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Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 138

Yelps or yells Yelps or yells "You're a regular ___!" (Kramden cry) "You're a ___, Alice" "You're a ___, Alice" 'You're a regular ___!' (Kramden cry) Yukfest Yukfest 'You're on the right track' "Yippee!" You could have many in the "fire" ''You got it!'' 'You're in such trouble!' Yoga venue Yokohama “yes” Your and my You may hear her roar Year, in Paris Yellow 'clock' bloom Young ladies "___ You My Mother?" Youngest Bronte of literature ___ Yuanzi, activist during China's Cultural Revolution Yoko __ Young aquatic bird Ye __ Shoppe "Young Sheldon" network 10-year-old Oscar winner O'Neal Young fellow 'Young Sheldon' network 10-year-old Oscar winner O'Neal Young 24 "— Yankees" Yerevan flower? Yoga surface Yerevan flower? Yoga surface Yale rooter Youngster in South Africa needs aqualung "You busy?" "You're on the right track" 10-year-old's transportation YouTube vote YouTube vote "___ you hungry, dear?" Yellowstone grazers "You are right about that" "Yes —!" ("You bet!") Yore 'You get what you pay ___' Yup You can believe it Young hombre "You __ out?" 'You __ out?' Young farm animals' taxi company? Young farm animals' taxi company? "You've convinced me!" Yang on "SNL" Young creature to leap explosively across delta Yellow ball in pool Yarns You__: online video site Yarns You__: online video site "You" cards Yes, to Sergio Years, in Spain Youngest Hemsworth brother You might snap one with your BFF Yemeni neighbor "You Gotta Be" singer 'You Gotta Be' singer Yearning (for) Yoga accessory 'You're welcome' in Spanish 'Your point being ...?' ''You win'' Yuletide tune Yuletide tune Young fella 'You're so right' "You really shouldn't have!" Young woman's clothed fashionably in red garment 'You caught me' 'Your guess is as good as mine' Year, in Brazil Yoga pose with an arched back You can stand on one You can stick a foot in it Yarn-making apparatus Young family member Young man Y.M.C.A. course, for short "Your guess is as good as mine" "__ you special!" 'Your guess is as good as mine' '__ you special!' Yearn for ''You __ say?'' Young one Young forever lacking regular income? Wife's gone You need a password to do it You need a password to do it Yahtzee, for example 'Yeah, lunch now works for me' Yodeler's spot “You don’t need to tell me again” Yappy lap dog, in brief 'You can't expect me to believe that!' You might cry if you slice it You may learn about it from Yield, as land Yearly, see a nun swimming in a lake You can't say they won't give a hoot! Yours truly playing clarinet in commercial You might bid this on departure Yankee giddy over writer - the type that's a natural looker with a view 'Years ago ...,' literally 'You __!': 'Yep!' "Yes, captain!" Yelled out You can't lose with them "You __!": "Yep!" Yellow fruit featured on a 2013 series of stamps YouTube journal posting You might hang one if you're lost You might hang one if you're lost Yogurt condiment sometimes made with cucumber Your ___ Friend (Aubrey Gordon blog) ___ yang (Thai grilled pork) You, for instance ''Your snow job won't work'' Yoga type Yamuna River city Yoga type Yappy toy dog, for short "You may relax, soldier" Youngest recipient of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor Yank Yard sale? Yellowish grain You'll find an excerpt from this document in this puzzle "You can't be leaving already!" Young lady Yale URL ender Yale collegian Yes, on the waves YouTube moneymakers '___ you ready?' 'You aren't ___!' ''Yay!'' "Yes, monsieur!" Yacht deck material You, in many a hymn *You may apply one to a selfie Yes, American's lacking in gluttony Y amenity Y amenity Youngest March sister Yarn colorings Young doggos Youngest-ever congresswoman's initials Youngest March sister You can see right through it Yarn Young fellow Yemeni port Yemeni port '___ your imagination' Year in Madrid 'You couldn't be more wrong!' 'Yowza!' "Yowza!" 'You betcha' Youngster Yahoo! alternative 'You won't miss it' You're covered with it Young kangaroo Young male horse Yemen’s capital Yogurt shop choice Yang's companion You can't ski without it Young bloke Years gone by 'Yo, what's happening' ___ your bets Yuletide wise trio Yarn Yank out of bed Young German woman "You heard the question!" Young buck Young fox Yell not acceptable after request for silence "___ you sure?" Youngstowners, e.g 'You're too much!' '__ you been up to?' "You're too much!" "__ you been up to?" Yankee nickname Yes-man now transferring a forward “You nailed it!” Yellowfin tuna You, before you were born Yoga pose done on hands and knees 'Your Movie Sucks' author "Your Movie Sucks" author Yamiche Alcindor delivers it 'You were in on this too, Brutus?!' Young herring or sprat Young fox 'Yippee!' Yang partner "You" affectionately in Yamachiche, followed by ubiquitous German auto? Yang partner Young kid running around Yachting spot Year in Spain Young fellows Young rooster 'You there!' Young mum, irate, needing refreshment Yellowfin tuna You may cram for it Yemeni port Yearly Yoga or gymnastics move Yarns Year in Spain 'Your point being?' "Your point being?" Yemen neighbor Yankee great with his own New Jersey museum "You've Got Mail" movie genre "Yay!" Ye ___ Shoppe 'You betcha!' Your and my '___ You My Mother?' Yen Young ones Young fox Your and my Yamuna River city Years gone by Ygraine's son