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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 316

Vote of assent View with regret Vito Corleone from "The Godfather," for one Vin ___, "Fast & Furious" actor who voiced Groot in the 2014 film "Guardians of the Galaxy" Vehicle for winter hills VIP in a company: Abbr. Vegan milk option Vowel-shaped construction piece: Hyph. Void's companion ___ vera Vatican City's VIP Villain's foe V.S. ___, "A House for Mr Biswas" author who is the recipient of the 2001 Nobel Prize in Literature Vietnamese new year Video call need, for short ___ vera (succulent) Vote of opposition, on the Senate floor Videographer's tool, for short Venomous snakes from Egypt Vacation lodging, perhaps Vaccine approving agency: Abbr. Vote that cancels out a "yea" Vending machine opening "___ Ventura: Pet Detective" Very small Vietnamese noodle soup "Viva ___ Vegas!" Victor Hugo's "___ Miserables" Vast blue expanse above "Viva ___ Vegas," song by Elvis Presley Very lengthy time Viper's warning Vet's workplace, perhaps Visual representation of a person Visualize V-shaped back muscle, for short Voice range above baritone "Valerie" singer Winehouse Virginia's country: Abbr. Vowels that end "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" Vehicle service station offering Vegan's protein source Video commercials, for short Vitamin supplement company: Abbr. Visitors from outer space: Abbr. Viola ___, "Troop Zero" actress who received the 2021 Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year Award ___ Ventimiglia, "This Is Us" actor who received the 2019 Hasty Pudding Man of the Year Award Vodka or rum, e.g., for short Vampire's mark Vietnamese soup Vincent van ___ ("Irises" painter) Vanity Fair and New Yorker, for short Vast, salty expanse Vegan's protein source ___ Vegas, Nevada Virtual address: Abbr. Voluminous hairdo Virgin ___ Records (British record label) Vogue or Cosmopolitan, for short Vogue's editor-in-chief Wintour Vodka or tequila serving "Voodoo ___," Jimi Hendrix song that is over 10 minutes ___ Vegas ___ velvet cake "___ Villain," 2012 Marilyn Manson song that features a scary music video Vowels after "A" Vocabulary insect? Vegetable that sounds like a letter Vacuum cleaner pioneer Vaccination locale Vision correction surgery ___ Vonnegut, author of "Cat's Cradle" who served in the U.S. Army during WWII ___-view mirror Vigor's partner "Viva la Vida" band that was earlier named Starfish Volcanic flow Victoria's Secret purchase ___ vera gel (sunburn soother) Vertical measures, for short Voice actor Josh ___ from "Frozen" "Viva ___ Vegas!" Vintage, say Vatican leaders Vault beneath the ground where a corpse is buried Very small Van Gogh's art prop, perhaps Violin's big brother? Villain's hidey-hole Vin ___, "Fast & Furious" actor Village People hit with a spelling-based dance Villain's evil incantation ___ Vegas Raiders (NFL team) Visual communication system: Abbr. ___ vera (medicinal succulent) Volcanic outpour Video game initials "V for Vendetta" actor Stephen Vietnamese new year ___ vault (Olympics category) Vehicle that can be hailed or hired ___ vera (medicinal succulent) Victoria's Secret purchase Vegas lead-in Villain's domain Vietnamese noodle soup Volcanic flow ___ V, Shakespearean protagonist from the eponymous play who hails from the country of England "___ Ventura: Pet Detective" (Jim Carrey film) ___ vera cream Vendor's place, for short Vinyl albums: Abbr. Vanilla ___, "Get Wit' It" rapper whose name is reminiscent of the cold Very nervous Video recorders, for short Vote that's not an "aye" Vietnamese soup Very overweight ___-view mirror Visa card alternative, briefly Vote of support VCR's "go back" button, briefly ___ vu ___ versa (conversely) Vogue's editor-in-chief Wintour Vehicle that slides over snow Vast overhead expanse Visualize, say Vowels between "a" and "u" Vow before