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___-view mirror ___ Vicious of the "Sex Pistols" ___ vera gel (sunburn soother) Visitors from outer space: Abbr. Valentino ___, all-time great MotoGP racing driver who won 9 Grand Prix World Championships Vast period of time Village ___ (respected figure) Venomous Nile valley slitherer Versatile vehicle, for short Veggie that's a rabbit treat ___ virgin olive oil Verse of praise Very appetizing, as an appetizer Vin ___, "Bloodshot" actor who plays Dominic Toretto in 2001 action film "The Fast and the Furious" Vessel at a port Vineyard measure Valentine's Day flowers, maybe ___ vera, skincare ingredient Vehicle pulled by a husky team, perhaps Vain people have inflated ones Vein contents, in a mine Vegan's protein block Very matter-of-___ manner (not showing emotion) Video interruptions you want to skip on YouTube, for short Vanquish, as a vampire Vietnamese New Year Venomous Egyptian snake Verbal puzzle ("What is full of holes but still holds water?" e.g.) "Vivat! Vivat ___!" 1970 play by Robert Bolt starring Eileen Atkins as Queen Elizabeth I "Viva la ___," Coldplay's Grammy-winning song that topped the Billboard Hot 100 Victory ___ (winner's celebratory round) Velociraptor or Stegosaurus, for short Vaccine shot, slangily Ving ___, "The Locksmith" actor who plays Luther Stickell in 2023 movie "Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One" Very nervous or ill at ease ___ vera (soothing succulent in skincare) Villain's nemesis Vietnamese Lunar New Year Vinyl records: Abbr. Vehicle for Marvin the Martian, say: Abbr. Video game setting for a newbie Voice from an iPhone Vegan milk source hidden in "goat" Verbal exam Veggie also called the Ladies' Finger Vegan sauce in stir-fry Vital artery Vowels between "a" and "u" Vietnamese new year ___ vu (familiar feeling) Vegas lead-in Virgo-Libra month, for short Vintner's vessel Vino ___ (dry wine) Vowels that sound like "I owe you" Victorian or Renaissance, for one Visitors from space, perhaps: Abbr. View or observe Very loud or ear-piercing, say ___ vera (medicinal plant) ___ Vegas, Nevada Volleyball court divider Vowel-shaped building beam: Hyph. Vietnamese soup with rice noodles ___ Virginia, Charleston's state Vanish ___ thin air (disappear suddenly) Value of two five dollar bills, together Vote that cancels an "Aye" Vow of marital love: 2 wds. Vote of assent, in the Navy "___ vs. Wild," adventure series starring Bear Grylls Vessel carried "up the hill" by Jack and Jill Vampire's drink of choice ___ Vandelay, fictional character invented by George Costanza on "Seinfeld" Villain in "Othello" Video's counterpart, for short Vehicle with a meter Volcanic residue Vanilla ___, famed "Play That Funky Music" rapper Vietnamese Lunar New Year Vent your frustration, orally Very small Visitor from the outer space Victorian ___ (British history chapter) Vine that's "creepy" and "clingy"? Verbal hesitation "Vive le ___!" ("Long live the King") ___ vera, succulent with healing properties Video call delay, say ___ vu (familiar feeling) Victor Hugo's "___ Miserables" Viral winter illness, briefly Valued property, say Vending machine bills Velociraptor or brachiosaurus, e.g., for short Voluminous hairdo for the Jackson 5 Vietnamese New Year Voracious, as a reader Vehicle honker Volkswagen's former slogan "Das ___" Venomous Nile snake Vlogging apparatus, briefly Vessel used for boiling water, maybe ___ Vuitton, luxury French fashion house ___ Valley, California's wine destination Vowels between "a" and "u" Vietnamese soup ___ vera, cooling succulent in skin creams Vindictive behavior or petty malice (anagram of "stipe") Verbal exam ___ vaulting, gymnastic sport on the horseback, last played in the Summer Olympics in 1920 Vote opposing "aye" Viral image that might make you laugh, say Very eager, as a book lover Vincent ___ Gogh who painted "Wheatfield with Crows" ___ vera, soothing skincare ingredient ___ vu ("Has this happened before?" feeling) Vote in the negative Visibility-reducing weather condition Vote into office, as a candidate of your choice Vowels following "e" Vintage music store purchases: Abbr. Vacationing, say Visible iceberg part