Crossword Clues Start With V, page 40

Villainous canine? VIPs Voluntary aid group in Britain. VIPs and such Verse forms Verses with six stanzas Verses with six stanzas Verse forms used by Dante and Auden Vegan salad topping (really!) Vegan salad topping (really!) Very costly, as a victory Very costly, as victories ___ victory (costly success). ___ victory. Vertebral column terminus Vermont scene of first writers' conference, 1925. Valance. Valance Visibly furious Vestment: Var. Valuable African tree Vehicle of discovery? Variety of beetle Variety of beetle VII x XIII x V "Vision Quest" co-star Matthew Veto Veto, for example Vision "pair"/clothing "pair" Vitality, life: Biol. Vilified. Voracious vampire's mantra? Voracious vampire's mantra? Very dark beers? Venezuelan noisemakers V. I. P. in any embassy. Very small ice cream order? Village between Malaga and Marbella Veterans Day features Veterans Day features Venue for promoting avant-garde music? Valuable ore of copper. Vaulted. Vulcanized rubber Vulcanite. Vulcanites. Ventilated storage structure for grain Ventilated storage structure for grain Ventilated storage structure on a farm Vodka and lime juice cocktails Vodka drinks Vodka cocktails Vodka and lime juice cocktails Verb-to-noun suffix Verb-to-noun suffix Verb-to-noun suffix Verb-to-noun suffix Verb-to-noun suffix Very old and wise person circling pitch Versatile sporting contestant Vice-chairman of West Ham United and former managing director of Birmingham City Very thin, owing to disease or starvation V.P. under Hayes V.P.: 1877–81 Volume control? Volcanic rock consisting largely of alkali feldspar Very small Arctic seabird, the little auk Visit unexpectedly Visit unexpectedly Visit Visit Visit "Video Games" singer Lana Vilifies Vilifies verbally Vilifies verbally Villains in oaters Villains V. P. Curtis' sister and hostess, Dolly ___. Vatican vocal performance? Vatican vocal performance? Verbal disapproval Voicing disapproval Voicing one's disapproval Voicing one's disapproval Verse, part 8 Verse, part 2 Voicing disapproval *Vehicle's rear warning lamp *Vehicle's rear warning lamp *Vehicle's rear warning lamp V feature V feature Voting into office Voting in Vehicular antitheft devices Vietnam War correspondent Garrick Vietnam War correspondent Garrick Veggie's mind enhancer? Vouches for Verifies Vegetarian's appliqués? ___ victory. Very striking Very active (informal) Vessel's temporary bridge Vital moment that could set the court alight? Very bad joint in pipe Very bad Virtual-reality world depicted in Neal Stephenson's "Snow Crash" Visits Vascular plant parts Vermont peak Very big nurse in Belgian town Valentine sender, maybe Valentine sender, maybe Vintage stickers? Void, in Versailles Void, in Vichy Void: Fr. Void, in Versailles Voyager's supplies Vacuum tubes, used to rectify alternating currents. Vacuum tubes. Vacuum tubes Vote back in Vote back into office Vote back in Vote into office again Vote into office again. Verb on campaign posters. Verb for an incumbent's campaign Vote in an incumbent Vote into office again Vote into office again Vote into office again Vote in for a another term Very high Very high "Voltaire" star: 1933 Vascular eye layers Vaudeville staple Village on the Tweed Victorious Victorious. Victorious Victor Hugo's birthplace. Village near Balmoral Village, near Balmoral Castle, the site of an annual Highland Games meeting Viola's twin brother. Viola's twin. Variety of apple brought from Normandy Voice recorder Viscount --, newspaper proprietor (1865-1922) Village in South Kesteven district of Lincolnshire Vacation spot on the beach Vacation place "Valley of the Dolls" girl "Valley of the Dolls" woman Variety of summer squash. Veggie Vocal flourish: Mus. Vocal flourish in music. Vocal flourish: Music. Very irritating wasting time in French spa Volkswagen Polo, for one Vexatious one. Very steep cliff Very steep cliff face Viewing that's a draw for Barbican Very old game. Veterinary surgery Vocal flourish. Very recently: Abbr. Very recently: Abbr. Volga River destination Vegetable dish. Venus' lament? Venus's adieu Vehicle for Gary Cooper: 1932 Venom source Venomous snake Venomous snake Very posh puppet, primarily seen in series like Basil Brush? Vessels in unending search for harbour obstruction? Validate Verify gold teeth? I can't when false Vitamins, e.g. Very shortly. Very quickly pulls out of joint parting meal Vodka cocktail Vodka, cream and Kahlúa cocktail Vodka cocktail VC help for problem solvers? Vishinsky's opponent. Venerable dog star Valuable paper Valuable paper Venerated Venerated. Venerated Venerated Venerated Very low bows Visually uninspiring Visible proof of hard work Violet-scented substance used in perfumery Violin-playing comedian Violin-playing comedian Jack Violin-playing comedian Veteran comedian Violin-playing comedian Jack Violin-playing comic Jack Violin-playing comic Jack Violin-playing comedian Vacation curtailed -- awful tragedy Venetian glassware with decorative threads of milk-white glass (alt. spelling) Volatile alcohol derivative. Volatile product of the oxidation of alcohol Volatile fluid with a suffocating smell Villain, e.g. Vehicle-smashing contest Visitor at Venusberg Verb seen in "The Raven" Verb in "The Raven" Verdure. Vestment of anc. Jewish priests. Venues for funeral ceremonies Vestment worn over cassock Visionary in the 15th century "Verklärung," in Richard Strauss opus. -- Verdi, 1813-1901, Italian composer Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. Vichy's contribution to Asiatic co-prosperity. Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. Vet, I will struggle with an ox creating bother Victor --, character played by Richard Wilson in the sitcom 'One Foot in the Grave' Vulnerable part or spot Village location of Buckinghamshire Railway Centre Venetian fishing boat Vietnam's last emperor Bao ___ Vietnam's last emperor Bao __ Vietnam's last emperor Bao ___ Vietnam's last emperor Bao __ Vietnam ruler, Bao ___. Vietnam's Bao ___. Vietnam's last emperor Bao __ Victor at Little Bighorn Victor at Little Bighorn Very keen on the pub profits as well