Crossword Clues Start With X, page 12

XY chromosome bearers X-___ ('Dark Phoenix' heroes) XXX-XX-XXXX fig. XXX-XX-XXXX fig XXX-XX-XXXX ID XXX-XX-XXXX ID "__ X" (John Singer Sargent portrait) Xavier Cugat forte "X-Men" character with blue fur X box? "X __?" (Tic-tac-toe choice) X-ray alternative, maybe [XXX] Xmastime Xbox locale, at times Xfinity, e.g.: Abbr 9-7X automaker 9-7X automaker XXL part XXL part [XXX] Xenon's lack X-Acto knife cut, perhaps X-Acto knife cut, perhaps XXX-XX-XXXX nos. XXX-XX-XXXX nos X-Acto knife cut X-Acto knife cut ___-X (septic treatment brand) ___-X (septic treatment brand) XXX drinks XXX drinks Xenophon: the ----- muse XIII quadrupled X in XXX, maybe X in XXX, maybe “___ XING” (street sign) Xbox or PlayStation X-rayed, e.g X Xbox 360 competitor 2x XXX-rated activity? x, y and z, in math 4 x 4 X-ray's cousin Xanax maker Xanax maker X, in linear functions x, y or z, in geometry XXX XXX ___ Xing (road sign) 4x4, for short 4x4, for short Xanax alternative Xbox competitor XKeyscore org Xmas mo Xbox expert, say Xander alternative X Games broadcaster 'Xanadu' grp X X X XI Xerox machine bundle X, to 36-Down ___ X (makeup of the 2021 cicada swarm) X x, y and z "Xanadu" rock gp 'Xanadu' rock gp X-ray inspection org "XOXO" actress Skye X-rated literature x, y and z on a graph, perhaps ___ Xing ___ Xtra (soft drink) X in a checkbox, e.g 4x World Series winner Martinez X-rated material X-rated material X-ray alternative, sometimes Xenomorphs, e.g. X Games jump XL or L, but not LX XL or L, but not LX X Games channel "Xanadu" band x, for one X-ray alternative X-ray dosage units X or manta follower X## XXXI quintupled x or y, in math class X series automaker x, y or z Xperi recording device x in algebra? "Xanadu" group XXX-XX-XXXX (Abbr.) X-ray alternative 23 X 7 - 101 minutes x, y and sometimes z Xmas X, in an old Roman classroom "X" number x^0 (#1, 1985) Xbox space war franchise "Xanadu" band Xi preceders Xi preceders x, y and z, in math x, y and z, in math 'Xanadu' rock gp "Xanadu" rock gp Xylophone cousin Xiamen's continent '3x' on an Rx "3x" on an Rx X-ray alternatives X-ray, say XL x XL XL x XL ''X-Files'' agent XXX film 6x9-inch book XL Xmas month Xenomorph ___ Xers XX percent of XV “Xanadu” band Xe/___ pronouns X's, to Athena X, at times X-ray's kin XLI quintupled X XXX "Xanadu" band X 4 “Xanadu” band X, on a watch "Xanadu" gp X-men get entangled with space creature at ramshackle dwelling X or Y, to a mathematician X-rated opening cut from mafia film excerpt Xe/___ pronouns Xmas missive inspiring old western playwright "Xanadu" band ___-X X, maybe, in Spanish X-rated material "4X2=8" rapper from Korea 'X-Men' character who can generate lightning X-ray alternative Xi follower Xenomorph, more familiarly 4 x 4 exits badly with men missing motorway XL or 11C "Xanadu" band Xiao long ___ (soup dumplings) "Xanadu" band XXX X X, at times X-ray's cousin 9 x 9 game X- or Blu- follower XC XFL scores Xmas, for Sissy Spacek ___ XING (road sign) Xeon processor maker Xmas, for Justin Trudeau Xperia Tablet maker '___ XING' (rural road sign) XTC song with the lyrics "Hope you get the letter and / I pray you can make it better down here" Xiluodu or Hoover ___ XING "Xanadu" band XL x- or y- line Xi'an-to-Tokyo direction 4x4, for short 23XI Racing, for Bubba Wallace X X-Ray ___ (novelty catalog offering) Xipe Totec worshipper X-ray alternative 'X-___: The Animated Series' Xie Jun's game X, to Xenophon X, to Greeks X-ray kin X-ray cousin "X-Men" professor ___ Xtra (cherry drink) X X 'X-Men' device 4x4, briefly X or Y (anag) Xmas figure "Xanadu" band X, Oak or Plum X, at times XXII, e.g XL and XXL, for two 4x4 car, not Rover or Sierra X co-ordinate computed from basics by special algorithm at first 25  X can be sound 2 x (1/2 of 1/2) — that's funny X 3.5 = Result of Deep Thought? XI XI X Days XXX French island for a stretch XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxX X-men, without the heart of Wolverine and their leader, are perhaps flat X working exactly X-Rated commercial by group needing no introduction X as used in XOXO is a kind of lip service X or Y? Doctor quite lost in web browser X skis haphazardly Xi matured after training in the compound  2x2, 2x2, 2x2 . . . on which crawlers may be X — soldier's lessee Xerxes' wife's anaesthetic contains sulphur XX film of tomorrow — admission not restricted! XXX has son wanting more x, y and z, in math X-ray's cousin X refuse to accept C being bent 2 x ASSes plus 1 x IN. X over single interval X-Factor king splitting leaves lumps in throats X marks place at the start for primate Xmas season to bode ill, ultimately? X is in when C is out X-rated outside broadcast picture XL corset adjusted, without being tucked in X-ray unit or back specialist hospital department's information XI gutted with victory likewise treated as grudge? 0 x 1 — so gradually 5 became 12, 22 26, 1 down 3, or 19 21 XXX Ken Loach film about income support and society XII, say, to cut out xposed? X-ray extending from one side to the other