Crossword Clues Start With V, page 36

Valley between volcanic cones Vermilion Village of Africa Vessel passed around for the bar band? Vacation spot for some who stop working? " . . . 'vanity, sets love ___ like that'": Hunt Vehicle delivering the weekly checks? Vehicle delivering the weekly checks? Vehicles of war. Vietnam region: Var. VIP at a dinner V. Lombardi's team: 1959-68 Vaccine creator's family Voodoo, today? Vagabond King's recruits Valedictorian's achievement Valedictorian's achievement Valedictorian's pride, and a hint to this puzzle's theme Visited briefly Visited briefly Vacuum, redundantly Vacuum *Vice president's official entrance march *Vice president's official entrance march Volume on permanent display at the Library of Congress ___ ville (French town hall) Visitors' cry at Detroit? Very much Void states Visits to Vegas? Vender's cry at ball games. Visionary project Vacationing, as a G.I. Verses Vinegar Joe of W. W. II Violet-scented petones. Violinist acknowledges applause? Veranda, in So. Africa. Veranda, in South Africa. Verandas, in South Africa. Very short time Vehicle that does crazy tricks Vigorously went after a confession Victory site for Gen. Washington Violent action in PE class? Vaporous Vaporous VIP of an election year. Victor of "Dr. Who" Vegetable pepsin. Venetian canals. Venice canals Venetian canals Venezia's canals Venetian canals Valuable food fish, also called the snook. Verdi duet "Madre, non ___?" Voodoo deity, perhaps Voodoo deity Vietnam destination Video game that comes out today (9/9/09), whose songs/levels are referenced in this puzzle, with "The" Vacation spot Victim of a Kremlin shakeup. V.I.P. under Stalin Vaudeville number. VALENTINE Venturesome. "__ vie!" "___ vie" Vulcan's wife. Van Morrison's "Chick-___" Volatile solvents Very hard furniture wood. Vague piece of advice? *Villainous noble of a classic French tale Vida and James Vida looked at nun Vassar's president. Vocalist's list? Venetian reds. Venetian reds Valuable ore of iron. Valuable ore of iron Valuable iron ore Volleyball term Village where Silas Marner lives Verse, part 2 Valedictorian Valedictorian's position Valedictorian? Visit from a Revolutionary War general? Virtuous jazzman? Viewing screen used at airports Values intermediate between light and dark Visionary Vanity table item Veal servings Veal specialties Veal orders Veal pieces Violin parts Vote count Vote participation Vigorous Vile-smelling creatures Van Gogh painting Very small antelope Visits various Web sites "Visions of ___ danced in . . . " "VENERABLE" Velvet Underground: "Here She ___" Visits Verse, part 3 Vehicle custom-made for a biblical judge? Valentine.s Day card game? Vehicle for a festive ride. Vocational school in the Aloha State? Video communication device Velocity-measuring tubes VCR feature VCR button VCR button VCR option VCR button Voiced. Very steep bank Virtual reality Vehicle on tow, empty, needs to tilt in sideways turn Vending device Vaquero's relative Vicar not getting on with one sort of believer Very distant Viceroy of India. Viceroy of India: 1943–47 Villa or Zapata Vex: Scot. Village on shores of Loch Scavaig on Isle of Skye Variable spring period Variegated Village in Norfolk west of Diss Venture to bring back a girl, before morning, to Tanzanian city Victim of Apollo Victim of King Ahab. Vat for curds Variety of pine. Variety of pine Very sincere Valentino, for one Vermillion shades Very emotional Very emotional Very English Tosca performance with sets of eight notes Ventilated Version of a 117-Across Vulnerable arches? Vocal exercises to denote the tones of the scale of C major VIP. V.I.P. VIP VIP (informal) Very minute organism. Vital bit of fertile soil Vladimir Lenin had one Virginia Civil War battle site Vendor's wagon Vehicle easily pushed Vendor's small vehicle Vendor's pushable vehicle Varieties of Manila hemp. ___ vin (chicken dish) ___ vin, chicken dish Virtue of a disciplined pet Variety of gypsum Virtuoso's showpiece Vice President's wife at the Starlight Diner? Verbal discreditors Very jealous of everything new, maybe Voraciousness Views from a height. Very important plateau? Very observant Very observant. Very smelly in Greek translation Voter. Very tired (with "out") Vessel from small island carrying post Violently frenzied Vegetable Vice principal's concern Vice principal's concern VPs in races Vehicle for rough terrain Vulgar quality Vessel wall. Very distressing tale Vampire fang, traditionally Volcanic rock. Volcano rock. Verdict readers Verdict readers Very tight, as 38-Across Vagrant embraced by massive drinker — almost touching, though not moving? Vessel's crew VIP backstage. Vet possibly taking dog with hesitation Varied Varied Voluble Voluble Very important or shocking Vitamin C source Vision aid Vision aid Vision aid Viral video by K-Pop star Psy Variety of bean Vienna's country, at the Olympics Very corrosive liquid Vamoose Vestal virgin who was hurled from a rock by the Sabines. Variety of pongee. Varies Vessel displaying the consecrated host in Catholic Masses Vance who played Ethel on '50s-'60s TV Vance who played Ethel on '50s-'60s TV Vance of "I Love Lucy" Vance of "I Love Lucy" Vance of 'I Love Lucy' Vance or Blaine Vance of "I Love Lucy" Vance of 'I Love Lucy' Very boring Villa: Sp. Vital principle, in yoga Video camera battery, familiarly Vibrational energy unit Virgilia's husband. Very low number of workers Vision problem during rapid flight deceleration Vision problem from high negative-G manoeuvres Victim of Hamlet Velocity change sensor Votive stone Vascular cylinder: bot. Vertebral structure View from seafront, from forest and from the paddy field Vampire's skin quality Vatican tribunals Video game designer's mappings Valentino was one