Vital blue line in the body? ___ vault (Olympics category) Viral winter illness Vinyl albums, for short Vision during sleep "___: Vegas" (CBS forensic TV series): Abbr. Viral illness, briefly ___ vera (burn soother) Victorian ___ (period in history) Victoria's Secret purchase Veggie "split" for soup Volcanic residue Veggie also known as lady's finger Valentine's month, for short Voice above tenor Viva ___ (oral test) Vinyl collectibles, for short Voice above the baritone ___ vera, spiky succulent Vincent van ___, known for "The Starry Night" ___ Verde National Park, Colorado "Vanish ___ thin air" Very fancy (word hidden in "deluxe") Vegetable pods, (4) Versatile type of car radio Version that might still have some kinks Varieties of nectarines known for their short life (10) Venomous Egyptian snake Very high-energy (rays) Very fat bee so sickly (5) Verdi works ... visiting capital doing tours he's buzzing about! (8) Vernacular, common language (5) Version of a token CD added without thought (6,2) Very small amount kept by Cypriot agent (4) Vestimenta ____: I have got dressed Vicar upset by German church official (6) Very funny Very young child born in creek Venomous flatfish Visit briefly Vacillate Vienna-based trade bloc Vlad must cut in – Spooner's call-girl makes proposal to the gullible (1,4,1,6,2,4,3) Very observant Vlad must cut in - Spooner's call-girl makes proposal to the gullible (1,4,1,6,2,4,3) ___ Vegas (James Caan series) Velvety leather Video's counterpart Very high batter's hit (5) Very small science, the study of bacteria (12) . . . valley where Honda goes along road (7) Venomous Egyptian cobra Virtual reality world based on blockchain technology that was endorsed by Mark Zuckerberg in 2022 Vegetables that make you cry Vegetable fuel (rhymes with "feat") Viral internet joke Venomous snake's tooth Video game company that created Pong Venomous Egyptian snake Voluminous book published in Britain and where you may look for word meanings: Abbr. Very big in size Visual effects used in movies, generated using computers: Abbr. Vegetarian alternative for animal protein Voice actor Neeson of "The Lego Movie" Vito Corleone's title in "The Godfather" Vote of support Voice actor Jeong from "Penguins of Madagascar" Victorian constricting garment Voice actor Reeves from "Toy Story 4" "Vegas" opener Vivekananda's title Victorian, for one Vishnu or Zeus Visa/MasterCard alternative, for short Vespa, e.g. "___: Visions of Reality," 2013 film by Gustav Deutsch that uses a 3-D reconstruction of Edward Hopper's paintings VCR button, for short Verse creator VCR format: Abbr. Vodka brand, for short Van Morrison's "Brown ___ Girl" Visitors from space?: Abbr. Volcano in Sicily Virginia's ___ Caverns Very long period Victor Hugo's "___ Miserables" ___-view mirror Venue for a concert, maybe Villain's opponent Vinyl albums: Abbr. Visionary's spark Volcanic flow Vintage Vegetable that may bring a tear Vegetable that may make you cry Victor Hugo's "___ Miserables" Virginia ___, author of "Mrs Dalloway" and one the literary pioneers who inspired feminism Very slender and tall Vibrant gemstone that is May's birthstone Vibrant gemstone that is July's birthstone Vibrant gemstone that is November's birthstone Vibrant gemstone that is August's birthstone Vibrant gemstone that is January's birthstone ___ vera (sunburn soother) "___ Ventura: Pet Detective" (Jim Carrey film) ___ vehicle (car or bus, e.g.) "Vain" emotion that is represented by the color violet ___ Ventura, comedic fictional character played by Jim Carrey Vast, salty expanse Violin's alias that's a staple in country music Volume-removing button Vince ___, "I Still Believe In You" singer who's won multiple Country Music Association Awards "Voila!": Hyph. "___ Vice," a TV series ___ Vega, older brother of Vincent Vega from "Pulp Fiction" Vampire's pointy tooth ___ vu Video call need, for short Violent and turbulent Viral image on the internet Vasco da ___, maritime explorer and first European to reach India Volcano's powdery residue ___ vera, skincare ingredient (3/5) Voyage on a boat that's undertaken for pleasure, such as with Holland or Royal Caribbean Vegetable chopper in the kitchen