a wedding kiss: 2 wds. Very appropriate Veggie that's an apt rhyme of "hale" Veggie in a pot of gumbo ___ Vera (medicinal succulent) Vinyl albums: Abbr. Veggie in a pod Vet's visitor "V for ___," graphic novel by Alan Moore about a dystopian future in the UK that was adapted into a Natalie Portman film Vehicle for hire ___ vera (herbal gel) Valentine's Day flower, perhaps Vogue or Cosmopolitan, for short ___ Valley, California's wine destination "___ Ventura: Pet Detective" (comedy film) "...violets ___ blue..." Vienna's cabled wagon that runs on rails Vietnamese new year Vanishing act word Videographer's need, for short Volcanic output Vietnamese New Year ___ vera, ornamental plant Vehicle built by outer space engineers?: Abbr. Vehicle parked in a school lot, often Vatican City VIP ___ Vegas Aces (WNBA team) ___ Video Music Awards Vintage music record material Vlogging apparatus, briefly Vet's patient Vow at an altar: 2 wds. Verdi's "___ tu" ___-view mirror Viscount's superior in rank Vietnamese noodle soup ___ van Gogh, famous Dutch painter of "The Starry Night" Venue for a big gig ___ Valley Civilization (ancient South Asian civilization) ___ vu (familiar feeling) Visitor from the stars Voice range above baritone "___, vidi, vici" ("I came, I saw, I conquered") Vietnamese noodle soup Vehicle at a drive-in movie, perhaps ___ vera (soothing succulent) Vigor's companion Vinyl alternatives (that are still retro): Abbr. "___ voyage!" ("Happy journey!") Vegan's protein-rich bean Vogue or Cosmopolitan, for short Voice between baritone and alto Voice ___, sound taping device that was widely used before smartphones Vein content, in a mine Viral Internet image, like "Bad Luck Brian" Venomous Egyptian hisser Verbal exam, say Vanishing sound in cartoons "___ Vandal," mockumentary-style parody series starring Tyler Alvarez and Griffin Gluck Vogue editor-in-chief ___ Wintour Vending machine purchase Volcanic eruption residue Vague amount Vietnam's Ho ___ Minh City Vast variety or impressive display, say Vietnamese noodle dish in a bowl Voice that's a little hoarse Vehicle waiting at an airport Verbal brain teaser Vote "no" on a bill, say Viral winter bug Vehicle rescue ___ voce (oral exam) Vehicle with a meter Verb that sounds like the letter after "N" ___ von Euler, Swedish physiologist and Nobelist Vanity Fair or Vogue, for short "Vice ___," 1988 comedy film where Judge Reinhold's and Fred Savage's characters swap bodies Victoria ___ Gallery, contemporary art gallery in London and Venice founded by the namesake British art dealer Vroomed and zoomed, say Vowel trio after "a" Vanish into thin ___ ___ Vegas, Nevada Vietnam's capital Video surveillance system: Abbr. ___ Ventura, Jim Carrey's pet detective character "Venus In ___," song by The Velvet Underground that was inspired by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch's eponymous novel Vintage photo tint (anagram of "paise") Vowel triplet after "e" Very small amount Venomous African viper "Vive le ___" ("Long live the king!") Vietnamese noodle soup Vegan milk source Vow sealed with a kiss: 2 wds. Verb's target in grammar, for short Vehicle rescue service Verbal exam, say ___ vera (sunburn healer) Vowel trio in "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" Vehicle with an alien pilot: Abbr. Voodoo doing Vietnamese New Year celebration Vogue or Elle, for short Vegan's block of soy Vote into office, as a leader Voter's "I vote no!" Verbalize one's viewpoint, say Victory ___, race winner's celebratory round VCR format: Abbr. Vogue or Harper's Bazaar, for short Vito Corleone's title Villain in a storybook, maybe Vaulter's need Violin's big cousin Van Halen singer, David ___ Roth "Viva Las Vegas" actress ___-Margret Olsson Visitor from another planet Victorian ___ (time period) Volume-boosting box, at a concert Victor Hugo's "___ Miserables" Video-recording device, for short