a three-time All-Star Vinyl albums, for short Verbal or spoken "Vanish ___ thin air" Via flight: 2 wds Voice quality that could be friendly or aggressive Vote of support Very dry, like some shrublands Visitor from an outer world Volcano output Volcanic flow Vitamins and supplements seller: Abbr Vegan's protein source "___ Valentine," 2010 romantic drama film starring Ryan Gosling Vehicle that sounds like "ban" Vicinity or locality "Vision ___," 2009 novel by Nora Roberts which depicts the story of Mac Elliot and Carter Maguire: 2 wds. Vietnamese New Year "Veronica ___," American teen mystery drama TV series created by Rob Thomas starring Kristen Bell "Victory is mine!": 2 wds. Vogue magazine competitor Vietnamese New Year ___ vu (familiar feeling) Victorian or Mesozoic, for one "Vanilla ___," 2001 sci-fi psychological thriller starring Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise Very distant Vintage style Voice above tenor "Viva ___ Vegas!" Volcano's output Vowel-rich cookie Victorian, for one Vegan protein source Volcano's spew Victoria's Secret purchase, for short Vietnamese New Year Vast expanse of water "V ___ Vendetta," 2006 dystopian political thriller, directed by James McTeigue that stars Natalie Portman Volcano's spew Voice above baritone Visualize Value after addition ___ Von Trapp, eldest in "The Sound of Music" Vietnam's capital Vehicle in the movie "Speed" ___ Verde National Park, Colorado Vividly-colored fish, also known as sunfish Venezuelan record producer who collaborated with Kanye West on "Yeezus" Voice above baritone (anagram of "toner") Vote of support Vote in favor Vigorous spirit Vincent ___, Dutch painter of "The Starry Night" who was also one of the influential figures of Western Art: 2 wds. Vinyl successors: Abbr. "___ voyage!" ___-view mirror Very tiny amount Vietnamese rice noodle soup Volcano liquid Vegan's protein source ___ Verstappen, Belgian-Dutch driver who drives for Aston Martin Red Bull Racing in Formula 1 "___ v Ferrari," American sports drama film which won an award for the Best Sound Editing at the 92nd Academy Awards Voting site Victoria's Secret purchase, for short ___ vera gel Varnish ingredient Veiled oath?: 2 wds. Very eager ___ Von D, tattoo artist from "LA Ink" Vampire bite site, usually Value after addition Victorian, for one ___ Valley, California's wine destination Vocal range below soprano Valet's site ___ Vegas, Nevada "Vive le ___!" (French for "Long live the King") Vietnamese noodle soup Vampire's dental feature Vet visitor Vessel used for frying "___ voyage!" Vintage telephone feature Vehicle with an aisle? ___ vu (familiar feeling) ___ vera (succulent plant) Vegas starter Vehicle for hire Vowels other than "a" and "e" Vote of support Visualize something Vague amount Veiled oath: 2 wds. ___ Voldemort, main antagonist in the "Harry Potter" series Victor Hugo's "___ Miserables" "Valley of the Dolls" actress Sharon ___ "Vive le ___" (long live the king) "___ voyage!" Vacuum cleaner's target Vehicle rescue Van Gogh's work, for one ___-view mirror ___ Virginia (almost heaven, according to John Denver) Voice above tenor Vowels that come between "a" and "u" Vegetarian's no-no Volcano's spew Vicinity Villain's foe Valeted vehicle Vessel for boiling water Viral internet item ___ Vader, fictional character in the "Star Wars" franchise Visionary persons? ___ Van Winkle (character from a fable) ___ vera (skin hydrant) Very long period of time Video surveillance: Abbr. ___ Vegas, Nevada ___ Vera (spiky succulent) ___ Vegas, Nevada Virginia Woolf's "___ Dalloway" Valedictorian's big delivery Virgo and Libra's month, for short Vernon ___, football tight-end who retired in 2020 and made it to Pro the Bowl twice Vehicle rescue? Vietnamese noodle soup Vietnamese New Year Volcanic residue "Vanish ___ thin air" Vegetarian's no-no Voice above tenor Vintage monitor type: Abbr. ___ Valli, singer of "Big Girls Don't Cry" who often sang falsetto while performing with his band Virginia-based newspaper: 2 wds. Vatican City head Vacation destination "Vive le ___" (long live the king) Volcanic output Volcanic debris Victorian ___ (period) "Viva ____ Vegas" (Elvis song) Visit, like a ghost ___ Verde National Park, Colorado Vietnamese noodle soup Vikings' organization: Abbr. Very pleased with oneself (rhymes with "bug") Vienna's country: Abbr. Voice below soprano "___ vs. Predator," 2004 sci-fi film ___ Vegas, Nevada Voice above tenor V-formation fliers Vatican VIP Voice above the baritone ___ vu (familiar feeling) Vigor's partner ___ Valley (wine-growing region in California) "___ Ventura: Pet Detective," 1994 movie starring Jim Carrey V-Day flower, usually Victorian ___ (period) Villain in "Othello" Vampire's attack? Vogue editor Wintour Vietnamese New Year ___ vera, natural skin soother ___-view mirror ___ Vulcano, of "Impractical Jokers" fame "Voulez-___," song by ABBA "Vive le ___" (long live the king) Volleyball barrier Vegan protein source Video maker, for short Venomous snake from Egypt Visible part of a fire Volkswagen's slogan "___ Auto" ___ vera gel (sunburn soother) Views a movie, say Vientiane's country "___ Ventured," 2019 novel by Jeffrey Archer about a detective named William Warwick Valencia's country, for short ___ Vera ___ Vegas, Nevada ___ Vader, fictional character ___ vera (natural skin moisturizer) Village ___ (respected figure) Vintage roadster: Abbr. VCR button, for short ___-view mirror Verbal, like an exam Viking's tool ___ vez (Spanish for "again") Vienna's country, for short Very pleased ___ Vegas Vehicle powered by a bunch of huskies Video surveillance: Abbr. Vodka or gin, for short View something ___ Vegas, Nevada Vietnamese noodle soup Victoria's Secret purchase ___ Vettel, German whose F1 2019 standing was number 5 ___ Verstappen, Belgian-Dutch racing driver whose F1 2019 standing was number 3 ___ Vader, antagonist of "Star Wars" ___ Vera (medicinal plant) "Viva La ___," song by Coldplay Vehicle with sliding doors Victorian or Bronze, for one Venomous snake from Egypt ___ Vegas Vegetable that turns a salad red Vietnamese noodle soup Vegan's cube? Van Morrison's title Vehicle with a meter? "V Wars" actor Somerhalder Video's partner Voice below soprano Vanilla extract measure: Abbr. "V" in POV Virginia Woolf's "____ Dalloway" Venomous snake from Egypt Veggie that follows "snow" or "snap" Verne's captain Veterans, slangily: Abbr. Verizon competitor: Abbr. Vegan protein source Vigor's partner ___ Vuitton, French luxury fashion house known for its line of designer shoes ___ Verde National Park Vote of dissent Verbal tussle Vince ___, former basketball player and the only player to have played in 22 seasons in NBA history V.I.C.I from "Small Wonder" was one ___ value (face value) Vegan's milk option ___-view mirror Vin Diesel's "___ Black" Vegan's stir fry ingredient Vegas starter?