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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 315

Viral outbreak, for short Vogue's Wintour Visual organ "Valerie" singer Winehouse Visionary person ___ vapeur: 2 wds. ___ vera (spiky succulent) Vlogger's need, for short Voting against ___-view mirror Very hungry, say ___ Vera (succulent plant) "Vive le ___" (long live the king) Very upset Victor Hugo's "___ Miserables" Venue for a debate Vegan make-up brand from Australia founded by Miranda Bond Volcanic fluid ___ Von D Beauty, eponymous vegan make-up brand founded by the tattoo artist Virginia ___, actress who plays Karolina Dean in the Marvel TV series "Runaways" Valentine's week flower ___ Valley, California "Victory" gesture ___ vera (medicinal plant) Villain's domain ___ vu "___ volunteers?" ___ Vazquez, "Bad Boys II" actor who plays John Reyes in Netflix's "Russian Doll" Vote seeker, for short Vietnamese soup ___-view mirror Valentine's Day cherub (Spanish) VCR button, for short Vietnamese noodle soup Video store rental: Abbr. Vegan's protein source ___-Vera (beneficial succulent) Vessel for a stir fry Vocal quality Village People hit "___ Vision," TV miniseries created by Jac Schaeffer Vegetable also called lady's finger Volcanic spew Von Trapp eldest (anagram of "lisle") Vietnamese soup Valentine day's flower Vicki ___, reality TV star seen on "The Real Housewives of Orange County" ___ Vegas ___ Vanderpump, reality TV star seen on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Visual communication system: Abbr. Visual organ Venue for gladiators Van Gogh's work Vigor's partner? Vientiane's country Virus affliction? Visionaries ___ vu, French phrase adopted into English to mean a familiar feeling Venue for a musical concert Vehicle that makes frequent stops Very proper Victorious internet slang: Abbr. Vegan no-no Vivekananda's title ___ vapeur (steamed): 2 wds. Victorian or Mesozoic, e.g. Voluminous hairdo Vlogging need, for short Visual organs View with regret Viking ship propellers Vehicle hailed through Uber "___: Vegas" (2021 detective series) Viral internet trend Visual organ Valentine's day flower Virtual happy ___, term popularized during the pandemic to mean drinking "quarantinis" on video calls "Voices" singer who represented Sweden in the 2021 Eurovision Videomaker, for short Vegetable ___ (soup base) ___ vu (familiar feeling) Violet flower Vote against? Viral internet post Victorian, for one Valentine's Day month, for short ___ vu Viggo ___ Lane, son of model Elettra Wiedemann who was born in 2021 "___, vidi, vici" Visibility reducer, for a driver Vehicle honker ___ vera Vague or uncertain Victorian, for one Very distressing Very chilly Vote into office ___ van Grunsven, Dutch equestrian who has competed in 7 Olympic Games Vintner's vessel Volkswagen's old slogan "Das ___" Violent weather "Vive le ___!" ("Long live the King") Victorian ___ Valentino ___, Italian motorcycle racer who has won 9 MotoGP World Championships "___ voyage!" Vegetable in its natural state Vietnamese New Year Very speedy, as a water current Vehicle that's hailed "V" in POV Vaccine type Very little in quantity ___ vera (food for the skin) "Video Games" singer Lana ___ Rey ___-view mirror ___ Vegas, Nevada Vegan protein source Victorian, for one Victor Hugo's "___ Miserables" Vinyl albums, for short Vietnam's capital Voluminous hairdo Veggie before coat? Victory symbols Vowel-shaped construction beam: Hyph. ___ vera cream (skin soother) ___ Valley (UK's largest organic brand) Vehicle that can be hired Vitamin regulating organization: Abbr. ___ Vizquel, former baseball player whose career spanned over 24 years Voracious, as a reader Voice-controlled Amazon device Vague amount Valuable deposit Verse of praise Venus Williams, to Serena, for short ___ vera gel Valentine's Day month, for short "Valorant" or "Smite," e.g. Volleyball position that's responsible for tossing the ball to the attacking players Vegan diet staple ___ Ventura (Jim Carrey character) Vintage Jaguar model: Abbr. Vino ___ (dry wine) Volcanic debris Vegetable with curly leaves ___ v. Wade (landmark court case) Vehicle that is usually hailed Vehicles from Venus?: Abbr. Veiled words?: 2 wds. Vegetable found in some rings? "___ Vacation," 1997 comedy film starring Chevy Chase that features the Hoover Dam Visible part of a private Instagram account, for short Virtual humans in a popular video game series Vehicle rescue with a truck Vietnamese noodle soup Victorian or Edwardian, e.g. "Velvet Underground" guitarist and singer ___ Reed Vegan or Paleo, e.g. Vigor's partner Vinyl albums: Abbr. Victor Hugo's "___ Miserables" Vessel used to hold ashes Van ___ knot, tie knot that was invented by an artist in an attempt to create the tallest wearable knot possible ___ vera Victory sign Vietnamese New Year Vampire repellent, supposedly Volcano output Very boring, slangily Village People's hit song with a spelling dance Vegas alternative in Nevada Viral funny image "___ Voyage," 1965 jazz album by Herbie Hancock that was presented with the Grammy Hall of Fame Award in 1999 Vampire word in "Hotel Transylvania" ___ vera (herbal gel) Velvet Underground's ___ Reed Volcanic outpour Villainous look (rhymes with "seer") ___ von Euler, co-recipient of the 1970 Nobel Prize in Medicine Vatican City currency ___ Van Sant who directed "Good Will Hunting" Voice of Apple? Vietnamese soup Vacuum's lack ___ Villa F.C., premier league club that features a lion on its crest and has one of the most FA Cup wins "Vogue" competitor Victor Hugo's "___ Miserables" Vote to express support Vigor's partner Veer off course? ___-view mirror ___ van Rijn, Dutch painter whose painting "The Adoration of the Magi" was confirmed to be original in 2021 Vietnamese holiday for a new beginning Vitaly ___, male artistic gymnast who has won a world title in all 8 gymnastic events "___ vs Kong," 2021 monster crossover film starring Millie Bobby Brown "___ v Superman: Dawn of Justice," 2016 superhero crossover film starring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill Voice in an Apple Watch Vineyard unit Victor ___ who authored "Les Miserables" Van Morrison's hit "Brown ___ Girl" Voice one's viewpoint ___ vera, medicinal succulent used to treat some skin problems Volleyball court barrier Vegas attraction with slot machines Very much: 2 wds. Vintage cars Voting process Voting alliance Vietnamese new year Vaccine shot "Vice ___," one of the oldest body swap films in 1948 ___ vera (skin soother) "Vive le ___" (long live the king) Very dry, like a desert Victory sign ___-view mirror Vacuum cleaner contents Vatican City VIP ___ vera, soothing succulent Victorian or Edwardian, e.g. "Very funny!": Hyph. Voice above tenor in a choir Volcanic residue Vegan kind of milk Vampire's tooth Vent angrily Vincent ___, French actor known for playing Thomas Leroy in the film "Black Swan" Verizon's service, once: Abbr. ___ vu (familiar feeling) Valentine's symbol Virtual people in a video game Vote in favor, say Vipers in the Nile Very close pals: Abbr. Vegan milk option Vodka or rum, for short Video call necessity, for short Valuable stone VH1 alternate: Abbr. ___ vera gel Vegas preceder Vibrating body part that may be busted due to loud sounds Vegas alternative Vote into office Value on a spreadsheet Vegan milk source ___ Vegas Veggie used in a green smoothie Victoria's country that hosted the Commonwealth Games in 1930, 1954, 1978, and 1994