Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 5

Young birds. Year in the reign of Gregory I Year in the reign of Pope Gregory I Year after Augustine became the first Archbishop of Canterbury Year in Trajan's reign Year that in Arabic numerals has all repeated digits "You already know the answer is 'team spirit,' right?" 'You already know the answer is 'team spirit,' right?' Young grazers Young farm animals. Young cows "You kiss by the book" speaker Young lover. "You kiss by the book" speaker 'You kiss by the book' speaker You'll gain leverage with this 'You only have so much time' 'You only have so much time' Yeast used to treat illness? Youthful agility Yawn-inducing speaker Yarn label identifiers You need to raise your hand to receive this "Yes?" "Yes?" 'Yes?' Yorkshire city Yearly period when a baseballer is gleeful? Yearly period when a baseballer is gleeful? ___ ya up to?" Yoakam who sang "Honky Tonk Man" 'Young Girl', 1968 single by Gary Puckett & The -- Yucatan bay, port, or state. Year of the Sphere and Pylon. You and I recalled sandy frolics and leisure time, perhaps You and I holding means of access had to sit outside, vigilant You can't enter this time Yaps foolishly Yaps foolishly You'll find many of my charges low (& 3 monstrous!) "You gotta face this" You have to accept this seaside town's trendy Yamaha purchase Yamaha purchase Yuck factor Yuck factor Yankee priest in France right to rabbit on Yuletide celebration Yearns Yearns Yearns Yet to be paid Yet to be paid Yet to be paid, and restless Young-adult fiction author Darren You're welcome to stay, please do Yeats' work about female band - how will that save you taking to the road? Your clubs, Mr Benitez, rejected another cup of tea You'll flip over these desserts (and a hint to seven answers in this puzzle) You may step outside to get some You might step out to get some You can chew on this awhile You can chew on this Yoga nut, an exotic adviser, our Deidre? Yellow raisins Yearlong travels around Italy for soldier Yuletide essentials: ice and Rogers dancing Yields on hybrid weapons Young birds misinterpreted glint in Scottish loch (9) Young birds. Young birds Young 'uns Young tough Young tough Yorkshire area "Yes!" You deserve credits when you do this Yachting prize Yachtsman's gift to Mom? Yachting prize Yachting prize Yachtsman's triumph Yachting prize Yellow flower You need to shake Caruso up, for certain You can swear by him You can swear by him Yean: Var. "You embarassed me at this game" "__, you can't think of Pooh" Yard-sale staples Young woman joins campaign in, for example, sending up Waterford Yellowish resin. Yellowish Italian liqueur whose name means "witch" Yellow chalcedony. "You've been ___ and generous": Natalie Merchant "You have made two blunders ___ many minutes": Inspector Lestrade 'You have made two blunders ___ many minutes': Inspector Lestrade Yellow Yellow bloom, as it happens, crimson "Ya got me?" "Ya got me?" 'Ya got me?' Young hares Young hares. Young hares Young hares Young hares Young hares Young animals always restricted by permits Young hares Young stand-in priest, purged of sin, insincere fellow Yacht outing Young stall-holders Yaks and oxen Yet when old I do fancy being of fixed opinion Young bouncer guarding vessel on isle is hired worker Young abstainers given cynic's wedding-ring? Yuri Gagarin's SK-1, e.g. Yuri Gagarin's SK-1, e.g. Young fellow taking on computers and so on in some measure Yuletide projectiles Yucca named by Mormon settlers You and I wear tight pants outside church -- one wants to be slimmer You might find writing on this notelet did degenerate Young people in 1950s with unconventional behaviour and dress Yorkshire racecourse Yorkshire town whose nearby Stockeld Park is noted for its Christmas illuminations Yet to be marketed Yet to be hit in dodge ball, say Yet to be marketed Yet to hit the shelves Yet to hit the shelves Yet to be hit in dodgeball Yet to be released Yet to be published Yet to hit the shelves Yucca Y for men only? Y for men only? Y for men only? Yorkshire town and moor Young Caesar was one Young Caesar's office Yaphet Kotto role of '77 You have to have a lot of money to get there Yak relative Young city professionals You never know who’s listening '-- You' ('Damn Yankees' tune) You spend them in Bangkok Yorkshire minster town Yvette's outside captivated by poet she's respected highly 1956 Yul Brynner movie (with "The") Yarn spinner Young or Mature. Youth serving passengers awful bacon by about one Young waiter on a ship Young servant on a ship Youth serving cooked bacon by about one Yearning 1320 yards before dog catches tail of athletic dairy animal Yellowish colors Young sows ___, year out. Yielding. Yes-men Yin and yang York and Bilko "Yellow Hair" You and I in style, moving in a gracious manner "You betcha!" "You betcha!" Yea "You got it!" "You bet" Yule YouTube celebrity né Felix Kjellberg 15-year-old victor over Venus Williams in the first round of Wimbledon 2019 Yuletide punchbowl fill "You've Got Mail" costar "You've Got Mail" costar "You've Got Mail" co-star "You've Got Mail" actress "You've Got Mail" co-star "You've Got Mail" co-star 'You've Got Mail' co-star "Yikes!" "Yikes!" "Yikes!" You people inhabit You lie there on your own "You made your point" 'You can't make me!' Young offspring Young lion Young dog Young wolf Young wolf Young otter Young pup. Young otter or fox Young antagonist in Super Mario games Young boxer, e.g. Young lion Young seal Young dog Young mammal Young dog Young boxer Youth Young pup Young dog or wolf Young seal Young pup Young seal Young puppy Youngster needs encouragement after sorrow, ultimately Young pup Young dog or wolf You might mail one in to get a rebate Yoke harness Yoke up a team Yoke, as oxen to a wagon. Yoke, in Capetown Yoke or harness Yoke on the veld Yarn that produces rough-textured cloth Yorkshire manor of the Earnshaw family Year that Ben Stiller turns 100 Young Greek citizen. ''Yonder peasant, who is he?'' inquirer of song "Your ___ Too Big" (Fats Waller song) "Your ___ Too Big," Waller hit "Your ___ Too Big," Waller favorite Yeah Yeah Yeahs debut "___ Tell" Yellow. "You didn't fool me" "You didn't have to tell me" "You didn't fool me" "_____ You When" (Dolly Parton tune) 'You didn't fool me!' 'You didn't fool me' '___ you were going to say that' "You oughta _____ pictures" Yarn count Yarn measure Your servant is at yours You may have it for the basking Yugoslav educator?