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Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 80

"Yes," in Japan Young sheep "___ you ready?" YouTube or Instagram, for short Yule log or nog ingredient "You'll ___ the day you met me!" (regret) Yoga aid Young Darth Vader's nickname "You're getting on my ___" ("stop being annoying") Yellowfin tuna Yahoo or Hotmail alternative Your view or mine "Yes," in the Louvre Young sheep Year divisions, for short "Yes," to a ship's captain "Yes, ___" (lady) Young sheep Young elephant or baby cow Yellowfin tuna You hear from here! Yellowfin tuna Young men Year-ending month, for short Yoga class need "Yes," in the senate You-know-___ (unnamed person) Young bloke Yosemite ___ of "Looney Tunes" Yellowfin in Hawaiian cuisine Yellow fruit with a slippery peel "You've got mail" ISP "___ you dare!" Yea's opposite "You reap what you ___" Young fellow, slangily "You win, ___" (words of defeat): 2 wds. "You've ___ Mail," 1998 romance comedy movie Yankee Stadium locale "Yippee, I won!" Young boy, in Aberdeen "Yes," at the altar: 2 wds. "Yes," at the Senate Yellow-furred "Garfield" character Yellowfin tuna in sushi Yang's companion Year-ending month, for short "You ain't seen nothin' ___!" "You," in French YouTube button Yang's counterpart Yoo-___ (chocolate drink) "Yes" in French "You may say ___ dreamer": 2 wds. Yellow core in an egg that is a homophone of 1d Young man from London Yoga class need "You ___ what you sow" Yawning during a meeting, say Year with an extra day in February Yellowfin fish at a sushi bar "You could hear a ___ drop" ("It was very quiet") Yelp or Spotify, briefly Young fellow in Edinburgh Yellow fruit used in lassi "Yep" opposite Young golden retriever, e.g. YouTube video preceders, for short Yellow-green color named for the fruit used in many cocktails "Yes" by a congressman "Yay!" to an internet gamer "Your Song" singer Rita ___ Yellow fruit in a split or bread Yellow, fiery ball in the sky? Yellow egg part Yellow jewelry material Yellow citrus fruit that is used in a fresh, summer drink "You're not my ___" (rejection statement) "Yes," at the altar: 2 wds. Young man from London "You've got mail!" company YouTube interruptions, for short Yoo-___ (chocolate drink) Yoko ___, wife of John Lennon "You ain't seen nothing ___!" Yawning during a meeting, say Yoo-___ (drink) "Yes" in French "You know what ___ say..." You can't ski without it "You ain't seen nothin' ___!" Yuppies used to carry one of these! (7) You put it on at a time when you should be horse training (8) Yusuf Saad ....., Bahraini former 1,500m runner (5) Youth ___ (one who might "keep it real" about Jesus) "You win, ___" (something a 7-across would not say): 2 wds. Young man from London Your cousin's dad, to you You might break this by saying something "You're on ___." (a winning streak): 2 wds. You may get fooled when it arrives "You've Got ___ With the Blues": 2 wds. You might use a thermometer to measure this You drive this through a vampire's heart to kill one You click this button after you are done typing a message "You should be the last ___ complain" (not expected): 2 wds. Year-ending months: Abbr. ___ & Young Yardsticks: Abbr. "You win, ___" ("Victory is yours"): 2 wds. You might snooze it in the morning Yoga class need You'll find it under a tree "You're so right!" "You betcha!" You're ... ... that . ...; what John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John sang at the end of Grease (3,3,1,4) You're __ that __; what John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John sang at the end of Grease (3,3,1,4) You (s) have understood You rest on; si gallina es, in ovis ____ Yeats until now (2,3) You're hopeless! You tear about with speed! You're in for a ___ awakening! Youngster in glasses "You're ___ your mind!" "Yadda, yadda, yadda" letters "___ you ready?" Yet (8) Yesterday, in Spanish Yemeni port YouTuber jailed in 2023 for crashing a plane for views Yen to visit country ... Palestine? You are to be removed from office young man You could say locum has love for speed Yoga posture Yale student You'll obtain a big result following such a frolic from the boat (8) You and me with time in sack getting