Crossword Clues Start With X, page 13

X-Men character ripped end off S&M clothing X, mark probing new evidence of collision — get the law! X Xanthippe not so hot after her spouse's end? X, who shouldn't be a nursery employee? ‘X' on map might show whereabouts of this diabolical theatre's curse ½ 12 ÷ (1+100) x 2 X-rated Barking fleshpot ‘X' put on arse and large lock Xmas food box with bit of tuck that student group wraps Xmas illumination not well-ventilated? A knight should open that window Xmas decoration completely lacking in width X L L, possibly XXXX part of Manhattan X Genus of gulls unknown to earth mother 2 x 17 = gun XXX stripping creates friendly relations Xmastime includes a stretch that involves these neighbours of Santa? XX 15 22 across 6 x 2 + 500 — clear? X inscribed in leaf – it involves interaction with the public X-ray unit processes not green X-ray pet, perhaps — a kiwi? X and what follows Y – a swindle 4X? Xmas missive inspiring old western playwright X-rays girders "Xanadu" gp X or Y, on a graph xxx-xx-xxxx ID X, at times 4x4, briefly X- or y-, on a chart XI Xenon, for one 13x platinum Pearl Jam album that actually has 11 tracks X6 and i4 cars "Xanadu" gp X : kiss :: O : ___ X-ray kin 5 x 2 X or Y on a graph x, y, or z? X, on a Rolex "Xanadu" band, for short 8 1/2" x 11" paper size: Abbr Xfinity or Verizon Fios, briefly X, in fraternity names "Xanadu" band 10' x 8' writing paper Xfinity or Verizon Fios, in brief x or y, on graphs XXX-XX-XXXX # x, y or z XC X-ray kin Xeriscape garden plants X Games airer ___ Xing (street sign) 4x4, for short 'Xanadu' rock grp. 'Xanadu' rock grp X, at times X sometimes marks it X, at times x, in the equation 15x - 17 = 133 Xbox controller, for one Xi's ninth successor X X-shaped joint band 5x5-square sheet for a number-calling game __ XING (street sign) __-Xers (baby boomers' kids) XXVI doubled Xylophone cousin ___ XING Xenon, for instance X, at times 'X-Files' character "Xanadu" band 4x4, briefly X a box, say XXL, e.g X, as in Ximenes? "Xanadu" rock gp X-ray __: gadget advertised in classic comic books X, at times 8.5" x 14" X-Ray ___ (British punk band) Xbox or Switch accessory 9x9 numbers game x-, y- or z- line X-ray doses X and Y X-ray alternative X-ray kin ___ XING (street sign) X-rated stuff __ Xtra: soda brand Xi'an's country x or y, on graphs Xylophone parts X, sometimes X-ray protection 21 x 2 __ XING (street sign) "Xanadu" band, familiarly Xenomorph X in tenpin bowling Xmas snack (5,3) X-ray ___ (novelty purchase) ___ Xtra (soft drink) "Xanadu" band, in brief Xmas X, at times XML alternative, for feed readers Xfinity and Verizon, for two: Abbr. (x) I am quiet and show hesitation to see nose (7) Xbox 360 competitor (x) ... words can almost dazzle, with initial inspiration (6) X, anonymous New Testament building occupier X or Z, on a graph X, in numerics X or y, on a graph "X-___" (Hugh Jackman film) X minus VII "X-Files" organization: Abbr. "X," in a love letter X-___ vision (Superman's ability) "X-___," superhero film series X-___ large "X-Men" actor ___ McKellen X or y, on a graph "X-Men" professor XXX divided by X, in Roman numerals X or Y, on a graph X or Y, in plane geometry "___ X," 2023 Vin Diesel starrer "Xena: ___ Princess" (popular fantasy TV series) X-___ large 24x7 dough dispenser?: Abbr. X or Y on a graph X-___ large (some tee sizes) "X" in Roman numerals 24x7 cash dispenser: Abbr. X or Y, in plane geometry X-___ large X or Y, as on a graph (Xmas-patterned?) jumpers (8) XS, L, and XXL "X" in XL X-Ray targets? X or Y, in plane geometry x, y or z on a graph X or Y, on a graph "X," on a Valentine's Day card X or Y, on a graph X or Y, on a graph 24x7 cash dispenser: Abbr. X, Y, or Z, on a graph X or Y, on a graph "X-Men : Days of Future Past" actor ___ Dinklage, who plays the role of Tyrion Lannister in "Game of Thrones" : 2 wds. "X marks the ___" X, in old Rome X or y, as on a graph X, in Old Rome "X-Men: Apocalypse" actor who portrays Kai Anderson on "American Horror Story: Cult": 2 wds. X-Men co-creator Lee X-ray vision blocker X in Roman numerals "X-Men" actor who has two adopted children: 2 wds. X-___ (more, as seen in ads) X or Y on a graph "X-Men: Apocalypse" actor Peters who plays the role of Quicksilver X in Roman numerals X or Y line on a graph X-___ (25th December) X, in ancient Rome X-____ large (like a shirt size) Xbox ___, Playstation 4 competitor X or Y, as on a graph X, in ancient Rome ___ Xing (crosswalk sign) X-Men character who can control fire X-____ ("Dark Phoenix" heroes) "X-Men" actor McKellen X, in old Rome XXX divided by X "X" in Roman numerals X, at times X minus VII XXX divided by X X-___ (radiography subject) ___-Xing (street sign) X-___ large (some tee sizes) X in Roman numerals XXX divided X X-___, fictional superhero team co-created by Stan Lee X or Y on a graph "4x2=8" rapper from South Korea Xs in xoxo "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" actor ___ Schreiber XXX divided by X X or y on a graph X or Y, on a graph "X-Men" actor McKellen X or Y, on a graph X-ray a thousand bullets by weight (9) X man X-___ large X-___ (group of superheroes) "X" or "Y" on the Cartesian plane XV divided by V "X" in XL? XV divided by V X-___ (fracture-revealing photo) 24x7 banking facility: Abbr. X or Y on a graph X-___ large X or Y, on a graph X, in Rome X, to Romans X-___ image X, in ancient Rome "X-Men" actor McKellen X, on some clocks X, y, or z in graphs X or Y, on a graph X-___ large (like some tee sizes) X-___ vision (Superman's power) 24x7 cash-vending machine: Abbr. XXX divided by X X-___ vision X or Y, on a graph "X-Men" actor ___ McKellen X-___ large X-___ large t-shirt ___-Xing (street sign) X-___ machine in the hospital X, sometimes? X-___ large X-___ vision X-___ machine "XO Tour Llif3" artist Lil ___ Vert 24x7 banking convenience: Abbr. x, y or z, on a graph "X-Men" actor McKellen (9x) Soap one's kept in deep humility (6) "X" in Roman numerals "X-___" (animated superhero TV series)