Crossword Clues Start With V, page 33

Volcano: Ger. Versions: Abbr. Viewable, to a camera operator Victor Hugo villain 1979 Village People hit Ventriloquism? Vienna-born photographer Model Vehicles in a Cross-Cory song: 1962 Violent East Indian storms Volcanic region on the moon. Ventura Freeway exit Vacation between court sessions. Vikings. Vending machine choice Voicing objection. Varsity team members (or one way to describe 17-, 26-, and 47-Across) Vulgar group avoided argument ____ Valley OH Vinnie in "Life With Father." Violated Verses-vs.-verses competitor Vaduz resident Very fast ___ vitae, tropical tree. Variety of pyroxene. Vegan, to an omnivore? Virtuous no longer? Vain attempt Virginia coastal residents? Virginia coastal residents? '95 Van Morrison song for an atheist? Voted out of office Viking's equine? Verbose writer-director? Veered off course {/Verse continued/} View from the Maid of the Mist Vim's rival in text editing Very cold locale? Van ___ (Ohio county or its seat) Very small pin Verbatim Voltage decrease Valueless Vital components Verdi heroine linked with Nick's wife Vexatious Versatile TV actor. Volta invention Vexatious Vulgar Violin virtuoso Verbose. Victor Hugo classic, formally? Vents one's emotions Very scared Vehicle in the news, 1995 Virginia deer. Veronese question Voguls, Ural Russians. Voting results Vote tallies Very large apparitions? Valley Forge for Washington Very helpful one Very kind person VIII squared VIII squared Virginia the CNN anchor? VIII squared VIII x VIII VIII squared VIII squared Viviparous aquarium fish Visibly frightened, perhaps Vasco __ de Balboa Vasco __ de Balboa Vasco __ de Balboa Vasco __ de Balboa Vasco ___ de Balboa Vacation treat. Valuable East Indian trees Vegas bookings Vacuum-cleaner pipe, e.g. VERBAL BLUNDER Violent breakup of a computer giant? Vincent Crummles's "Infant Phenomenon" in Nicholas Nickleby. Vintage movies. Very pleased with oneself Voter's observation, part four Vacation spot that was built more recently? Vale ___ Van Morrison: "Queen ___" Very large, as handwriting Vassal: Var. Variation of death and taxes. Vonnegut book about a fun-loving frat clique? Vonnegut book about a fun-loving frat clique? Variety of ruby. Viennese fine gold cloth. Vamoosed Vamoosed Views from isles, often Views from isles, often Value Value Versatile actors. Video game in which the Evil Samurai Warlord is battled Victim called Dr. Black in Britain Volcanic activity Verdi opera in collaboration with U.S. dramatist Voiced approval, in a way Viral video series that manipulates broadcast journalists' voices "Violence is ___ of the ignorant" —Flip Wilson Very, in English slang. Village green structures. Vanderbilt, for one? Vegetable, for short Violinist Gil Vinland discoverer: Var. Variant of Helen Visit along the way Visit briefly Visit along the way Verb mood: Abbr. Verb form: Abbr. Value, in Spain Vaudeville's boastfull billing. Very reclusive Very reclusive ___ volta (another time): It. Very large scales ___ Viejo (California city neighboring Laguna Beach) ___ Viejo (California city near Laguna Beach) Vacationing Variety of zither Villain's backwoods hideout? Vats. Venetian spanner V.I.P. #3 Villain in "The Gilded Age." Video game featuring Gloom-shrooms, Melon-pults and Cherry Bombs Vehicle in a Beach Boys title Vitamin C for colds, e.g. Vents "Vientiane: Cheated by a taxi driver, the __" Vital area of Russia, capital Stalino. ___ vobiscum (the Lord be with you). "___ vobiscum" ("the Lord be with you") '___ vobiscum' ('the Lord be with you') Very cunning, formally? Very cunning, formally? Virginia setting for the Associated Press convention? Virginia city Virginia city known for its shipbuilding Virginia shipbuilding center Virginia shipbuilding center Virginia city known for its shipbuilding Viscous 8V8TB 8V8TB Vehicle used for grooming ski trails Vehicle used for grooming ski trails Vingt-__: blackjack Vingt-____:21 Vingt- ____: blackjack Vingt- ___: blackjack Vingt-__: blackjack Vingt-__ (casino game) Vingt ___ (twenty-one): Fr. Vingt ___, the card game blackjack. Vingt-___ (blackjack). Vingt-___ (twenty-one): Fr. Vingt ___. Vingt-___. Vingt-___ (card game) Vingt-___, gambling game Vingt-___ (gambling game) Vingt ___ (blackjack) Vingt-___ Vingt-___ (casino game) Vingt-___ (blackjack) Vingt-___ (multiple de trois) Vingt-___ (twenty-one, in cards) Vingt-___ (casino game) Vingt- ____: blackjack Vingt-___ (twenty-one, in cards) Vingt-___ (multiple de trois) Variable-height car Vocations. "Volatile" Metalcore band Voting places, familiarly ""Vesti la giubba"" singer Ventilation duct Ventilation provider Vitamin brand promoted as "Complete from A to Zinc" Violet shade Vowel trio Vowel sequence Vowel-sequence start Vowel sequence Verdi opera Victor of tennis Variety of handball. Veggie patty brand Video game's RT offshoot Victoria's Secret event Victoria's Secret event Van for moving day, maybe Van for moving day, maybe Vegetable oil component Vegetable oil compound Vegetable oil compound Vegeetable-oil ingredient Vegetable-oil part Vegetable-oil component Vegetable liquid. Vegetable oil component Vegetable-oil component Vegetable oil component, often Vegetable oil component Vegetable oil component Visited run-down areas. Visited a warren Vote Vote Virginia willow Virginia willow Virginia willow Virginia willow. Virginia shrub Virginia willow Virginia willow's genus Virginia willow, e.g. Virginia willow Virginia willow Virginia willow, e.g. Virginia willow's genus Vegetarianism or bohemianism Vegetarianism or bohemianism Very fond of Vehicles for the Unsers Vehicles for the Unsers Victoria and Anne Violinist's veggies? Van Gogh masterpiece Voids, with 'out' Verdi's "___ giardin del bello" Verbalize Very wary