shattered Yearns, but not for short (5) Yorkshire is here You might have to jump through them to get something done "Yes, that's what I said" Yearned Yale student You ___ Me All Night Long (AC/DC song) You have to walk before you ___ run You rue accepting sin and making it bearable "You following me?" went Fr O'malley in the eponymous movie. Bingo! (5,2,3) Your aunt to your mom, affectionately Yearbook gp. Young tree Yeltsin, e.g. You and me in France (4) Young novice Yuzuru ..... , 2014 and 2018 Olympics men's singles figure skating gold medallist (5) Yes, in Japanese Yellowish-green (tweed) (5) Yet however sad, remains firm in standing You can make piles in Queensland! Yahtzee game pieces You're Still the One singer, Shania ___ "Your guess is as good as mine!" Yogi with ten World Series rings "You who are on the road must have ___ that you can live by" ("Teach Your Children Well" lyric) Yoo-___, popular chocolate drink Young woman, in Scotland Yours, in French "Yeah, yeah, I get it" "Yipes!" "Yes, captain!" Yellowstone grazer Yellow No. 5 or Red No. 40, e.g. Young woman lacking experience in group cut down on ecstasy (7) "Your majesty" Yoghurt drink You may scan for one at a restaurant Yours truly introduced to flower girl (5) ----- Young, AC/DC guitarist (5) "Year One" director Harold "You and I ___ both right" You plan cut - it's right on the button (8) Yoga class need Yankee nickname Yellowish substance extracted from wool used in some ointments Your brother or sister's son Young one Yankee in break mused possibly about new day in Suffolk town (4,2,7) Your Home Made Perfect host who competed in Strictly 2023, - - - Scanlon, pictured above (6) Young girl Yonder lass Yell out to us "About an hour" (5) Yoko, artist and widow of singer John Lennon (3) (Yo, listen up!) Younger Stark sister in "Game of Thrones" "You're ___!" compliment to give to someone who is like Einstein "You're so ___!" compliment to give to someone who sings very well, perhaps "You have a great sense of ___!" compliment to give to a funny person "You're so ___!" compliment to give to someone good at storytelling or painting "You're so ___!" compliment to give to someone who may be good at trivia "You ___ up the room!" compliment to give to someone who has a strong aura "You're such a ___ worker!" compliment given to someone who gives it their all Young of a sheep (4) Yvonne -, actress who played Lily Munster in 1960s US television series The Munsters Young pet seen with the Italian student (5) Yearly record Young lady "You're asking too much of me!" Young bird that's found in a ring, we hear (6) "You know you want to let me" Your ___, Elton John hit "You upchucked at your sister's coming-of-age ceremony? You really didn't need to share that!" Year parts Young buck Young man Yours truly converted nice tribe of ancient Britons (5) "You ___?" (Lurch's question) Yes, a slippery snake that is no trouble to handle (4,2,3) "Ye gods!" Young man (in Wales) (4) You Don't Mess with the Zohan star, _ Sandler (4) "Yeah, you don't need to point it out to me" You know what one sure gun explosion could mean? (10) "You love," in both Latin and Spanish "Your attention, please!" "You clearly have no idea what you're doing" Yes, this answer always is (2,3,11) Yule boss snarled "Gesundheit" (5,3) Young-adult novelist who speaks to the dead? You'd gone elsewhere: tu ____ alio fueras, Ter. Eun. 280 You leap about and ring a bell? Yellow, green or red veggie Young animal has favourite toy "Yeshiva boy" played by Barbra Streisand "You, over there ..." Yankee of a seasoned sort without leader is not brave? (6) Young channel acquiring hot reporter Yell Yellow mineral with a metallic lustre, nicknamed fool's gold (6) Yaphet role, 1977 "You Be ___" (song on Run-D.M.C.'s album "Raising Hell") You can't top this "You don't have to worry about me" "You Shook Me All Night Long" band "You're talking to a haunted house expert here"? "You really think that of me?" Yield to injuries or old age (7) Young swimmer's wild revel (5) Yielded under pressure, ... in Young dog, hard at work when rodent emerges You might get a moist eye over in the Californian national park "You Ain't Seen Nothin' ___" (1974 BTO song) (3)