Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 15

'You guessed it! I am ___' Yummy thing (and a hint to this puzzle's theme) "Yum!" "Yum!" "You can't expect snakes to behave" Young woman into the punk rock lifestyle Yellow blooms Yellow blooms "___ you really know?" "___ you kid!" "...__, you kid!" "You put up the tent, I'll get the wood"? "You __" (America, 1982) "You __" (America, 1982) Young hospital helpers Young hospital helpers Yuletide greetings in Rome. Yelling Yardstick for purchasing power. "You Can Leave Your ___" Yul Brynner, e.g. "You __" (Joe Jones, 1960) "You __" (Joe Jones, 1960) "___ your leader" 'You -- to me?' Yarn about pekoe exporting towns of India? (with "A") You can dig them Yearns (for) Young plume Yellowish brown / Bit of "dumb" humor / Many a forwarded e-mail "You've Got __" (James Taylor tune) Yarn spinner "You do the math" Year in reign of Domitian. Yann Martel novel? Young pet with lots of energy? You You, now Youth athletic group in N. Y. C.: Abbr. Your favorite actress? Yard-sale staple Yell made while standing on a chair "You're ___!" (Archie Bunker comment) "You're ___, ya know that?": Archie Bunker "You're __, you know that?": Archie Bunker ___ Yam, Israel Young phenom with the Boston Red Sox Young? Yellow stone resembling topaz. Yet another three books Yahweh. Yugoslavian river. You push down to make it go Yugoslav river. Yugoslav river Young sheep. Young sheep Young sheep Young sheep Yarn 47-year-old tune. Yugolsavia seaport. Yugoslavia's embattled sea-port. Year-end periods Year-end periods Year-end periods "Yeah, right!" "Yeah, right!" Yellow: Comb. form. Youngest: Abbr. Yugoslav mountain Yellow layer in a burger? "Yo-ho-ho, ___" Yankee outfielder. Ye olde Ireland. "___ you?" ("What's doin'?") "(Yawn)" "You'll never get me to fund the TVA!"? "You're probably mistaken" Yet to be made into boards Yuletide foursome Youthful oath Yugoslav region Youth groups ... with a hint to 17-, 28- and 44-Across Yankee sitting on the bench? Yea ___ (equivocal statement). 1965 Yardbirds hit Yogi at a nudist colony? Yankees hurler since 1995 Yankees follower, e.g. 3,520-yard You might be a redneck if you've ever __ Yank Young Gig's opposite? Young barracuda Yogi's skeleton? Youngsters in costume. Young Shirley Temple's famous ringlets Yank soldier in WWI ". . . __ you can" (patty-cake line) Yellow form of chlorophyll. Yellow plant pigment. Yellow pigment. Yellow pigment akin to chlorophyll. Yellow pigment from plants grown in darkness. Yellowish pigment. Yuletide song Yugoslav town "You can lead a horse to water ..."? Your usual standard romantic idealist? "Yadda yadda yadda"? Youth group: Abbr. Young persons' assn. Young people's org. You may squeeze into it You and others "You ___!" ("Great job!") Yom Kippur Yet another three services "You're probably going to get me, but go ahead" "You'll have to show me" Yellow River feeder "You look familiar ..." "You look familiar ..." "You don't have to cook all night"? Yielded to peer pressure, maybe Yacht material Yacht flooring Yell out "You don't ___!" Yellow like an egg yolk Young trout Yankee starter Yelps. Yelps: Colloq. Yellowstone coat? Yum-Yum's love in "The Mikado" Yum-Yum's beloved. Yum-Yum lover in "The Mikado" "... ___ you prefer ...?" Y Young barracuda Yarn winder. "Yummy! Here comes your tuna sashimi!"? 1969 Young-Holt Unlimited tune Yenta's habit Young ones Youngish ones Youngish ones Young cods Y Young Weld "Yes" voters "Yes" voters Y-shaped split "You can get anything you want ..." opens the chorus of his most famous song Y Yalu port. Yogi Bear's Park Yea ___ (voter's choice) Yoda's remedies? "You Don't Know Me" singer "You Can't Take It With You" star ___ Youth. Yogi, Yehudi and Yevgeny Yoko, et al. Yoko and family Yoko et al. Yoko's family Yoko and kin Yoko and family Yoko et al. Yoko's family Yoko and family Y Yoko et al. Yoko? Yoko? Yoko Ono, in spirit? Year of an infamous attack "Your guess is as good as mine" "You look radiant, Martin and Berkeley ___!" Yearbook updates? Yakked and yakked Yellow: Fr. "Yes!" "Yes!" Yes "Yes!" You can always identify a Republican by one Yankee pitcher Year Fra Filippo Lippi was born Yankee closer Mariano Rivera in non-save games? "You know where I live" "You're always welcome" Year in the reign of Edward I Yes: fish, broccoli, bread; No: pork, chicken, cheeseburgers Year in the reign of Louis VII Year Henry VIII became king Year Henry VIII became king 45 years after William I invaded England 45 years after William I invaded England Year that Henry V became Holy Roman emperor Year in Pope Alexander I's reign Year the first Rose Bowl was played Year "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" was published 440 yards Y2K starts this Year of Eisenhower's inauguration You might get it in your pajamas You might get it in your pajamas "___ you've gotten us into" (Hardy, to Laurel) Young scientists who are impossible to work with? You can't see it, but it sells you *YouTube piece *YouTube piece Young hens Young hens Young hens. Young hen's bar bill? Young hen's bar bill? "Your Hit Parade" closing song You need to write many notes to be in it "You're it!" sayers Yacht race Youth in Greek myth. "You really ___!," said the adoring ship captain Yes-men Yerba Buena, before 1847. Yiddish theater star Young and Swit Youngest male tennis player to be No. 1 in the ATP Rankings Young ___, Scott hero Your library, to you "You couldn't pay me to do it!" Yankee. Yankee "___, ye woodmen, wail": Munday-Chettle "You Were on My Mind" group Young lamb. "Younger Than Springtime" girl et al. Yellowish, as a pigment Year of Thomas Wolfe's birth Yarborough high card Yellow flowers of spring Yearbook (1949) Year "__ You Behave?" Young brooder with bangs "You look hot in a thong, Ms. Hawkins!"