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Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 140

'You just convinced me!' Yellow, as a banana YouTubers' money sources Youngest of the "little women" Yellowish plant goop Yes vote 'You need to leave' Yachting event 'You sure about that?' 'You betcha!' 'Yeah? And what if I don't wanna?!' Yale rooter Yours truly walks oddly and whines Youngest French Open champ Youngest French Open champ Yeti's cousin ''You may say I'm a ... / But I'm not the only one'' (John Lennon) Young animal found in the country mostly Yak, yak, yak Yam Young deer Young boy You're it action 'Yeesh' 'You got it!' Yogurt topping Young girl __ year (2024 or 2028) Youngster Yoked bovines Youngster Yellow-and-brown bloom Yellow-and-brown dessert Ye ___ Shoppe “YOU” said at the altar? Year, in San Juan Young bloke "You bet!" 'You betcha!' Yin/yang principle Yin/yang principle 'Yo, what's new?' Yellow gem "Yo, what's new?" Yang's counterpart You may bid or build on it "You're it!" Yards' relatives You need to be careful replying to it 'You,' in the olden days 8 young man married to Gilbert's royal daughter Youthful chubbiness Yeltsin of the 37-Down Yes, to Gigi Yale student Year-end season "__ your pardon" Yours, to Yvette Yours, to Yvette 'You're not that far off' Yucky substance '__ your pardon' Yellow vehicle with young students Yoga pose Young horse You and me, as dancers 'Yipes!' "Yipes!" 'You got it, captain' 'You ___ hear this from me, but . . .' 'Yuck!!' Young sheep Yearned Yes or no follower Young goat Yarn Years & Years singer ___ Alexander "Yeah, right!" "Yes, yes!," in Spain '100 Years... 100 Movies' org '___ your heart' Young lad mostly all right as a guide Yule quaff Young fishes You strayed badly in the recent past You, me and our buddy in harmony Yoga studio item Year qualifier "100 Years... 100 Movies" org Yoga studio item Year in orchestra -- great, on the whole Yarn shop customer Yoko who voiced a self-named character in 2018's 'Isle of Dogs' Young guy Yoko who voiced a self-named character in 2018's "Isle of Dogs" Young guy Youngster in a stable YA fiction reader, usually Young fellow ___ Yankee ('King of Reggaeton') Your legs may not touch the ground when you're on them Young chaps Your legs may not touch the ground when you're on them Young feline 'You're not wrong' You'll get a rise out of it '. . . you get the idea' (Abbr.) Yule tree “Young love is ____, but it needs to get around” (Ovid, Ars Amatoria) Yank (at) 'You betrayed me too?!' in Latin 'Yipes!' 'Young man . . .' Yam or potato Younger or lower in rank [Yawn] *Yellow tomato with red swirls Yellowish orange Yes, in Pamplona [Yawn] *Yellow tomato with red swirls You'll find two goalies in it Yellowstone omnivore Yellowjackets, e.g 'You do it, __ will!' Yale student Yours and mine "You do it, __ will!" Yellowjackets, e.g Yale rooter “You’ve Really ___ Hold on Me” (Smokey Robinson song) You might want to skip it 'Yeah, sure!' 'Yes' at the altar ''You're mistaken'' ''You're telling me'' “You lose” Young bruin 'Yeah, sure' "Yeah, sure" Young fellows Young female Young horses Yours truly wrapped up in warm coat - without one I wouldn't have a leg to stand on 4 Yards More sporting goods Yours, in the Bible Yakety Sax was the music for this comic’s chase scenes You bet! “You’d open that wine bottle if you really cared about me!”? "___ yourself" ("This will be tough") 'You Bring Me Joy' singer Baker Ye ___ shoppe ''You've got mail!'' hearer You love: Lat Young deer Yoga accessories Yoga pad Youngest Stark daughter in "Game of Thrones" Young hare You once linked with doing nothing may be giving up Young relative — one that shines, we hear Youngster I start to lecture? Yellowish “___ you decent?” “You have my sympathy” Years back Young fellow You might put your stamp on it Yet to be processed Year in the reign of Nero Ye olde apothecary bottles “Yeah, right!” Yokohama drama Yard ___ Yukon, e.g.: Abbr. Young chap ''You can count __!'' Yossarian's 'Catch-22' tentmate You rarely eat just one Yossarian's "Catch-22" tentmate “Yup, there’s a hum” Your setter might not want to share this, as it's a snack for one of those in 10 across “Your turn,” on a walkie-talkie "Your turn" Yipping adoptee 'Your turn' Yipping adoptee 'You've Lost That Lovin' __': 1964 hit "You've Lost That Lovin' __": 1964 hit YouTube upload (Abbr.) 'You're My ___ Friend' (Queen song) YouTube content Yonder yacht You may like one on Instagram You, in the Bible 'You're it!' game Young cow or bull You're getting closer! You won't fail if you take this course at university at English School investing in project Yard shut about when in the week? "You can't mean me!" 'You can't mean me!' "Yo te ___" "You ___ bother!" Yellow songbird Yule poem opening Youku upload Young bird that hoots Yoda is one Yolk's place 'You ___ swine!' ('Toy Story' put-down) Yale students Young deer Yes to Yvette Young trick-or-treaters You can slide curtains on it “___ you asked …” Yard sale caveat "Yeah, I guess" 'You're gonna need a bigger boat' movie "You're gonna need a bigger boat" movie You love (Lat.) You wouldn’t want them to have a crush on you Ye __ Tea Shoppe You shouldn't have filled vessels with gas You may not need a bookmark for one ... and a hint to this puzzle's circles “You up?” text, maybe YMCA grammar class You may not need a bookmark for one ... and a hint to this puzzle's circles Yours and mine Young seal Yale rooter Yawl's kin Yellow element Young man 46-yr.-old satire 46-yr.-old satire 'Yo estoy,' in English 'You ___ My Sunshine' Young sheep "You betcha I will!" Young Ron Howard role "You got that right!" Yellow __ Yank Yellow __ Yank 'You nicknamed my daughter after the Loch ___ monster?!' Years on end "You beat me"